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RuneAncient - 2013 OSRS | Economy | Flawless PKing | Daily Events & Tournaments

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Server status: Online
RuneAncient is focused around the 2007 (2013 OSRS) era of RS. This project has been worked on for awhile. RuneAncient is based off OSRS in 2013 which is the best oldschool experience that many players miss. You can choose between Normal and Ironman game modes as well as setting your difficult from fast paced exp rates to slower with their own benefits.Expect many upcoming updates and then of course what the community suggests and wants to be polled.

Launch: 1/12/2020. (Re-released, reworked)
Game Type: Economy, Pk/PvP, Skilling & PvM.
Experience rates: Easy, Medium & Hard.
Revision: 2007 (2013 OSRS) - (#317)
Host: Belgium (EU)

6 Minigames.
Ironman & Normal game mode.
Easy, Medium & Hard experience modes.
Beneficial skilling resources in wilderness.
Gameframe toggle to more old school look.
Item data loaded up to the year 2007.
8+ Bosses.
Donator's only area with many beneficial additions.
Wilderness PKing tasks.
Achievement tasks.
Tournament portal.
Realistic and cool shops.
Active staff team.
Random group bosses spawning in the Wilderness.
Wilderness bosses.
Unique and cool home location.
Simplistic Old School server!


Note: The server was reworked for a couple of days, which is why we re-released it (Old client won't work).



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