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hi im trying to change the login image

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i tried opening sprite title but there are no sprite image that got the background 


found the code of pre loading screen 

try {
            for (int i = 1; i <= 3; i++) {
                if (!new File(signlink.findcachedir() + "load" + i + ".png").exists()) {
                    String url = "";
                    switch (i) {
                    case 1:
                        url = "http://Morytania.org/load1.png";
                    case 2:
                        url = "http://Morytania.org/load2.png";
                    case 3:
                        url = "http://Morytania.org/load3.png";
                    HttpDownloadUtility.downloadFile(url, signlink.findcachedir());
                loadingSprites[i - 1] = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit()
                        .getImage(signlink.findcachedir() + "load" + i + ".png");
            super.graphics.drawImage(loadingSprites[0], 0, 0, null);
            super.graphics.drawImage(loadingSprites[1], 5, clientHeight - 35, null);
        } catch (Exception e) {


but cant seem to find the image of that log in screen

found the jagex log in screen thing but not the background any help?

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Get a cache editor, scope for titlebox, it will be located there. Should be above runes. 


Edit: I see your using morytania source, yeah it's definitely in there, I had that source a while ago.

Get a Sprite unpacker, it's located in sprites.dat

Then replace it with whatever background you want and repack it.

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