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Daily Rewards

  •   Every month there will be different items available to claim each day
  •   Calendar will automatically change the month even when server is live
  •   Rewards are randomly generated with certain parameters 
  •   Items at the end of each week are of higher value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 4/7 days
  •   Items at the end of each month are the highest of value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 65% of the month
  •   Certain safety measures have been put into place to prevent farming
  •   High value items are presented in different colors
  •   Daily rewards can be accessed via the quick links in the quest tab

Drop Simulator

  • Ability to simulate NPC drops
  •   Ability to simulate content drops (crates, caskets, keys, ETC)
  •   Ability to change the simulation amount
  •   Ability to search for NPC or content
  •   Drop container value is displayed
  •   Drop simulator can be accessed via the quick links in the quest tab

Weapon Loans

  • Players can speak to the Weapon Lender to obtain a weapon loan
  •  Players may only have up to 1 loaned weapon at a time
  •  Players must put BP into their coffer
  •  Players may not enter the wilderness with a loaned item
  •  Players may not trade or sell loaned items
  •  Each hit don't with the loaned weapon will remove BP from the coffer
  •  Once the coffer is empty, the weapon will be returned back to the Lender 
  •  New players will get the choice of a weapon loan for free which will last 50 hits

Quest Tab

  •  3 different pages (overview, account & tools)
  •  Overview page displays server information
  •  Account page displays player's information
  •  Tools page handles accessing other content (drop simulator, leaderboards, ETC)

Movement System

  •   Movement has been completely reworked, it is almost identical to OSRS
  •   Combat following is PID dependent whilst regular following is not
  •   Dance following is fully working
  •   All logic has been tested and outcomes are all accurate

Container System

  •   Completely redid our old system for greater flexibility and more efficiency 
  •   Equipment, banking, inventory, & others have been fully re-done  


  • Fully automated system
  •  Certain requirements have been placed to ensure that no-one has an unfair advantage 
  •  Chances of being dropped are based off the amount of BP contributed
  •  Once the lottery has hit a certain amount, a countdown of 3 hours will start
  •  Countdown time, lottery contributors, and other information saves which means server restarts won't affect the system
  •  Players will still be able to claim their winnings even if they are offline


  •  Added the ability to change/move gear slots
  •  Added a session play time (visible in quest tab)
  •  Added experience lamps (small, medium & large)
  •  Added token caskets (small, medium & large)
  •  Added supply crates
  •  Added equipment screen button to banks
  •  Added bank button to equipment screen (only visible if previously opened from bank)
  •  Re-did our item definitions system
  •  Fixed various bugs with item bonuses
  •  Fixed some issues with equipment
  •  Added banker spawns to a few cities (varrock, edgeville, falador, canifis)
  •  Added 'view rewards' action to loot chest which will simulate rewards for each key
  • Fixed issue with unequipping & equipping items with the equipment screen



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After months of work, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening the doors for public testing.

Friday, June 11th, 2021 3 PM EST

Please note that the beta is for testing purposes only and no items will be transferred or kept after the beta is complete. Players will need to link their forums account to their discord accounts to receive Beta access. On the day of release, players will not be able to obtain the beta rank and will have to wait until the official release to play.

You will be able to log in using the same credentials as your forums account. We are looking for Beta testers to help test PvP, PvM, Skilling, minigames, and anything else that needs tweaking!

Beta Rewards
All participants will receive a unique item available in-game on release
All participants will receive a beta exclusive title to use in-game
All participants will receive a beta rank on both the forums & discord

In addition to these rewards, we will be giving out a $100, $50, $25, and $10 donator bond to members we feel have contributed the most during the beta. We will be looking for those that are active, report bugs, and suggest improvements that help out the server.

Kind Regards,

Battle614 Administration

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