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hello 1 and welcome back with another espares video and today we are on rune guild airspace it is a quite new server and we will be showcasing it going through the server showing you been around and getting you familiar with it so first things first you guys want to choose a character mode there's the regular game mode pique mode Iron Man huh Carmen ultimate Armin and the kts Ironman mode for this video we'll be choosing the regular one though so you guys can see these are the artists tonic and then we are already in so yes my mode is selection is correct let's go and yes what you are no thanks I think we are in Gucci so let's leave that and yes I love the homeless look I hate so freakin nice alright so we are at the home area and before we get into the showcase I would like to know to the giveaway for this video one lucky one will get one super mystery box all you have to do is like this video comment you in-game name double-o subscribe to my channel so oh them that's very nice welcome here from these people it's obviously I think it's announced that I've looked and right yeah alright so in this little house here we have all the import stores as well as the Vote store and also all the different altars and i think this is the bank chest right so let's look into the votes so I just want to have a look what - they offer for so crystal keys for to void points of care that's an immune scroll 55 points ok daily tasks reseller and a bunch of other items you guys can donate for and also some antique lamp which probably will give you some additional XP I like the fact that they are all together here

so you don't have to run them out around too much I also like that they have a skilling store with all the different skilling supplies also the hub water supplies and that pretty much we don't need to run around to find some shops alright so for the next thing we will be needing to make ourselves pretty much remember so we can choose now pretty much 2 crowns at the same time to use I'm not sure which one we want to use but I think these this is fun all right now we have another to bill in our inventory and this is very useful for the next thing I would like to show you the instance bossing managers so here we pretty much can create our own instance so well you wanna see corporal B's let's go for some corporal B's 50 kills party size this is pretty much how many people can join it it's up to you how many people can join it drop increase and the price total is 20 mil okay let's create the instance and let's see how this goes kill count is zero out of 50 so we got 15 total this old private section here where we can kill our corporal beast and I don't think that we lose items if we die to be honest let's check it out to be on and there's also time left and it's a very nice interface like in the entire like instance system is very very clean and beautiful and I like the fact that you can do this with your friends and pretty much like maximize the group size you can pretty much do whatever you want in this instance and yeah you don't lose any items and then that is something very very cool so there are some scrolls I'm not sure they are what they do but let's see can we buy one yeah we can let's see what this is I'm this gave free instance okay quite cool alright and I was told that it this is for example very useful for will the boss instances and it is only available for donators

so yeah and the next thing I would like to showcase you is the quest a quest tab so on this year we can find all the general information on the server in that 50 players online right now and is quite early in the morning so it's actually quite good for a brand new server and players in the world issue right now and so on you can see a bunch of other information that we don't really need right now because we want to have a look on this here so there is the drop tables interface tool which you can pretty much check any item anything you guys can open and get a loot from you can check it out on here so okay I want to do it this is actually a nice drop table here so I want to check yes next there we go so for example next here as always you know the next thesis you've got one or 256 a chance to get one of the next pieces there's a pat also one in five thousand and a bunch of other items so you can pretty much have fun you can play around here you can check all the different lutes okay variant for example we got the variant patent we got ring of gods and dragon pickax as the rare ones and so on the next cool thing is the item database so here for example you we type in the name the item we looking for for example armed deal God's Word where is it here we go and as you can see we can see the exact set something Valley we can see the bonuses of it the stats of it and requirements as well so you can check any item you guys want for exam you probably know most of the items bought there might be some bunch you guys want to check on and you can see stats you can compare stats and I think that is actually quite cool interface next up there's they kill counts so here you guys your killer your boss clock where you guys can see all the different bosses you guys have grinded already the same works for in the skill action logs which is really cool I've never seen this before in any server

so here you guys can see how often you guys have stolen from some stalls you guys can see how many amulets you've crafted and so on so you guys can see your entire grind in these four little interfaces here and all the different information you need on bosses and so on now let's say it's time to travel around this server by using our telephone system on the right hand side so this little interface opens here and you will see all the difference NBC so for example in training we got all these different embassies here we also have the dungeon so the actual dungeon for example and there are all the other dungeons as well I really like the fact that you guys can see that the best NPC for example in /our abyssal demons you guys see the little interface if you are struggling to find some embassies so yeah a bunch of different in dungeons and nbc's minigame wise where a skilled pest control jewel arena barrows find cage fight with champion scroll and gambling area and infernal wilderness twice we are let's have a look if there is the remanent cave and yes they have revenant gate very nice boss wise most interesting part probably so here we have got worst diagonal Kings Bork kalfa Queen lasers corporal beats Nexus Zora KVD shaman Adina's I strike works desert strike worms jhanas rag was chaos fanatic Scorpio crazy ecologist and the list continues can see van Annette is Callisto very and council mental barrel chest harbors a bizarre demonic gorillas lizard made shaven Kraken that beast whatever that visas the and isn't that a gently nearing boss I think that's an engineering boss I'm enough creation of Earth of destruction I see Queen Nomad and dude there's so many bosses balance elemental band this avatar and unholy course beer wow that is a bunch of bosses holy moly right skilling voice you guys can pretty much click on any skilling you want to do that's actually quite nice and then you'll be teleported to the required area and then we got a bunch of cities which you guys can also teleport you okay

so I wanna have a look on these unique bosses knockers I've never seen this before I think on any server and holy crap look at this interface here I mean this is own word it's gonna spawn or whatever unholy course no dude he will kill us please don't Agra me don't ever me okay we have to teleport away I don't want to lose my stuff but damn looks really really nice never seen before also that place it looks like abyssal sire to me but it's like a completely different boss okay interesting alright let's have a look on one more which was it yeah that one ballast elemental this also dropping all that huge ass okay look at that is this like a custom boss no I don't think it's a custom boss I mean why do we attack them are we stupid that doesn't make any sense teleport home okay we can actually sit here and watch them okay so that three of them here there's a ranger there is Emelia maybe a major I'm not sure no no no no off me bro I don't want to die your little shaky boy so balanced I meant to 454 level that is actually why hi damn and finally I would like to show you the world the boss can see it's here I cannot attack it but it's the giant rock so this is the what was that it's very nice this is like another community content which I I love so much about servers because they pretty much get the people together and that you guys can grind for it and obviously will give really good loot let's help the people here kill it with our short bow okay we are actually okay we can use this bow that is actually okay because we are we are 99 range okay let's help them kill it dude it's so nice I would love to know what it's actually dropping let's see if we can find in our database because that's quite interesting to know okay we examine it and it's open to the joint Rock interface here and we can see the how much speed has attacked and so on and so on skills I want to see if we can see the lutes where is the loot information okay click here to view drop table okay

so it's dropping okay we have to run away a little bit off me bro okay there we go so joint rock edge drop tables view the drop tables holy crap it's dropping freakin ancestral pieces it's dropping Elder Wand it's dropping dragon across mystery boxes clue scroll it leads there oh two harpoon the pickaxe Dragon and the dragon axe very nice dungeoneering Cape okay interesting and it's always dropping a random event gift so that is actually very nice let's see if we can actually get our one of these boxes for for pretty much just participating but apparently you need 715 damage to get a loot I don't think that we will make that damage but it was nice to help these guys look how they're struggling is like six seven people here trying to kill it we're about to actually kill it very nice yes we are about to kill it die bro okay it's I think it's 1hp come on how much be your left bro and the next thing I want to check out this the mystery box loot okay there we go that's my loot some rune oh no actually it's not my loot that's some stuff people have fun as you can see here all the lutes are also in the old Chen and congratulations to everyone but mystery box where red drop on it right so let's have a look what we can actually get from these mystery boxes so okay whole elixir odium shards that is very nice some rockin hosta that's the spirit Third Age okay we got a bunch of drink boots as well okay this is some interesting loot people this is some interesting loot I think we should do a box opening soon then that is actually some really sick loot here all right I think that was it for this server - I hope you enjoyed it if you guys want to play the brand-new room guild airspeeds make sure to check out the description to find out the all the links to go to the forum's download the game and have a go it's quite a good morning as I've said there are 15 people online so it's a quite small server but it's quite used so they're looking for stuff that looking for new players so make sure to give it a try and yeah that is gonna be it for now thanks for watching everyone have a great day and Peyser Reno

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