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SohanScape RSPS is Releasing in TWO DAYS! + $3000 IRL PRIZES?!

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weighs up guys and I'm really excited to say that so head scape will finally be releasing in just a few days in the past few months the developers have worked really hard on this I'm really excited to see that it's finally coming together and the release date is going to be this Friday so Friday the 20th of December at 7 p.m. GMT plus 1 7 p.m. UK time pretty much which I think is 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time if you're living in America make sure you're there this Friday and of course we're gonna be having some really huge prizes up for grabs on the release so as you can see on our announcement thread we're giving away four different prizes so these are gonna be awarded to the first player to max on a regular account an ultimate I am an accountant a hardcore I'm an accountant and any mode but with the classic mode enabled and as you can see each winner is gonna be able to choose one of these four prizes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one an appendix which with neon blue air and neon red joy controllers all $500 worth of store credit and if you don't want any other controllers you can also choose to receive three hundred and fifty dollars in PayPal and the players you come second or third will each receive $100 store credit each and as well as that we also have a discord invite competition and that's gonna last for a bit longer until December 25th so Christmas at midnight that's when the winners Louie pick so in order to enter all we have to do pretty much it just created invite filling to never expire and then send it to your friends so only new players basically count you can invite current players and if you G in any way you'll be disqualified essentially but there will be five winners for this contest so first place is gonna receive a 100 millisecond and the hundred dollars worth the store credit second place is gonna get fifty mellow seven and third place is gonna get twice by milla seven and fourth and fifth place get twenty-five dollars of store credit so yeah there's a lot of prizes off for grabs and if you don't come in the top five for every ten refers you get your receives

so hand mystery box yeah overall there's thousands of dollars of prizes being given away so you definitely want to make sure they're on the release and it's only been like a day since we released and number five only has five invites so you could very easily win this disc will defend just by inviting like ten of your friends for example heat comes second place and when fifty mil oh seven G fees so yeah definitely make sure you answer that disc with competition so you guys are probably wondering what updates we've done that wall so enscape has been in beta so since the 28th of august all the way up to the 19th of december these are pretty much the updates we've done so we actually have fully Jameses Eric so every single room has got random rotations as well to be able to scout raids just like OS RS and as you can see it's the first raid release to notice arrests and we decided to in order to give you the fully proper service experience is very important that we do 100% replication of it here on slogan scape so yeah use dynamic map generation and means every raid we do will be different from the last you can expect that to be fully working and there's so much stuff that's been reworked as well I'll link this right in the description if you have a read throw yourself but this way too much to go over in this video as you can see the developers have been very very hard work like the list just goes on and on see ya the server is in much better shape than it wasn't the last release and if you're wondering what happens to your accounts flash donations on the last release unfortunately the accounts are all gonna be reset that's pretty much the fairest way so you will lose all your progress unfortunately but if you did there Nate on the previous relief we're gonna be refunding 50% of purchases made on the previous release one week after our initial release in the form of store credit so some of you guys are probably wondering why smart hundred percent well basically the reason for that is a lot of people did donate on the release but they got cleaned so those people are still gonna be refunded 50 percent of their purchases even though they might have lost everything I know a lot of people probably donated it and were still raped by the time the previous soundscape shutdown yeah unfortunately without rowing the economy this is gonna be the fairest way to ensure everyone who donated on the previous release does get fairly refunded and how the accounts are gonna work is form accounts will be integrated with game accounts so if you do want to make sure you have your name make sure you register on the forums since you'll be using your forum credentials to log in game so your forums password and your ingame password will both be the exact same and we recommend to use a new unique passes that you've never used on another rsps it's the easiest way to make sure you don't get hacked we also have two-factor authentication on the forums so setup to make sure your account is completely safe anyway let's talk about the service features itself so if you didn't play the previous release so enscape has a lot of content a lot more content than most service so first of all we have a really cool teleporter as you can see it has a service cape logo in the middle of it and it's like animated it looks really cool in my opinion but as you can see we have pretty much almost every single piece of our source content

so ranging from like Rock revs all the way to rune dragons which a very little service actually have we have the Monica Rose pretty much every Slayer dungeon you can think of like fossil Island the Hydra dungeon and when you click on each of these there's actually like a picture of the stuff you can find in there or combat level they are the location like whether it's safe or dangerous and the difficulty as well for example with a chrome dungeon it says like the level of the hydras and the difficulties is hard it does the same thing with like bosses as well so as you can see we have a ton of bosses on his so god wars aura smoke Devils so yeah I think this is actually really cool it says the difficulty as well and we even have a custom boss called the void champion so this actually drops super in void which I'll explain later on that's pretty much the only custom boss we have at the moment we also have a lot of minigames obviously like I talked about earlier fully working gems is Eric and theater blood one-to-one with us or s we also have a custom minigame called trousers Eric although since I think we added dynamic regions will probably be adding that a bit later on and yeah pretty much every other Osiris minigame you can think of as well including the inferno we also have losses scaling teleports wilderness teleports and all the city teleports as well including Isaiah which very little so exactly how so yeah we have fully workings there you can run along everywhere in here anyway let's explore the home a little so there's actually a rejuvenation pool right here where you can restore your prayer head points supposed to take everything pretty much there's also collection chests so how this works is every single day you get a free daily reward so I believe you can see that here so from day one you get some blood money ranging all the way up till the infernal party at which you get at following 16 days in a row so yeah that's

some really cool rewards you can also see what current bonus Renaissance occurring there's a $0.50 bonus xp Evan and you can see if that will drop race on if there's any event bosses or if there's a bonus smoke pointer then and if the well of goodwill is filled as well see ya you claim a reward right there so I think I've already claimed my role for today which was 1500 blood money so just south of the home we have an infernal chest now this is a really popular feature so basically you can get the infernal key by combining three different infernal key parts and you can let you get those from killing anything like even cows there are an Android drop you can combine them together to make an infernal key as you can see here and then you just open the chest so these can give oh my god oh I know that was an infernal bow but yeah that's a samurai god booster yeah opening these basically gives you a rare chance of getting infernal weapons which are some of the best items in the games and they also give God booze you can also get so enscape mystery box get a lot of cool stuff you can get colossal armor as well which is really cool and yeah we just opened ten we didn't get any info no weapons unfortunately but I will show them off so a lot of you guys might be a bit turned away by the fact that the server has custom items but trust me we only had customs that actually fit in so with our stress so there's no like Pikachu's running around world or something like that these actually match like the theme was SRS and like Osiris could add these all items and game themselves like it looks really clean in game as you can see like we're not I got a delivery dick you looking customs for example cm I personally think these are pretty cool and you can see the stats in as well so this is the infernal Bo's has a plus 80 range strength bonus which is pre open and funnel Warhammer has a plus hundred strength bonus the infernal staff which has some pretty good magic bonuses and finally the infernal longsword see yeah those are all Grail weapons you can get from this infernal chest and just next to that we have the well of good world so you can see the amount that nice Pete billed for its ton on 1.5 times experienced extra pest control points and double drops as well see ya that's just donate like 30 mil and we can donate towards like pthey points so yeah be sure there we go so we can see that we've donated to us well and it's now granting everyone one hour of bonus pest control points which is pretty cool and also right next to it we have a really cool-looking upgrade table so you might be wondering what the hell these two things else it's actually the blood twisted bow and the blood type of better so since this is the bait ward I just spawned

some cm basically use this and I believe you get a 30% chance of turning it into the blood virgins so let's just right now ah we failed unfortunately alright let's try the slide we lost both so yeah also 35% but yeah I will spawn in the blood versions so yeah this is what they look like and yeah again I think this does look really clean so this has the same stats as a regular twister boat except it has a slight chance of healing like 50 cent of the money you hit it sort of has like a Soul split effect built into it which is really awesome and yeah this is what the blood size of it looks like as well so yet they both look really clean in my opinion but you might be wondering that sounds really overpowered but obviously the amount of Tebow's and sights is gonna be really Rev considering the difficulties like the same as Osiris and the only way you can get them is from race by the way they will not be added to the donator store so it's not gonna be that pay to win and obviously even after that the only way you can get the blood virgins is by using it on this upgrade table you only have like a one in three chance to upgrade it so yeah a few people will probably be losing their sites and Tebow's so only a limited amount of people ever be able to use these items but anyway we also have a gamble area south over here including potty Pete now he's actually a host so he hosts 55 times Steve you're or 35 or higher he'll double our gold see you can bet gold on him plan token all blood my so yeah let's just spell two more cash back on him and we rolled a sixty one down all right we actually won nice yeah you can also flower poker over here and there's also dice over that you can roll as well so that's pretty cool and you can buy metal seeds in this shop over here and there only one GP each so yeah seeds are really cheap so you can flower poker really easily and another thing we have like right next to the gamble area is a custom that you'll arena see there's no one here at the moment but you could you can actually challenge them and enter this door arena right here so yeah it's really cool so I just wanted to show some other cool custom weapons that kind of fit into a service so we have Celestials so this actually looks for really cool it some Mead stuff and as you can see it has a really cool file effect and we also have a full cat set so yeah this like so like will kept on with promotion yeah this also looks absolutely amazing so yeah we actually have an upgraded version of Floyd as well so this is like slightly better than elite played so I'll leave this looks like 15% extra damage or something when you wear the full set as you can see this one looks really cool as well and we also have the karate sword on here which is pretty cool so yeah we have some really cool looking customs we also of course has some mystery boxes so these will be available in the donator store and these are mystery chess so let's open them up this will die about ascots of primordial crystal rager boots and Vestas longsword not bad alright now for the dragon hunts boxes alright two more cash in arms ripped off so ya think these give us a guaranteed amount of cash and like some other random piece so city in legs scuff them sell them and the final one Derek's body but yeah twelve more cash in tow will still not but alright now for this slowdown scape mystery boxes say these ones are pretty decent but its own escape and the raid mystery bosses

also have like a really cool animation over them as well so yeah you can't like party out from these like there's another customer called Tecton I believe which also looks really cool Carroll's clothes from that one day that's unlucky alright hopefully you get lucky oh and the other four that we have left come on oh zeros hood all right I'll take that three left to go what can we pull out come on give us something good tassets oh so close dude that would be nice but cousins plate body Oh infernal mystery box nice so yeah that's actually another type of mystery box which haven't supported my inventory but yet I might as all open that one up and for my last mystery box Oh blue parts yet come on oh no we paused it by one these still your theory that's pretty decent alright okay we got blue and funnel cake mix yeah you can actually use that to color your funnel cake blue I'm sure that would look awesome as well right now for the raid mystery boxes I believe these are the best mystery boxes you can buy so let's see we can get from that CA you have a really rare chance of getting the twister though from these so though you can't directly donate for it twisted Bo you can potentially get it from this mystery box I don't think it's like the visitor is in this box it's the only we can get that is from there's for blood itself and heavy ballista damn it my guess would be the size of it it's gonna be the most expensive item in game by far and come on a little chains go alright nice alright two boxes left to go imagine we get like a toasted bodied yeah I'm pretty sure it's set to be like really rare from these boxes so yeah barely any game will be coming unless you get really lucky of course Oh necklace of anguish damnit we're in between of likes answer in a party aerbook anguish is still pretty decent alright I'll bury lost mystery books for now what can we pull out from it come on oh by Halloween oh if we quit first all the Halloween all cheering are they they're still fairly decent I'll take up Oh another thing we have is fully working achievement diary see I just teleport carefully and completed achievement which is pretty cool so yeah that's another nice thing see another thing we have our event bosses as you can see an enraged grotto just full and Norfolk at the BCAM alright let's just finish this puzzle see obviously this has a lot of HP muffs will myself a perf every which would be available in-game noir just give me some video about stats

so yeah we are destroying this thing in the moment but once you killer I do believe it gives you an event key which you needs to open a chest which spawns off to the boss dies and that can give you some really good loop alright there we go it should be dead alright nice so yeah it's one in the vent boss chest and we got an event key from it so let's open up all right so we got oh we actually got training deceased blood money and some purple sweets not bad so there's also wilderness event bosses so yeah as you can see Perez there's just spawn and this also drops from Leo I believe let's kill it real quick right there we go it has been defeated so this doesn't give you a key it just gives you a random or would I believe suit we just got 22 qualms nice it just kills probably play oh good we also have some a of K Ches where you can FK here and I believe you get a certain amount of points where you can buy various stuff as well so literally you can go completely afk if like hours upon end so you could go to sleep just click this chest and you'd still be here so as you can see it scales by your donator rank I believe so tier one is the simplest one and while you're looting the afk points and it's essentially free money so yeah you could do that ages anyway I just wanted to show you guys a quick sneak peek at some of the content that we have to offer so like I said I'm very excited about this release make you guys are here on Friday I will be live-streaming the release as well so make sure you're subscribed with notations on so you get notified whenever I go to lives yeah I'm expecting hundreds of players online so should be very exciting there will be nowhere near as many problems that we had last time of the release like I think last release it literally took us like 12 hours since the expected release time to actually get online and work things I'm really confident that we're not gonna have it anywhere near that many issues this time since we have a much stronger development team and management as well anyway guys I'm also gonna be giving away 10 so hand-scraped mystery box as

so as you can see these give some really opened a few earlier and they'll give you a massive head start as well so to be answer to that all you have to do is just like the video beasts discretion my channel with notations on and calm your own game name slash your forums name on so hand escapes so that's all you have to do to be entered make sure you join the discord as well and those your enter for that disk will to invite competition and for the all the race to Max prizes as you can win yourself a lot of money and not just on slated scape you can win a lot of money in real life too so if you guys are looking as forward to the race as I am and I'll hopefully see you there but most importantly join the discord cuz the discord will be the place where all the information gets announced soon if you wanna be kept up to date on everything and make sure you're not discord yeah than that I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll see you guys on the release so just rendered the video I also wanted to quickly discuss some rumors surrounding the service that you might have heard from like other people or something one of them being that apparently the server is stolen now if you haven't watched my previous videos around the time this drama first occurred then I suggest go back and watching them in the first place I will link them both in the description below they'll probably clear out for you but if not I'll quickly just explain it now this server is not stolen basically what happened is one of them owners of Valley as' gave us the source and then continued on our team as a developer he's still actually here today as well his name's Patrick T and on the old forums he had a thread posted I'll show you guys in discord as well because he sent me a copy of the thread he was gonna post before he actually posted it so as you can see this is pretty much it now feel free to pause the video and read through it but basically what it says is he was a developer of alias and it was a dead end server and Devine decides to shut it down and worked on a revamp version and essentially he was meant to split the profits with Pacioretty and other developers came and left but he stayed with values through all uneven Oh in the github

so Devine was many responsible for custom content and wasn't really that good at developing like making errors and releasing to the game and essentially what happened is divine and scammed Patrick Tuohey he didn't pay out his job that he was meant to receive from the server so he left the team then gave us the source so essentially Devine scammed Patrick Tuohey and because Patrick Tuohey had done like the majority of work of values himself he actually wants to take the server somewhere which is why he came to me and asked if I wants to make a server then and yeah that's essentially it so the source was not Solon and another rumor was that Stewart is part of so in scape well rest assured he escaped from so landscape a very long time ago like if you don't know Hank who's the co-owner of soundscape at the moment he's one of the most reputable people in the rsps community he hates you it with a passion like even said he'd never work with him he wants him dead then he actually means that yeah and as you can see this is the client at the moment he did a very thorough virus grant as you can see there's zero stuff detected as completely safe so zero issues to worry about in the aspect and for anyone who played on the previous release as well there was never anything malicious in the client whatsoever you can hundred percent guarantee that I'd never do that to my own subscribers and we have one of the strongest development teams like crooks fake carnage Karen plebs anti-treaty of course and Hank himself and yet these are some of the best developers in the rsps scene so I am really confident that this release is gonna go well but yeah I hope that clears up any concerns you might have heard and if you do have any questions then feel free to comment in the comment section below I will answer everyone's questions peace out you

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