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How To Create Your OWN RSPS! Episode 1 How To Give Yourself Owner Rank! & More!

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hello boys and girls and welcome to you another video on my channel in this video I'll be teaching you guys how to program and develop your own real scape private server now the main topics within this video that we are going to cover is general basic Java knowledge general usage of an IDE known as the clips we're going to cover a few basic rsps things like npc spawns shops we might even touch upon the up opponent visitors who knows button clicking bosses cranial NPC's etc so we're not quite we're going to delve quite deep into this RSS development but yeah I saw a program in garage 6 7 months ago or night when I started there wasn't much help around within the orestes community I mean you had read several but they weren't really helpful I mean they weren't we're 24/7 there wasn't much tutorial well there was quite a few but you'd have to have some basic knowledge to understand and to follow the tutorials so

I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to make my own series where I cover our ass this development and the series going to quite long I estimating around 30 minutes for the first episode and yes so let's get right into it so firstly Rooney nitty is a rebase rsps private server the link for the download of the source and the client oopsy's the source in the client will be in the description so once you've downloaded it and you downloaded this ide eclipse so once you've got both them done and you got your files on your desktop you want to go to file create a new project a Java project and then you want to locate the location of your file and once you hear it you don't you just use you'll get both of these up here so once that is done you want to get there you want to get a client running and before we get the client running we need to set the default IP address locally we need to we need to host the client locally so today that we're going to SRC com2 Alanya and then we little profile known as configuration Java now in this file you have a string and in the string you have IP address and this is the default local IP address and you want to leaveit as that so if one two seven zero zero one so that's the default IP address and then you got a Jag grab host and in the screen you to write localhost so and then you have the port will get that layer and any of the client names you can set this to ever you want your server name

so for now we're going to set this is test we're going to say this as our SEO so we'll look at witness a Tercel subscribe subscribe and like so we're gonna stay as that I'm going to leave the client version and the rest you don't really need to know these these are just packet sizes etc we'll probably delve into that real later on because those can get confusing so once you've done that all let me just quickly relaunch it just to show you how it's done so once you've done that you're not go to client you want to hit run as then you go to java application and then you can see client com2 on it so then you wanna click OK and then it's be compiling and processing all your code and then you want to go to source and you do the same you'll see something called server and you sort of hit is really Suffolk time for you guys there's not much confusing about it so once you go up and running you're probably wondering how do you make yourself owner rank so I'm gonna quickly damage that you wanna go to your folder which is called data and in this folder you have another folder called saves you know go into that and then you have a folder called characters and then you see a JSON file with the count folder pre-created already created and then you go into that file and you want to set your staff write as owner or developer I personally prefer developers they have more more tools to help you programs all right so what that once that being said you should be a developer ranked and then you could go and now you're ready once you've done experience ever you are ready to do some awesome programming

so what should we get into first alright we're gonna get to the NPC spawn as you see I'm messing around with a few previously we're going to get into MPC spawns we're going to go head over to a file which is located within the data folder and then you go to death with definition and then you'll see two files a text file which contains items of text so this file contains all every single item within the server so this is quite a large file and I highly recommend you do not toy around with it unless you know how to use it so we'll just I'll show you a quick example of how to use this file so we're going to go ahead over to Dragon Claw okay dragon close and see the item id is one for for a four so if you were to spawn that item one for for a four we should get a pair dragon tools appear in our inventory and then there's an example the value so the value means see we have a general school hidden under the Cerberus because I mess around with the value is 8 million you can set the value here guys if you want I'll mess around with the earlier so you can change that 12 u 1 and that's the alchemy value so how to explain is so if someone were to allocate or something long the lines that and then you have stackable true you do not want it to be stackable nor do you want it to be noticed

so wiki does falls double handed yes equipment type weapons so what that means is if I would say it as weapon it would slot in this little placeholder right here if I were solo photo crayons helmet you'll swap in the helmet of course you don't want to do that I'm just an example and then we have is weapon we'll leave that as crude the value is true let me have the bonuses so let's say we want to change the bonus to 100 this for example and we'll change this to 100 will change everything to 100 to show you how it works and let's just basically change the item stats and 100 requirement so the skill is 0 I'm not sure why that's 0 but whatever so we shall save that and if I were to do a command I think it works the same I didn't before we load reload selecting close not too sure I think it was let's see if it wasn't we'll just restart the server and I'll show you all right it was reload your classic see our stats has changed so that's pretty much how you change items starts we're going to cross the route and let's get into NPC now let's say we wanted to change let's say ok say we have MCC definition now this is the file which defines the MP

now let's say we wanted to spawn less empathy for a goat either seven - so the NPC ID for Scotty's o is 7 to 8 6 - file you have the definition to combat this size if its aggressive all retreats blah blah blah restored and you can alter these you can change whatever you like so here we are going to replace Cerberus with this and I got some on you guys make sure you're careful with data files they are really tedious in my opinion if you make the slightest typo error it will just cause you a daunting error and you do not want that so yeah I highly recommend make sure you're careful with this and files so once you've done that you're going to relaunch the source we don't need to relaunch the client so you're going to realize that an we should be able to replace the servers with goatees though we can also set the coordinates also I forgot we want that to be false yes and we want the radius to be 0 so coordinate meaning do you want this NPC to move no so we said false the radius would keep the 0

so once that's done loading it should tell you in the console that is launched and yep let's see if it worked and there you have it boys you have Scotties oh of course you don't want that but this is just an example meaning that you can change your home to wherever you want it to be now before you guys do download this 7 client make sure you guys do you give me right make sure you give me credits and the 3 release of course because you know a lot of my hard work went into the space I've been working on this server for a couple of months before I released it and hosted it say I would that being said that's NPCs pretty much done sorry about that simply he's pretty much done so we can cancel these two files as we don't need it now let's get into the shops so as you see we have shop donation 1 or donation school 1 let's say you want to change some of these items so I think even have a blue dreadful shield you know what I'm not too fond of custom so we're going to remove that we're going to look for the item ID 1 8 9 0 3 let's load up this small little coolant phase you hit ctrl F on Eclipse and if you load it so this basically just searches for the whatever you want on the specific value read and once I can give me that guy's our our Cindy disappeared neotec boys I hate when happens helping running like that okay cool that looks better alright so one eight nine zero three we're going to do is we're going to open up the console within the game and we're going to search for what item are you guinness search or let's search for lets you up success to do so nothing comes up okay fine alder moles do we have an endo mode yes we do alright so item four for by zero so we're going to replace that we're going to replace the boob dread filled with an elder mo one four five zero I think that was the right correct item ID okay now - four four five zero so there you have a voice so we just simply replaced it and now for the changes to be to take effect we do colon colon reload shops give it a second and okay oh wait nevermind alright so mmm okay I made an error let's not use an element that is a bad example as I completely forgot we had another move it less search for magma blowpipe magma blowpipe I'll find magma okay one 297 item one 297 one so this is a magma bull pipe we're going to replace it with al the mall one mm ID again it was one 297 one 297 so Isaac see we just replace the donation store the elder mole with a magnet above the Magna Bowl pipe so if you to do reload shops imagine a blowpipe should be in there there you go boys

so here you have a magma magma blowpipe so let it cost $100 points now let's say you don't want it to be one written a donation box you want it to be ten donation put or four or sixty donation points let you have 60 sounds like a reasonably price price so we're going to head over to our source and we're going to look for container in Pole and now within this package we have a class file which is old shops dot Java now this code is pretty advanced I do not want to go into it as they take well way to learn so these are just pretty much final integer ideas of the item id it's a more accurate way of defining and number strings of light name straying meanings let's say you wanted the string is basically a letter a word a yeah a word it's basically a word and you have the item currency original stock so it pulls up the stock of item which is ten from the items or text file string name yeah baby boolean values we will go into them later on but let's teach you how to do the shop so I'll probably go into that it was the end video so if you're looking for the more advanced stuff you scroll over to the Nvidia's so we're going to search for a donation we're going to search for a donation store second ok so here we have the donation store Agassi donation store 1 which is nested within an elephant an if statement to explain those quickly we'll just quickly giving any example of what they do so an S statement is really self-explanatory so if the condition let's say the condition was if item is greater than 0 if item is greater than 0 it will execute whatever is in this scope so let's just say if the item is greater than 0 we want it to send them a sender string something like this is an example of the hello world this is a very poor example for over so an if statement works like this so if the item is greater than 0 so if whatever is in the in here is true then it will execute whatever is in the braces it's tight if the if it is false then it will not execute where everything is race so basically took some way up if it's true it will execute whatever whatever is inside this if it's false it won't that but if it is folks so let's say if it was false you can call something like an else statement so it'd be like if and you redo that if and then so if it's false you can do else execute this so if it is false execute whatever is within these braces that's pretty much an elephant if statement they can get really advanced you can have nested if statement else statements you can have wild do loops there's so many so many moved pre pre made very premium methods so back contract let's get into the donation boards

so let's say you wanted magma bull pipe to cost sixty donation place so here we have a case oops okay we're going to leave that sixty again so here we have the case now within this case we're going to input the item ID so one to ninety seven one to ninety seven you can add a semicolon which closes up the case so the way the case works is the case so for all of these item IDs as we here it will return the value of sixty donation points so all of these items are have a case value and they are rich they have a return value so they have a return value basically it's kind of complicated to explain it I'm not sure I'm honestly kind of confusing how to explain to you but basically we're going to read we're going to read we launch the source and I'll show you what I mean so the design bubble pipe if I'm correct should cost sixty donation points so with this black once the server has loaded so yes boys oops is currently loaded and I see am a global price currently costs sixty donation points so that's pretty much how you do it guys that's how you pretty much the same method applies to every single schools in this game you can create your own schools are probably going to die into another lesson but yeah we so far we've covered NPCs spawning NPCs with we've covered shots now let's get something tad more disco which will command now here you have the command files this can be found in the source SOC and it can be found in the packet import folder and then in head over to command cracky interface now this basically handles come on now if you're unfamiliar was called commander here : color command is pretty much this is claim train all of these helpful commands I will just help you get by so these commands of course certain players have selected commands so those are coded within cases is basically a case was made for each rank and then you have a bunch of different variables I guess or predefined methods that will create it and so an owner rank has access to all the play commands all the super Dominator extreme legendary we were a member help moderator administrator owner and developer commands that's pretty much it so yeah let's get into actually coding small but let's say you want to take three on command we're going to do that right now so let's say you want to create a command for example barrels let's say you want to create come on two barrels which teleports you two of course you have the interface for it whereas it borrows minimun let's say you want you want to do you want to run the command to teleport you to barrels the mini-game okay so we're going to need later on you can access these files right on the button just below your skate buttons and hitting data and live so here we have the code alright so we're going to keep that and let's say you won it yet so let's just really use an if theme and I've touched upon this briefly before so just create this so if come on this is the friggin a if I want is command 0 equals hey just ignore okay and we're going to in the brackets I'm going to have screen barrows okay so if it if it if it come on if the come on okay so basically what this is saying is if the user enters the command within the strength which is barrows so if the user enters the barrel air burrows then execute whatever happens whatever happens so execute the code within the braces so the code in the braces is going to be set oh yeah completely okay over here we're going to change up these positions I'll explain what this is entirely new three five six lies all right three five six five three three one three all right so I'm pretty sure okay I'm missing a breath of music okay so to explain this if the user enters the command barrels it's going to execute the code within the braces rotators the teleport handler is teleporters we still oppose the player to the coordinates which are entered within this bracket and the teleport ID is going to be a normal type that's going to it's just the wrong size all right so that's pretty much commands done so actually once we launch a server it should work my stuff's at done alright now we're getting to the more advanced ER so this is pretty much the basic telephone of course doing sermon guys only do not reply me I mean you know get yourself out there all right just just try your hardest writing reasonings every day

so here in the source you know you have a bunch of the way looking for you these are known as packages now packages the way the work is you can have you can have a protective value which you okay so you can have protected methods methods are only a execute within the package so it'll only execute within this package if I am a protective method so we we create our own method which is bed so yeah like I mean an actual bread a bed that you sleep on so I already went ahead and defined some of it as you see we create a package and we create a class a class in Java is the small little files they basically like blue prince in java to create objects now we defined our object we defined it we defined it with a string a name so we're going to be has a name we defined it with the size and integer which an integer in mass is literally numbers so it holds a size a few a few if you're going to use maps with coding and you're going to make methods make sure they are int then you have a byte which is more accurate version of an in a car number the exact value holds but it's just basically how long the bed we lost then you have a double which is a decimal value so a double is basically let's just let's just give an example so let's just say we wanted a way to be away equals v 54.4 this is just a clear example of course critical errors but yeah let's just say the weight equals that a Z because we defined it as double community should work a flow is also an accurate number economy exact value hold it was a really large number is like 2 to the power 31 2 minus 2 to the power 31 something along those lines I'm not too sure then we have a public brilliant so brilliant is basically true or false so I went ahead and decided to find a bed as you of also if there if the bed is comfy if the bed was a console so basically it's better some fee we're going to write comfy for example equals true meaning the bed is going to be comfy that's just an example and then you have a public site integer number of pillows so Alex C static static or just basically if it makes sense you stay well there's no read there's no real definition stack I mean use module once you get a hang of Java you'll soon come to realize wisely so here you have the number of pillows and of course that's pretty much the message job of course is so much more this I mean there's loads more that come to our I control my methods predefined methods etc then you have primitive operators now what primitive operators also spirity integer some okay so oh you know what we're going to do this outside of the bed class because we we do not want to close errors

so we're going to create new clothes we're going to do over okay this sub project groups my bad we're going to create a new cloth and we're going to name this size yeah we're going to make me a size size double should've made the capital but oh well so in the size we're going to import import okay we will do the import a up so we're going to do integer size 1 equals 50 plus 10 integer size 2 equals some size 1 2 that's 66 we're going to do integer size 3 equals 2 sides 2 plus plus size okay with my body size 1 and size - so what this basically means so a size 1 is equal to 60 50 plus 10 is the equivalent 60 size 2 is equal to 60 plus 66 size 3 is equal to size 1 plus size 2 so we're just we're just using primitive operators the same applies with subtraction so if we were to copy all of this and add in oh wait we need to manage to give them new names because we already call upon them we'll name it to mine we could do - you can do division subtraction modulus is so many primitive operators within Java but yeah that's pretty much adding extracting and maths I mean there's of course there's a lot more mafia maceió maths random you have so many more there's so many more math operators in Java another thing I wanted to carry I will show you was increments and decrements so what they are is basically let's say if you to give let's see if you assign a value it equals to five let's see to give a value of five and let's just say okay okay let's see we have two values okay wait my bad all right well we were kind of grasping at straws here so let's see I went to your number one and you had any anomaly - we're close to 10 if we did num - so that's equal number one and we just add it in there so that's equal ok wait that's causing error give me second guys all right so if we had num - number one me distinct give me now just gonna cause errors of course so basically what this is so let's say here into your num 1 or into your num - so basically num 1 will be 6 this will be 9 I'm not sure why I'm going into this in fact the same irrelevant period when any of us cooking our squares all right this is so cool it also just the lost by list the actual power bar beds and all of this this actually you d you do need to learn more about this so make sure you guys get it up and let's see what else we can get into so we have all the code for the zora this is it's not fully done I mean I was working on it but it skillfully may be fully having completed then you have all the combat the combat scripts for all these bosses you can create your own combat scripts they do tend to get quite advanced as you see next course does get quite advanced so make sure you guys obviously do try to get better I mean one day you might be able to be able to code your own combat scripts so yeah I mean that's pretty much the end of episode 1 guys I'm not sure why what to say I mean I did say was going to get very basic this is the flash episode guys so if you guys are fine is too easy then of course it gets a little harder I mean we stop we will hope to soon gain two interfaces client work packet sizes etc so yeah hope you guys did enjoy this video please be sure to leave a like and if you do download this base source or client I released on rune server make sure to let me guys and I'll see you guys in the next video without please      

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