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yo guys I forgot to mention during the video but if you do use arts as your referral code you do get a free mystery box y'all what is going on guys is ours here and welcome to new video and today when a brand new RSP is called no vite the server's actually releasing tomorrow so I'm actually gonna be streaming the server's released tomorrow so that's gonna be really hyped we're gonna be doing an Ironman and I'm just really excited because they actually do have a lot of cash prizes for the server currently there is a countdown on the forums if you guys would like to check that out the link is in the description that way you guys know exactly when the server is releasing just make sure you guys register on the forums to claim your names and stuff you don't want to get free conjoint but yeah i'm really excited to announce that giving away $100 on tickets as well this is $1,000 tickets to one lucky winner I have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a like on this video coming your inga name down below and subscribe to my channel guys it's literally all you have to do to enter and it's a free chance of $100 this will give you a huge head start because you can literally buy like a blowpipe a second time

I love magic and like there's a bunch of stuff they can buy with this like this is worth a lot of money organ just hold on to it and you know use it to like sell it for straight cash eventually like I'm sure people wanting to buy these but yeah hopefully you guys do enjoy the video and yeah just remember I will be streaming the release tomorrow so if you guys would like to jump into the livestream that's gonna be super hype I'm really excited to be a lot of fun the server looks really solid not gonna lie so I'm very excited say if you guys don't know there's actually a crazy crazy competition going on right now with over 1500 dollars in prizes we're gonna go ahead and go over that quickly before we actually hop into the content

so first to max completion and rewards we're not gonna take too long on this but first place on the standard mode there so there's different game modes obviously we got the standard mode Ironman mode in the ultimate Ironman but I'm definitely gonna be playing Ironman I'm gonna be streaming that tomorrow so I'm actually really hyped about that that's gonna be fun having a new server with an Ironman it's gonna be a lot of fun to try it out it's been a while since I've done a new service here we go we got the $200 for the first place second place can get the $100 so you get cash money bro this is Amazon money about or you can switch ring game credit if you want but you can literally just cash this out for IRL bow go buy yourself some Twinkies name is on pantry and then we got the Ironman mode

so basically it's just the same price all around do I might have to go for this $200 bro bro I might do that I might just grind down max cape and try and get a prize like even if I get third like that's still 50 bucks dude might have to grind that myself boys ultimate definitely not gonna do that myself because I'm just not a fan of not being a little bank PBM a competition rewards first rare item from raids this chambers so they do have chambers and they had TOB guys so that's gonna be a lot of fun seeing how that is on here hundred dollars if you guys get the first right now only to get the first rare but you also get rewarded with the IRL cash to you that's kind of crazy so I really like that seemeth of TLB that's really cool PvP competition and rewards so pure NH tournament there's gonna be first-place winner for a hundred dollars or so turn game credits the details for the tournaments will be announced soon in the main Derrick I'll definitely be participating in this Derrick one for sure that's actually really cool of them to actually do this this is actually like crazy $1,500 cash money bro for a brand new server you don't see that often say you know what a server is giving out huge like crazy cash prizes that's when you know the server's not going down anytime soon so daily points are we're gonna kind of just take a look around the server I don't really care about the shot strip so I'm not gonna go around showing shops like I don't know it's kind of weird oh I'm not really into that but I'm gonna look at doing Restorick so I'm curious myself so oh they have discounts so I wonder if these are daily or weekly where they change these and have discounts at certain items that's kind of cool I really like that they have to the same things that's uh that's awkward so a jest for example would be on a huge discount let's see items so that a just 350 tickets and right now it's literally sent one so I think obviously this is probably gonna reset when the servers actually at least cuz I'm on the beta currently 600 for an Ellie

so as you can see what the spouse and were giving away you can actually get a crazy I'd start like you can get a blow pipe a serpentine oh my go straight to Zoar even a magic thing I can literally buy a blow pipe circle magic thing just save a fur trident afterwards and go straight to zola and grind that out dude that's this is a lot of money if you think about it so Cosmetics got all the party hats you can buy party out with this if you win the giveaway that's actually really nice I like this I like the store bell these boxes uh oh my god also if you guys didn't know if you do I'll probably mention in the intro if you guys want to use my referral code arts in game and it will give you a free mystery box so that's awesome I kind of want to see where raids are I'm very curious so they do have a really cool interface here so if we go to minigames I assume it's gonna be here oh they have rise of six that's cool they have Inferno so where would this be is embossing maybe they've all the holder in here it is great old so I'm curious is it just the boss or is it gonna be the full rage is what I'm wondering just the boss but I mean I'm not gonna complain because that does make it easier so I'll make it an easier grind for the iron man that you end up making so I'm not complaining one bit I'm just curious how they like made the drop rates you know because if it's only the boss the drop rates must be a little late they must be quite rare but maybe we could check that out and see what the drop rates actually are in a second here okay so basically they have this drop table and a drop simulator but the raids verdict TLB or old chambers Eric's aren't on here for this current beta it's gonna be in the update obviously tomorrow though so for example we can search up blow pipe and we'll hope that doesn't work just kidding we're gonna have to search up the boss instead so if we searches Alaura he should pop up there we go and if we click on them it shows like all the statistics and stuff which is kind of cool and then obviously it shows the actual drop table

so you get the all these straps like it's it's already I don't really have to go over this but I kind of want to see what this simulator is all about dude and enter your mouth to simulate so say we killed 100 Zoeller well we get then we get to braille we get screwed we get to onix's now let's try hundred again a mutagen Oh God well I'm getting I'm lucky Bing and onyx - bro give me a tanzanite finger right but okay well what if we killed 500 we were guaranteed get attains anything right like we need a bulb by then one magic thing or one onyx I like this though this is cool you can actually see oh my god bro this would be so unlucky dude imagine killing 500 zola's and not getting a freaking blowpipe there it is see that time we would have got really like we've gotten two plus magic think plus that what if we did a thousand Zora we'd get everything so I really like this so that's kind of cool let's go ahead and search up another NPC I'm kind of curious how this what about um let's see let's search cracking I like this this is so cool I feel like a lot of people are just gonna sit here and mess around with this thing just because they're curious I 100 see if we get lucky easy tried an ant tentacle bro maybe the drop it's not as high on this one now let's see 1000 we've got four so it's like a one and two hundred rate for one of those see a thousand again yeah yeah show Kraken isn't that hard to grind that's actually really nice only one just as well how many can I put type of ten thousand Jesus Christ Oh you can only simulate 10,000 drops Oh so that's like on the dot I really like that that's actually super sick I wish more servers out though that's really nice so you can like get a rough is tomato what you're possibly gonna get is super nice I love that I

so another cool feature I want to show quickly is the daily manager over here if you go to daily tasks and see what your daily tasks are like my thing is spin fit 250 flax and I get in mystery box five mill cash one I'm not really sure what that even is and six cake craft makes me that's actually really cool we have another one right here you get another mystery box for fletching 2000 airships like that's really easy and it's a free mystery box you know that's pretty nice a global challenge make a defense potion and you get a legendary box that's actually so nice that is cool I love this idea and then also you get points I bet I guess I guess that's what that plus thing I think is let's see I think that's what this is at the point so if we go ahead and trade in we have the shop here mystery box two points lamp one point so yeah it's like pretty cool shark this I think these are good for scaling for fishing so that's actually really nice and you get brawlers and they're only a point each as well that's actually really cool so yeah that's actually very useful and awesome thing to do because you get free mystery boxes and if you go to a store here mystery boxes are worth quite a bit of money where are they they miscellanea yeah 25 tickets so it's worth quite a bit especially this one it's like a hundred well it's literally ten bucks dude anyways I hope you guys did enjoy today's video again if you guys would like to join the giveaway feel free you know how to enter that already I'm excited for the server release it's tomorrow this is the countdown on the website make sure join discord as well and join main phoebs discord as well always saying contact with us I'm actually really hype to stream this tomorrow so it's gonna be fun hopefully you guys are there to watch with me and hopefully you know we get that max cape I don't know how long it's gonna take out no XP rates are gonna be so hopefully it's not too long and I can maybe I can bust it out in one stream I could do one long stream get that max cape and get some easy cash prizes so yeah hopefully you guys do enjoy today's video if you guys did make sure to leave a like as always and I appreciate you guys I'll see you guys the next one let me know if you guys are gonna be joining down below in the comments section below yea that's pretty much it boys I'll see you guys in the next one and

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