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Dark-Asylum. 118 Data VA Source

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- Updated the Quest Tab
- Re-added the Hunter teleport
- Added more Impling spawns
- Lava Dragon Bones now give more XP
- Improved the $ you make from thieving
- Mac gives you the Max Cape instead of just taking your money
- All Wilderness teleports now appear in red
- Fixed typo with East/West dragons
- Added Green dragons to the West dragon teleport
- Venenatis correctly spawns.
- Barrelchest correctly spawns.
- You can now access Saradomin Godwars



6/28/16 Updates! Fixes:
Fixed many of the crashes you guys have been experiencing which is why I didn't really make update logs. I have been fixing any major problems that resulted into you guys not being able to login.
NPC mob deaths have been fixed. Resulted in Players not being able to kill anything and whole server crashing.
Fixed Specials crashing users.
Fixed Mob spawning crashing the server.
Fixed Mob drops crashing players.
Fixed some of the weapons when wearing they would null user accounts.
Fixed world orb Icon opening up a old teleport interface.
Hotfix patch to fix the specials being disabled!
Changed the forum BG due to people complaining it was hard to read the threads!
Working on a fix for the pking bugs and lags.

- Steam, Lava and Smoke battlestaffs work correctly now. (Won't light up, but it does work)
- Added more Smoke Devils
- Added Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
- Admins are now normal players
- You can now exchange firecapes for the Jad Pet
- Ironmen can access Oziachs store.

- Farming was added Disabled ATM for fixing.
- Slayer Helm should equip correctly now.
- Barrelchest now drops Monk Robes and Proselyte Armour
- Totem has been added to the ironman general store
- Cleaning cloth has been added to the general stores
- More Thieving stalls were added to Ardougne
- Fixed the way you stand with a whip
- Oziach works correctly again
- Otto was added to Oziachs house (makes Zamorakian hasta)

New cache #116
Fixed Farming.
Fixed Woodcutting "Got to fix click actions"
Fixed Mining "Go wilderness resource until I re-add the objects."
Fixed the clipping. "Gates still do not work. Currently working on extending maps for it".
Fixed map crashes for places such as slayer tower wild resource and other places.
Fixed some item crashes
Updated the clipping system
Added heavy ballista parts to elite box! Before you go on saying P2W! no. Because you can kill lizard shamen for elite boxes until we add demonic gorilla's!

- Demonic Gorillas were added, they drop Ballista Parts and Zenyte Shards
- The 4 Zenyte jewlerys were added, use a shard on the respective Onyx item
- KQ was added
- KQ, KBD, and Abyssal demons now drop their heads
- You can now combine one of the above heads with a slayer helm to get the painted helmet
- Clue Hunter outfit is now found in clues
- Duel arena has been disabled.
- got the Object files and updated the object Locs and Nulled Mapping!
- Buffed Ballista Reg hits

7/12/16 - 7/13/16:
- Fixed Woodcutting
- Fixed all the nulled maps
- Fixed the no clipping issues
- Fixed anims for ballista
- Fixed some item def nulls
- Buffed the regular hit reg on ballista
- Nerfed Ballista drop rates.
- Added dragon javelins.
- Fixed the TAG 4359098SAGJ Z AGMO4M S Option at demonic areas MUST FORCE UPDATE CLIENT FOR THIS!
- Moved Gorilla location to correct one.
- Fixed some items going in wrong equipment spot.
- Ballista now has proper anims
- Demonic Gorillas now drop Dragon Javalins chance from 30-300
- Demonic Gorillas now have proper Attack animations
- Mining zone is now fixed! - props to Kangaroo since I was booked with other fixes.
- Nerfed Demonic gorillas THEIR STATS WERE OVER 500K EACH?! JAMO!
- Ballista now shoots dragon javs
- Arma helm is in the correct spot.
- All 116 items are now trade able. Amulet of Torture ETC!
- Fixed options on the client where you could not steal from Choco stand.
- Fixed options on the client where the vote poll had no shop option
- Fixed Blood Alter option on the client
- Added Ballista Proper Anims With fixed Spec Bar.
- Did some core client fixes. 
- People should no longer get a error saying their blacklisted from donating
- Thomas (behind Nardah bank) now sells Max Capes
- Ironmen have access to clothing shops now
- Zul-Andra Teleports were added to the Iron Store
- Woodcutting XP is back to normal
- Ballista has a better protection value
- Increased Slayer helmets bonus = PROOF SLAYER HELMET WORKS - Dark-Asylum Discussion - Dark-Asylum
- Banks at the woodcutting teleport work, also added more.
- Removed Freedom Boxes

- Drop rates have been increased ( 100 Zulrah kills = Screenshot by Lightshot )
- Mystery boxes were improved
- Unsired loots were improved
- Everything in the webstore is 10% off this weekend.
- You can now use the magic scroll in the slayer shop on a slayer helmet to upgrade it.

-Fixed chat crashing
-Fixed Chat coloring. Sometimes would appear black for some users.
- Updated bank inventory from 350 to 500 enjoy.
- New client uploaded and ready for use " Will display 350 on bank until you update but in reality you can still bank 500. "
- Removed some options for the new client.
- Fixed a client crash.
- Nerfed drop rates.
- Tor was perma banned for no reason Unbanned bruh.
- Disabled some options that would cause a crash.
- Added a MAC OSX Download option for the forums and main site.
- Changed the background for the forums yet again.
- Client has t2 errors but will be fixing asap soon. Should be no different in performing "Note to self"

- Flax works again (FUCKING HELL YEA AM I RIGHT?)
- Mining zone has been changed and improved
- Gem rocks were added to the Mining zone
- Mining ores is now much faster
- You can now dismantle Zulrah items by smashing them with a hammer
- Crystal/Dragon Halberds hit twice again
- Smoke devils had their defences lowered
- Max Capes no longer require 99 summoning
- Potato Cactus was added to the Herblore Shop
- Blowpipe Special attack was added
- Rune/Dragon Javelins have the correct Ranged Strength bonuses (Ballista is much more powerful now)
- Dagannoth Kings boss task was added
- Master Crafter was removed.
- You can now make a Crystal Halberd by combining a Crystal Seed with the Halberd sold by Oziach

- Raid system addition
- Added skotizo
- made skotizo mutli
- Done some back core updates.
- Fixed the problem with the guys spawning items 
- Fixed yet another dupe thanks for reporting shannon! 
- Raid timers have been fixed.
- Legendary Boxes have been added!
- Donator boss have been added and it drops legendary boxes elites and m boxes.


- Serpentine Helmet now provides immunity to poison (Note: You still take damage from the Abyssal Creatures explosion) (Still a bit buggy but this should work)
- All abyssal tasks have been morphed into one "Abyssal" task, so you can now do either Spawns, Scions, Demons, Monarchs
- Instead of Nieve assigning Ancient Gorillas she now assigns Gorillas, you can now kill any Gorilla for that task (Including Demonic)
- Added the following new Tasks: Fire Giants, Aberrant Spectres, Ankous, and Waterfiends
- Barrows gloves have been added to the Barrows minigame and the Trivia Shop
- Slayer Reset Scroll was added to slayer shop, costs 200 Slayer Points
- Holy Sandals now have stats
- Yaks now drop Helm of Neititznot
- You now only need to deal 50 damage to get a reward in Pest Control
- You now receive 15 points instead of 10.
- All implings now have a chance of dropping an impling scroll, which can be opened for the chance of a clue scroll. (Its a 1 in 8 chance of getting a clue)
Made the following Changes to these bosses:
- Ancient Gorilla
* Monkey archers now have a max hit of 3
* Monkey archers now have 35 HP
* Monkey archers now have a lower Range Attack
* Ancient gorilla's defence has been lowered.
- Demonic Gorilla
* Demonic Gorillas defence was lowered
- Nezikchened
* Nezikchened has a higher defence bonus
* Nezikchened now has additional drops on its list.

- Buffed Melee Made it more pvm friendly.
- Buffed Magic Made it more pvm friendly.
- Buffed Melee Prayers making it so you can hit harder when using any type of melee prayer.
- Buffed Magic Prayers making it so you can hit harder when using any type of magic prayer.
- Added stats to Arclight.
- Added attack anims and fighting styles to Arclight
- Buffed Abyssal bludgeon.
- Took price of legendary box down from 900 points to 550.
- Moved cerberus area for now until the actual area crashes are fixed!
- Buffed drops for every npc yet again! Should be easier to get a rare item now.
- Fixed the huge loot fuck up.
- Added some more Items to Legendary Box making some items more rare than others to get.

Made Donator Boss only use melee.
Made Donator Boss have a special effect.
Removed 5$ bond from vote shop. To many were vpn voting for it.
So yea take your luck @ mbox GokuDerp

Removed amulet of fury from mbox.
Removed amulet of fury from elite box
Removed onyx drop from donator boss.
Removed Amulet of torture from elite box.
Removed Amulet of Torture from Legendary Box.
Removed Ring of suffering from Legendary Box.
No more Dagg King rings in the Legendary Box. On community request. >_>

Buffed all melee prayer.
Buffed all magic prayer.
Buffed Arclight
Added Arclight effect.

You can now create elysian spirit shields
you can now create spectral spirit shields
you can now create arcane spirit shields
you can now create blessed spirit shields

Moved the Donator boss location.

The ::claim comamand now work for all those peopel who donated.

The :onate command now work again dunno why it stopped but works.

We updated some log information we now track more things  Not telling what though.

Everyone now has a unique tag. Don't need to know what that mean.

No one never realized but I silent nerfed the BP a while ago. Wonder if anyone actually noticed GokuDerp CATS OUT THE BAG NOW!

The reason I removed all of these items are because the shard is already a drop from them.

Added 10$ Bond to Legendary Box.
Added 5$ Bond to Legendary Box.

Buffed 5$ Bond drop for Crystal Key / Golden Key chest "Only A little"

Started on a new dungeon for some new skilling items that will make it 10 times more easier to do skilling and more profitable for iron men and regular players to earn some money. Still looking for more ideas based on this before we release all the new items and announce the npc and dungeon location. 

log 8/5/16:
- Added german shepard pet.
- Added Swan Pet
- Added Portable banks only buyable in the webstore!
- Fixed some website problems that have been happening over the week
- Added some extra ddos protection to our sites.
- Added Credit scroll.. Must update client for this to work....
- Did some client adjustments hopefully it runs smoother.

Logs 8/8/16:
Fixed BP dupe.
Fixed the Clients Text Engine problems providing Increased fps without decreasing.
Fixed some client mem leaks.
Disabled some features that could cause problems.
Looked into the cache downloading problems tried to fix the errors people have been having.
Possibly Fixed Cerberus Disconnections
Possibly Fixed Donator Boss Disconnections
Credit Scrolls now work for Ironmen
Put Cerberus Back in his proper spot...
Highscores are back online!
It No longer cost 10 credits to use portable bank

- The game saves more frequently now, so rollbacks will be less harsh.
- Elite void, Book of darkness/law/war, Fury(or) and Monk Robes now have the correct prayer bonus.
- Genie now correctly handles the Reset 1 Skill Achievement.
- Elite Cloak now acts as a Bandos, Saradomin, Armadyl, and Zamorak item.
- Elite Cloak now grants immediate access to all Godwars Bosses.
- Zamorak GWD Minions now function correctly
- Kraken drops the correct trident now
- Teleports on the Lunar Spell book now work
- Another shop was added for ironmen.
- You can now Runecraft Astral Runes at 87 Runecrafting, use ::lunar to get there. (Elite Boots will eventually TP you directly)

Spoiler for list of udpates from past: Show

Fixed agility netting that dced you.
removed pouch for newer clients
removed time stamping for newer clients
disabled settings option.
fixed jad issues
fixed slayer count.
Fixed npc kill counter.
range no longer crash you
most achievements should be fixed now.
adjusted the clipping to remove some safe spots (NOT ALL!)
Dragons should be corrected and attack properly.
Made JAD 15 waves instead of 60.
Fixed another dupe that I accidentally came by good thing no one else knew GokuDerp!
Fixed npc's not dropping anything GokuDerp!

Fixed npc drops.
Most npc's should now have drops IE Crabs Black demons etc.
Fixed zulrah loot spawning in water.
Fixed Kraken loot spawning in water.
Fixed sea troll queen loot not spawning in correct spot.
Fixed Giant mole loot spawning in the wall.
Added some new drops to npc's such as lizard shamen.
Fixed some clipping issues.

- Agility now correctly gives Marks of Grace
- Grace has been added to agility locations
- Starting items have been changed
- Trivia shop was changed a bit
- Barrows should work correctly again
- You can now make the Unholy Book and the Book of Balance
- You can now make a Dragon SQ Shield
- Holy Force now correctly takes 2 Donator Credits
- All teleport tablets should work correctly
- Dragon darts can now be thrown
- ::train now brings you to rock crabs
- Ironman can now sell things to the merchant store
- Damaged holy book equips correctly
- Credit Tab was removed
- Updated the tutorial, shows more accurate information
- Godwars requires 10 Kill count now

- Edgeville lever now works
- Half key drops are now less common
- Slayer tower NPCs are no longer aggressive
- Black Santa Hat and Crystal Shield equip correctly
- The coal usage for Smithing has been reduced (Mithril requires 1, Adamant also requires 1, and Rune requires 2)
- Implings now give the correct amount of XP
- Saradomin Godsword Spec has been improved.
- You can now make the Abyssal Bludgeon
- Dragon Warhammer has its correct animations again.
- Dragon Halberd + Crystal Halberd now have special attacks
- Rapier had its stats lowered
- Edgeville Furnace should be accessible

- Redid a ton of achievements including:
- View Drop Table
- Catch 25 Implings
- Kill 1 Ancient Gorilla
- Vote 5 Times
- Open 5 Mystery Boxes
- Kill 100 Cyclops
- Open 10 Cash Caskets
- Catch 100 Implings
- Open 25 Mystery Boxes
- Open 50 Cash Caskets
- Equip Dragon Claws
- Visit the Donator Zone

Barrelchest should work correctly now.
- Ancient Gorilla is finished, try your luck!
- Rates have been changed (for drops/mboxes) test them please!
- Mystery Boxes have been updated.
- Dagannoth kings now drop imbued rings.
- You no longer instantly teleport when using the training teleports.

- Herbs have been added to the Herblore shop (until farming is added)
- Ironman shop now contains impling jars
- Removed a few broken slayer tasks
- Fixed some unattackable npcs
- Fixed some drop rates (mostly regarding pets)
- Cerberus now has his correct drops
- Fixed the Jad Pet code
- Resetting a slayer task now cost 100k

- Most Bosses have had their stats lowered (should be easier now, if i missed any let me know)
- Agility and Thieving XP have been increased
- Agility tome was added to the Graceful shop
- Implings should stay in the area now
- Dragon scimitar was added to Fire giants and Dragon Implings
- Pest control portals have had their defences lowered
- Thieving cash has been slightly increased
- Cerberus and Kraken now have the correct slayer requirement

2nd Batch

- Dragon implings have been nerfed.
- Training bow/shield have been added to Oziachs store
- Use a crystal seed on either a training bow or shield to get the respective crystal item
- Increased crystal bow's speed (to make it somewhat useful)
- Added Elf Warriors to the donator zone
- Trivia questions should be easier to see now

- Fixed the FPS issues that was happening on the server!
- Abyssal Nexus minigame is complete
* Abyssal Spawns give 65 Points
* Abyssal Scions give 125 Points
* Abyssal Monarchs give 250 Points and have a chance of dropping Unsireds
- Slayer Helm should now work on slayer tasks (needs testing)
- Tzhaar monsters now have drops.
- Slightly improved Karil's stats

Added lizardman shamen.
Fixed some of the drops due to lizardman dropping way to much
Moved lizard to a secluded area with no safespots  Gotcha all. Gl with the difficulty.
Added smoke devil npc defs.
added smoke devil location and added drops.
added smoke devil teleport.
Made lizardman instanced.
Added some extra logging for certain things 
Added smoke devils to Slayer task
Smoke Devils now Require level 73 slayer to attack

Currently making every npc drop mboxes .

Did some silent nerfs and buffs to loot  you guys can guess because its nearly every boss.

Older updates.

Fixed the fps lag.
Fixed some client issues.
Fixed the lagging text.
Did some back core adjustments.

- Freedom Boxes were added to various places (Happy fourth!)
- Boss slayer was added, speak to Neive
- Ironmen now have access to the clothes shop
- Drop rates were changed around a lot (Balancing changes mostly)
- Ironmen can now donate
- Redid the Yell system

- Added mboxes to multiple npcs such as cerberus, venenatis, callisto and 1 mystery Regular npc You guys have to guess.
- Made cerberus Instanced.
- Moved cerberus location.
- Updated the client so you guys can open the freedom boxes. (Make Sure to Restart for this Update to Take EFFECT!)
- added a potion to boost slayer levels by 5 so you can do alternate tasks that you do not have the level for.
- Buffed the drops of all gwd bosses and Corp.
- Feathers added to the general store.
- Crafting dragon bolts now automatically turns them into enchanted ones.
- Added Slayer Potion to the Slayer shop for 5 Points!
- Freedom Boxes Are now dropped by ANY! Npc in the game EVEN rock crabs!
- Made it so ANYONE can open Elite boxes Even Iron Men
- Made it so Mboxes Drop from every npc 1-200 chance.
- Nerfed the Lizard loot while removing all the donator rewards besides mbox which has a x2 chance of dropping!

- Cerberus boss tasks should work now
- Monkey/Hellpuppy/Abyssal Demon pets are now untradable
- Skillcapes have the correct stat requirement and are now untradable
- Smithing XP was increased
- Runecrafting XP was increased
- Firemaking XP was increased
- Fishing XP was Increased
- Drop rates were increased (still trying to get drop rates perfect)
- Abyssal Dagger, Bludgeon and Dragon Warhammer have a higher protection value
- Mole Respawns faster
- Decanter was added to Herblore shop
- Gilded has a much greater General store price
- Crystal Chest was improved

- Golden Keys were added (improved crystal keys)
- Monsters that drop Golden Keys:
* Sea Troll Queen
* Barrelchest
* King Black Dragon
* Giant Mole
* Chaos Elemental

- Zul-Andra Totem was added
* Bring 50k Zulrah Scales + Blank totem to Zul-Gwenwynig
* Use a chisel on the Zul-Andra Totem to receive a random Zulrah Item

Fixed a bug where you could put any dart in BlowPipe and it would come out to be Dragon.
Donator Boss book now has a protection value.
Attempted to fix the problems with Pest Control.
Attempted to fix the Instancing problems.
Attempted to fix the Bank tab problems. 
fixed the barrows.
Nerfed melee prayers alittle
Corrected the magic prayers.
Corrected range prayers.
Corrected range hit ratio.
fixed bank tabs fully.

You can now toggle between Boss and Hard tasks using the Slayer Reset Form (Requires client update.)
Elder Chaos Druids were added, they drop noted herblore secondarys, they're located at the chaos alter level 13 wilderness above Varrock.
Ironmen now have access to the shop in the donator zone.
Elysian Spirit Shield now has the correct prayer bonus (Prayer bonus might be missing from some items, if you find any report them on the forums)
Mithril Dragons now drop the Dragon Full Helm.
Skeletal Wyverns have been added, use the training teleports.
The cash you receive from Pest Control is now based off your damage. (You do 50 damage you get 50k Cash)
Statue of Elid was added to Nardah, it refreshes your stats and cures your poison.
You can now purchase Dyes for 175 Marks of Grace that will change the color of your Graceful Set.
Added a few more Trivia questions and changed some current ones.

put in a system that backs up player files.

Arclight effect for demons now work.

Such as

Donator Boss.
k'rill / zammy boss
Greater demons
Lesser Demons
Black demons
Abyssal Demons
Abyssal scions
Abyssal Spawns
Abyssal Monarchs

Fishing now gives mboxes as you randomly skill!
Woodcutting now give you Mboxes as you Randomly Skill!
Firemaking Now Randomly Give you Mboxes as you skill!
Farming now gives you mboxes as you randomly skill!
Cooking now give you mboxes as you randomly Skill!
Agility now randomly give you mboxes as you randomly skill!
Fletching now randomly give you mboxes as you randomly skill!
Mining now randomly give you mboxes as you randomly skill!
Fishing now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Woodcutting now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Firemaking now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Farming now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Cooking now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Agility now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Fletching now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!
Mining now gives Hard Clue scrolls as you randomly skill!

Well of good will system:
- ::value id value will now set prices for the well. (mod+) can set the values of some wrong priced items. 
- Initiate double exp to true and run task
- Task
.Check too see if 1 hour has pass if so than make double exp false and stop the task. 
- Loadable pot for well of good will
- Save new pot total to file
- Added ability to use item on well to donate to the well.
- Well reads the item being used on it, and will prompt you for its value. Generally it will use the shop value price, but i know that some items should not be using the shop price so that is why i had to go through the trouble and make the ::value command.

Hello guys, bringing you with my latest completed content: The well of goodwill.

~ The purpose of the well, is to take items/coins out the game, in exchange for double xp for 2 Hours.

~ ::value id value will now set prices for the well. (mod+).
~ Using the command, will update it instantly, so if players report inaccurate values, the change will be available the moment the command is entered.
~ I used a task system, so that once well is full it will execute this task, and if the 2 hours are up the x2 exp will end. 
~ The well will save its current amount each time a new item meaning, Well progress will never be lost, even after serve updates.
~ Use item on well will prompt you with a dialogue showing you how much your item is worth, and if you want to continue or not.
~ Well will now accept, coins with what ever amount you have. 
~ You can now use noted items on the well.
~ World message is sent, when a player donates an item, when the well gets full, and when the x2 event ends.
~ Well gets filled at 250m. 

{Will update this thread as the day goes by}

- Raid has been fully patched.
- Fixed blowpipe errors.
- World message is sent, when a player donates an item, when the well gets full, and when the x2 event ends
- Added clicking delay to all boxes
- Added clicking delay to all clue scrolls
- Raid now costs 6m to create, and 4m to join.
- Added logs to the ::value command so someone does not fuck it up by setting a shrimp for 5m.
- Added in some dialogue to value command, so staff can see if an item already exists and it will ask to replace or not.
- Added itemid to staff dialouge for item on well.
- untradables are not usable on well.

We're trying a new format for updates, by doing them once a week, obviously there were some hiccups and a few of these updates were added to the game earlier, but all in all.. here is the full list.

- Pest control now gives 15 points again, it also requires only 50 damage instead of 80
- Skeletal Wyverns have been added as a slayer task.
- Godwars should be back to normal.
- These achievements have been fixed or changed;
* You can now Thieve 100 stalls
* You can now open 15 item sets
* Fail 15 times thieving stalls has been changed to Kill 50 Abyssal Spawns
* Kill 1 player has been changed to Receive a clue from an Impling
* Kill 15 players has been changed to Kill 100 Abyssal Scions
* Enchant 500 bolts has been changed to Kill 1 Demonic Gorilla
* Kill 50 players has been changed to Kill 250 Abyssal Monarchs
* Obtain 3 boss pets has been changed to Equip an Unholy Book
* Obtain 10 rare drops has been changed to Open a Zul-Andra Totem

- Some of the ores were removed at the mining zone (Caused lag, still testing)
- The essence mine should be working again
- Merchant's shop has a few more items including Essence Pouches
- Tokkul Shop was added, and with that the monsters now drop Tokkul.
- $5 Bond was added to the Trivia and Achievement stores.
- Mining zone was changed back to the way it was before (new area caused lag)-
- Kalphite Queen can now be damaged by the Abyssal Bludgeon
- Abyssal bludgeon now does more damage to Kalphites

Now to the bigger updates!

Phase one of the Elite Achievement Equipment is live!

* Elite Ring *
* Dropped by: Cow Boss
* You can only damage the Cow Boss with hammers such as, Granite Maul, Rune Warhammer, Dragon Warhammer, Torag's Hammers, Meat tenderizer

Get to the Cow Boss by getting a bucket of milk from the cows in Lumbridge, then combine the Bucket of Milk with a Nightshade and finally add a Chocolate Dust to receive Chocolatey Milk. Drink the Milk to teleport to the boss.

This boss is multi and not very ironman friendly.


The ring functions as a Recoil and a Ring of Wealth.

* Elite Gloves*
* Located in the Tokkul Shop
* Costs 500k Tokkul


As you can see from the chatbox, it also provides immunity to poison.
The ring can also be used to contact Vannaka directly

* Elite Amulet *
* Dropped by: Kalphite Queen
* You can only damage KQ with Range/Mage/Veracs/Abyssal Bludgeon


The amulet's main function is to bring you right next to the Statue of Elid which recharges your prayer and hitpoints
The amulet also does extra damage when worn to any Kalphites

- You can no longer do the Infinite Blowpipe spec glitch (Note: you can still go negative scales, that hasn't been fixed)
- Amulet of glory(6) now works, you get them from the Fountain of Rune
- Untrimmed skillcapes are no longer tradable
- Dagannoth King tasks have been fixed.
- Toxic Staff of the Dead has correct animations.
- Rapier has been buffed
- Water Alter has been fixed, you can now make water runes.

Also made some changes to these achievements:
- Equip an unholy book has been changed to use the Fountain of Rune 25 times.
- Equip dragon claws has been changed to Kill an Enraged Cow.
- Obtain 25 Fire capes works correctly now.
- Complete 100 Barb Courses now correctly requires you to do 100 instead of 250.

- Fixed abyssal dagger p++ spec
- Started War game
- Timestamp the start of war(12PM Server time)
- Timestamp the end of war(6PM Server time)
- Start war
- Able to join war
- Keep track of join players
- Remove player from list of players in war after death
- Add kill count for warzone kills
- War point distribution depending on kills
- Random of 1-50 war points per kills
- Add killer to war contributed player list.
- If war ends suddenly(crash or bug)
- Player war points will save
- when server starts up again, there will be no active war and if players have greater than 0 war points still
- it means the last war didn't end properly, and w.e points earned before will turn into tokens automatically.
- Properly End War once start Time-stamp is after End Timestamp. (6:01)
- Distribute tokens to those who participated in war. war-zone points/10 = tokens. 
- War zone is multi
- Properly extract a player when he leaves war
- Properly awarding random of points per kill
- Properly auto bank tokens at the end of the game
- No level requirement attack someone
- Properly executing the start of war game. War starts at 12 pm
- Properly ending the game. Ends at 6 pm server time.
- System supports, rewards depending on how many points you have
- What this means:
- if you have points, and there is no war, it means you left during your last war
- When u log in with those terms being meant, then you will still receive your tokens.
- This means, you do not have to stay the full 6 hours to receive tokens, you can stop when u like.
- Made renamed ekto tokens to war tokens
- Redeem the tokens and enter an amount of tokens you wish to gamble (accepts m, k, B)
- Get reward depending on the amount of tokens you use. The more the better.
- Noted item on bank will now give u unnoted amount of free slots you have.
- Legendary box will now be deleted once you play, and not when u open.

Logs 08/05/16 + Future Content?
- Fixed spam clicking for well donating.
- fixed spam clicking for a lot of items.
- fixed cow spawning for jamians update.
- Buffed up chaotic rapier.
- Made slayer helm work. better acuracy and damage when fighting slayer tasks.
- Herblore delays have been patched.
- added in ::giveall itemid value command for owners.
- Slayer helm works as it should now! x6.0 accuracy .
- Fixed melee max hit forumal error that xloged people during combat.
- added wildy spots into wildy agility course.
- Made it so only donators + can do yell including staff.
- Dag king task fixed.
- Well should be fixed, going to test around some more before respawning it on next hotfix updates. 

Thinking of working on a big project again, let me know your thoughts on this:
PvP minigame:
War Zone 
- Players can join once the event starts. Event will last for 5 hours. 
- Players will kill as many players as they can,
- Players will receive war points for each kill they get.
- Once the war is over, a random amount of tokens will be given depending on the amount of points u have.
EXAMPLE: Kangaroo has 100 kills within the 5 hour span, i racked up about lets say 1 kill = 50 points, so 500 points I think? And then it will be points / 10 = tokens so in my case i would get 50 tokens.
Here is how rewards will be distributed. 

Players can exchange all there tokens for one random item. Now lets say yo have 50 tokens, and someone else saved up 6000 tokens. Obviously i wont have them get some shitty as item for so many token so, i will be keeping the numbers to my self as to how many tokens you need to exchange for good items, but lets just say, the more tokens you use, the better your chances are for getting shit like bp and spirit shields. But people with low amount of tokens who exchange, will have a chance at rares, but there will be a higher chance that they will get shit. 

Note that war zone will be a safe pvp area so no items will be lost, players can rejoin the war as many times as they like except after the war is over.


- The delay from buying items in a shop has been slightly reduced
- Another merchant was added to Nardah, to help with stock
- Slayer helms have been fixed. (I apologize to everyone who complained that i didn't believe)
- Desert Amulet works with melee now.
- Warriors guild now checks for 10 tokens rather then 25, should be more convenient
- You can now get the following items from barrows
* Credit scroll
* Crystal Key
* Mystery Box
* Golden Key
- The Chance of getting a rare from barrows has been increased
- Earn 100/500 Pest control points achievements were changed to Loot 1/25 barrows chests
- Key Master teleports were added, they teleport you to Cerberus and are also dropped by Cerberus
- Karil's Xbow is now faster.
- Abyssal Dagger P++ works correctly now.
- Elite Ring works again as a recoil
- Elite Ring's recoil damage is now doubled that of a normal recoil.
- Venanatis respawns much faster
- Commander Zilyana should respawn much faster. (Make forum posts if any other mob needs changed)
- Pest control waiting room lasts 35 seconds now, rather then 2 minutes
- Pest control games now last 3 minutes and 20 seconds rather then 5 minutes.
- Fixed the requirements for Chincompas
- Superheating gives Magic XP now
- Vet'ion Tasks work now
- You can now combine Super Combat Potions
- All pets should be untradable, please report any that are not
- Corporeal beast can now only be damaged by spears
- Minor XP rate changes for some skills
- Slayer Tome now gives 100k Slayer XP and costs 35 slayer points
- Experience tomes for the following skills were added to Mystery Boxes, Legendary Boxes, Golden Keys, Crystal keys and Elite Boxes.
* Slayer
* Agility
* Woodcutting
* Firemaking
* Mining
* Thieving
* Fishing
- They all give 100k Experience
- Golden Keys, Mystery Boxes, Legendary Boxes, Crystal Keys and Elite Boxes have been reworked.
- Crystal Halberd received a slight nerf.
- You can now get Credit Scrolls from Clue Scrolls
- Tokkul is Untradable now.
- Elite Platebody was added
- Elite Platelegs were added
- Elite Helm was added


These npc's respawn every 300 - 350 seconds to last for hours of grinding and enjoyment for those pkers wanting to kill you.
Also they are not the only thing traveling in packs! These thugs love to travel and protect their leader as well!
You must update the client which should auto update if you wish if not force update with the launcher button
Also re-enabled HS yet again
Locational spots I won't forget you guys oh ya forgot to tell you they like to travel in groups and hit through your prayer 

- Legendary donator has been changed from $1,000 to $500 to make it easier to obtain
- KBD and Oziach should be accessible now
- You can now exchange certain Tzhaar Items for tokkul (NOTE: TALK TO TZHAAR-HUR-TEL)
- Ultimate ironmen can now note more things through piles, he was also added to Nardah
- Bank note Exchange as added to nardah bank, it unnotes 1 item at a time. (WE'LL MAKE IMPROVEMENTS SOON)
- Skoitzo's range/mage defence has been increased
- Skoitzo's drops have been revamped
- Wilderness bosses has some slight drop changes
- Jar of Darkness was added to Skoitzo
- Jar of Souls was added to Cerberus
- Godwars Wilderness Dungeon was added
- The Fountain of Rune functions properly
- Red, Black and King Chincompas were added.
* Red; You can get to them via the hunter expert at the impling spot, they require 63 Hunter
* Black; you can get to them in the wilderness, same spot as 07, they require 73 Hunter
* King, they're located where the other implings are... as you can imagine.. they're a bit harder, they require 93 Hunter
* You can also fine some Chinchompas in the donator zone.

Added a new donator dungeon since players have been talking about how there are little to no benefits..
Also introduced a new pet that donators can get while being there.
Introduced 3 new items that increase drop rate chances that are even higher than ROW (I)!
The location of it is at the donor zone to the left if facing north east.
Also as a thank you for all the players who played earlier I gave out a free pet to those who were playing. Named froggy mcgee!
Done some client optimizations and mapdata edits as well.
Also done some boss edits and loot edits.  Will not get into that one
But hope you guys enjoy the updates I've givin you today GokuDerp also these updates do require a client update!

Fixed GWD attacking players bug.
Fixed pest control achievements.
Fixed barrows chests achievements.
Started Housing system
Buying house
Saving house effiently
Saving house object effiently
Load house, when player enters house only.
Player leaves house, remove house from server.
Started housing tab interface
Added Powers, Invite, and Choosing modes
x3 modes; Build, Priviate(invite only), Public
Started Build mode
Made a build mode interface to select objects
Building requires Hammer
Use hammer on spawned object to prompt for x3 options (Change location, Change Face (NSWE), and Remove object)

Edited by Kriss
fixed spoiler
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This isnt a leak since it was released on r-s. pls fix spoiler

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Im sure some one will use this, thanks for uploading.

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ty ty ty t y t y

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lemme see plz

lemme see plz

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Not sure but huh

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I was part of the development team :) Never got paid for shit tho ass hole jamian shit owner.

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