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XtraDrive FREE Filehosting/Filesharing

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XtraDrive is a new upcoming CloudHost service for sharing, and hosting files. Used for the multi-purpose of Personal/Business Workspace use.

Lifetime 1GB free storage after signup, even our prices are [B][U]cheap[/U][/B] and beat big competitors like [U]Dropbox[/U]!

Very Simple Loading Page (You may change from Light mode to Dark mode)

Very Fast & Reliable Uploading With Resume Feature if Disrupted & Minimize.

$2.99/mo - 100GB Storage
$9.99/mo - 5TB Storage
$19.99/mo - 20TB Storage

 Sign up!

Q: How do I claim my FREE 100GB for being one of the first members to use XtraDrive?
A: Sign up, in the website.co/drive link, click "Subscriptions" and scroll right as shown below and claim your free package.

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