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How to fix the Java error with a Runescape Private server 'Java' is not recognized.

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hey guys the game hubs here with Luke I'm going to be doing a tutorial on howto fix an error using your rsps this is for room 317 and I'm going to show you a preview the area you might get so you made your rsps looking pretty cool but you haven't tested it yet you've edited your all your stuff you know everything's fine and then you run it and you get this error and try to run the client as well and you also get thesame error and you'd have a clue what you're doing a very simple fix to this I know you've a solution on how to fix this it's not actually about hard and it

shouldn't take too long if you want to fix this go down to your computer it's program files or program files x86 and get to Java run open JRE 6 and it's bin and no it's not it live let me just find it nope so I've got the wrong go to java and go to jdk it's a bin and you see you will c java application 170 kb copy that and once copy go down to your plant folder go to server and paste in there then go to climb and paste in overall now you've got that in there there is actually nothing else to do that's how simple it is just click run and your

server all run perfectly blu-tack lion run and your server run perfectly it's pretty easy to do and that's basically how to fix that error that was just a quick video and how to do that rate comment subscribe it and takes up and subscribe this is game hubs of loop showing you how to fix the java error with 317 runescape private server thanks for watching and see you later

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A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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