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I LOST 50B+ IN THE WORST WAY... - SpawnPk From Scratch (#11) *700B+ GIVEAWAY* - RSPS Pking

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I've actually decided I'm gonna go ahead and spend some at mage Bank let me show you guys why so there is an item called a wilderness cloak which is Auto keep and untradable and if we press ctrl as you can see we lose to strength bonus but we gain 6 range strength another +7 magic accuracy it's just a very good very strong tribrid cape and it can be used to edge PvP things like that so we're gonna go ahead and drop about 7.5 K tokens on it and then I'm just going to check the rest back in the TP I love how the demon was just mewling him through the gate if this game was coded properly I would have probably T beat him for a black orb

I just see BA there's no way that didn't kill him in oh my god I actually no way okay I have the wrong helm on but it's fine who what do we get for that holy he actually had loot on him I wish I put the Yoshi down I honestly I was just like panicking I thought he's gonna tell you soon toxic staff full pvp Setzer pal oh please don't TV me he just expect a green dragon okay all right toxic staff wait hit two tought wait this guy had loot on him I got two toxics to Serbs eternal boots Morey chaps holy that was a nice kid that was like seven bill or so maybe even a bit more maybe pretty close to 10 honestly oh my god I found someone at Larenz this guy is gonna have some stuff on him Oh what do you have what do you have please have some I need to put the Yoshi down man 300 mil cash is that it uh I thought he'd add more to be honest this guy is a tier 7 on him kind of spooky but good luck boys please there it is oh he didn't risk anything really oh we got a symptom let's go dude no we just stole this tier seven oh yes that's actually so helpful because I'm trying to get cursed avoid and I need a  ton of tier tens for that so that's actually so helpful man

if you guys didn't know the reason I got is tier seven is because of the emblem snatcher perk from the blood fountain on my second daily for this pledge session I guess you could say and I finally get an arcane demon I didn't get one for the whole last daily 73 of this daily so I was almost 200 dry hopefully I can get something nice at least giving me a shard please good luck I didn't get man that's so sad it shards only one in four and I didn't get one that's the second demon where I didn't get anything either so feels bad probably last kill for a daily number two and I didn't get a single shard drop that's kind of unusual and unfortunate but we've got 4007 tokens profit this time which is about 16 bill or more so I'm pretty damn happy with it plus we still have the caskets though 20 bill tasks I'll take it okay so I just woke up so sorry for sound like but you probably saw that in the last clip err so my friend gave me a twisted bow he actually bought it from me while I waited for my TP to finish selling while I slept mostly this alien that was kind of the big problem but as you can see we have

197 bill here and then we have another 17 bill here I need to make another 25 bill or so before I can actually pay him back I might just give him this and the five dollar bond I think he'll be ok with that or I might even check in the Le crossbow just so it's a kind of a bit over since its items hey I didn't want you guys to go he's taking a low into the some again now I'm actually paying for it he was just giving it to me while it was cheap in the TP all right well after trading him all that stuff for my TP I have 210 mil to my name currently oh well good thing we have a TiVo to start making some money boys oh and we also have the cursed orb so that should be nice who dat who dat who dat on your insta Oh fie he'll cash that time dude oh well that's one way to die 450 bill I thought he aged yes she monkeys in spa Nobles and he just age yes me as 79 well I took off my armor and avenged but I didn't think my Nobles could hit 79 you

know the max hit wait he was actually risking what the  I love when people talk and then die is the best feeling he had a Larenz key what the brought all these people have stuff on him why we see risking an eternal glory I understand these PV embers bro you can literally check what you're risking time to trade in 40 or tens wahoo 20 mil bounties oh I need another 23 mil for a void kit but I actually think I'm on the bounty max Cape instead very Opie yeah you're you know baby I just hit a 55 with a barrel chest cannon oh my god he's dead dead holy I got a lot of stuff eternal boots wyvern shield why do you know dragon crossbow and a bunch of random money okay this guy has stuff oh my god he died to that another eternal glory that's like five today to10 I don't think I have stuff on him what the hell this guy is such a spastic man he keeps pee jiaying me this is the guy that's like you think you're gonna kill me I'm gonna kill him again like that what did I just find let's go baby wait I just got a grin Crespi's wait hold on I have to go see how much that is wait he had that on him okay I need my mic holy I actually just obliterated him for a ballista Tanz helm toma fire full pvp tribrid set basically goliath gloves I just got the stank off back there holy  dude I blasted him that was a nice kill right there man good fight bro

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