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How to fix Java errors on a RSPS (RuneScape Private Server)

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all right guys um a lot of you guys have problems with Java and your environment variables for runescape servers and I previously made a video on Windows XP and this video did on Windows 7 but this way will work exactly the same for Vista first you the first thing you have to do really just download java unless you already have it you need the latest going I think this one so far is 6 update 20 and to see if you actually have it um go your computer go to your hard drive and either go to your Program Files and it's not there then you put install it to your Program Files x86 and that's the mine is right here and there should say 6 one point six point zero underscore 20 which means you have the right one now a

lot of people do actually have it downloaded but it still doesn't work really it's because of your clasp and your environment settings and so what you have to do is go to start computer go to system properties now it might be a bit laggy kill hypercam it just likes like crazy anyway go to your advanced system settings and wait for that to load and I'm lagging right over here it says environment variables click 'add now over here which says user variables for

your name here that's not my name is my sister's computer um what you get to do is click new call it class path and for a variable put this over here I'll put in the description and get in you press ok and then you and do path and for the variable again I'll put in the description all right now when you go for system variables you have to do bu class path again you can make this one capitalized it doesn't matter on how to capitalize and for the variable put this now over here where it says show you better or does program files x86 if you have installed your Java and your regular program files and delete this part if it's in your x86 and leave it and then press ok and then do it again for path and the same thing if you have

it like that delete that that's basically it if you have a compiler problem try to show you it I had one too but I fixed one I'll show you my compiler here you as you can see it's working out before we tell me I'll have Java installed when I did okay you're gonna right click and edit oh okay um now this will messed it all up I didn't want to work it's because this wasn't here for me it was deleted but really my Java was not in my program files in Program Files x86 so I could fix that also winning and it

wasn't gonna work now also if that's a fuse or a compiler stuff but you want to run your uh what's called your client or anyone elses clients not working a lot of people do run as an initiator and this is what happens for me when I try to do that oh my as you can see did not work it says cannot find the main class GUI program elects it but if I double click it it does work as you'll see if the clients gonna learn in a second it's good time I become is bad

cable doesn't want to live right now anyway that's basically it area as you can see it's actually loading here videoalright that's basically it after you did all these steps it should actually work you shouldn't have a problem with it and if you know you don't have Windows Vista 7 and you have XP you know I'm going to do this then you can watch my other video in this channel and if you want to join my server we did need people to join it badly so you want to join it I'll put the the forum link and get down the Klein in there it's a pretty fun server so yeah if you're future one join it you go ahead anyway thanks

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