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Tutus Frutus

317 #180 - Arix | Community Driven | Eco Server

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Arix is a personal project of mine, for the past months I have been developing myself by learning Java through a course and applying it in practice within RSPS.
On top of that I have been working on this base, building it up, revising it and improving it to the best of my capacity.
My goal is to build a friendly/active community that enjoys RSPS as much as I do and together with them improve my server based on their feedback and input.

-- The Team --

Owner/Developer - Tutus Frutus
Developer - Open Spot

-- Information & Media --

Features Worth Mentioning:
Alchemical Hydra
Runelite UI
Full Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
Full Rune & Addy Dragons
Trading Post
Revenant caves
Slayer only area's
Community Driven
Active Updates
Back-up System
Custom Home
& More

-- Working on/coming soon -- 
Improved Raids 1
(Low Priority) Improved Abyssal Sire
Base Raids 2
Better gear switching (currently slightly off)
More detailed gear (proper charging systems etc... already fixed several)

-- Media --
More media coming soon

-- Credits -- 
Project-Insanity Team (Base)
RSPSi (Tips, Tricks & Client Help)

PS: For Media & Updates, check the comments section or pm me for the Discord!

-- Support Banner --

Edited by Tutus Frutus

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Took a small break, included vacation + start of new study but here are some recent new updates!

- Hired Nikolas to make a new Banner <3
- We now have Hourly XP scrolls, these will be obtainable through Voting
- Discord Rich Presence now properly displays the URL & Logo
- Fixed several issues with the new Home.
(Unwalkable tiles that shouldn't be that, a few map floor issues)
- We now have the Deep Wilderness Dungeon Fully
(Implemented the Object Actions + NPC Spawns)
- Crevice in deep wildy dungeon now works when you have 46 Agility or above.
- Found some random giant moles in the wilderness, removed those.
- Improved VPS for the upcoming launch
- Started on the Boss Script for Malthael
- Fixed the final dupes in TPost (All the ones I was aware of after testing it again with 2 accounts)
- Implemented FKey Bindings
- Justiciar Gear (When equipped as a set) now gives Damage Reduction versus NPCs
- Implemented Scythe of Vitur with AoE hit
- Implemented Raids (Chambers of Xeric), basic system you run through with minor randomization... pure Combat Raids
Going to upgrade the current mechanics (as the NPCs are very simple right now), but the instancing etc. works like a charm
Rewards handled based on amount of damage dealt, minimum cbt == 75 and minimum total level == 750 in order to participate in raids.

3 difficulties, Easy, Medium & Hard (Scales HP, Attack & Defense)
- Started working on Discord Webhook Integration
- Fixed a little pathing bugg where players could mindlessly run into a corner due to a glitch
- Fixed Poison Spiders not being attackable
- Turns out I forgot another Chaos Druids spot... Changed the "Ranael" NPCs to Chaos Druids.
- Adjusted several hundreds of NPC's from standing still to walking around
This includes Giant Mole, Dust devils, nechryaels, abby demons, dark beasts, cave horrors, rock crabs, greater demons etc.

- Removed the "bob's island" junk.
- Removed a load of excessive spawns...
- Added stats to Desert Snakes, used to permanently hit 0
- Added stats to some Werewolves, Pyrefiends and Kurasks... turns out some of hem didn't have it all added properly.
- Nerfed Scorpia's Offspring Defense & Max Hit
Improved their Accuracy on the other hand...

- Placed Well of Goodwill in the new home, also adjusted the object: https://i.imgur.com/ZlcXAgM.png
- Finished adding Discord Integration, the In-Game Category channels will be used for that,  announcements implemented + tested, the rest will come soon.

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Some previous update I never posted here:

- Added a coinflip command where you can waste your money or get jacked... just for shits n giggles..
- Fixed a bugg with the Daily Task System... will place an NPC at home so you can grab your daily tasks
- 2nd Floor Brimhaven spawns done, you can now find Greater Demons, Fire Giants & Baby Green Dragons there
- Almost done with the new Custom Home! ❤️
- Implemented a Fix for Prestige Points resetting sometimes
- Prestige stats would reset in rare occasions, this will now no longer be the case
- Ak-Haranu is now named "prestige manager" and has 3 working options, "Talk to (open dialogue" - "Open Shop (Opens Prestige Shop)" and "Manage (Opens prestige manager)"
- Chairs @Home removed, Trading Post is now within the bank
- Removed excessive options on Make-over mage, first click now instantly does the makeover... right click will only show 1 option
- Removed excessive options on Thessalia (fancy/cosmetic shop), the 2 not functioning buttons are now removed and you can trade/open shop in 1 click
- Adjusted the names of all Tutor's and gave them corresponding options
- Renamed Watson to "Clue Master", now has an according option and fixed Watson taking 3 scrolls and converting it into the proper master scroll...
(Wasn't working properly before in all cases)
- Fixed an issue with Combat Dummy not always showing the correct max-hit
- Adjusted Arix Guide position & random speech
- Combat dummy no longer shows the random color code
- Iron Man shop now has the right options
- Mandrith renamed to PKP Store, now with right options
- Wise old man now has the right options

- Emblem Trader now properly checks wilderness region for players... it checked a wider region that the wilderness and not all wilderness levels were included

- Fixed an issue with Thieving Stalls depleting after a while

Some sneaky peaky's for new home:

- Updated Media & Info on thread, also added the new Animated Banner ready for the future release <3

- Added Rune & Addy Dragons to their respective locations
- Implemented a proper droptable for both rune & addy dragons
- Fixed the Barriers at Rune & Addy spots, you can now properly click them and move to the other side... added a little delay to avoid it being abused 
- Dragon bonus on weaponry now properly applies to all dragons, included the new dragons & some ID fixes(bewerkt)
- Removed "The Inadequacy", useless/buggy "Monster"
- Added a Teleport option for Rune & Addy dragons
- Added an option for Alchemical Hydra in the Boss Teleports section(bewerkt)
- Fixed both rev cave gates (Both lv 17 and lv 40 ones)
- Adjusted spawns of Revenant Caves to the OSRS Map (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/2/2f/Revenant_Caves_map.png?dc04d)
- Removed Giant Scarab, yet again a useless stock monster
- Disabled both Raids 1 & Raids 2 for alpha temporarily, raids 1 will be fixed soon raids2 perhaps later
- Fixed NPC Clipping overall (especially Fight Caves and Inferno
- Linked server time with our VPS time, set it to Amsterdam (GMT+2 Currently) so the server time will start on/follow that
- Implemented a chatbox to forums
- Configured the VPS for Alpha 
- Implemented Cloudflare to the Website/Forums 
- Fixed the Mystery Box Spinners (sometimes randomly closed half-way through or gave reward not displayed)
- Implemented a Launcher to automatically update the Client for the Alpha & released the Alpha Test
- XP multiplied by 10 for testing purposes
- Fixed an issue with Bank Tabs sometimes not being pressable untill relog (Potential full fix, found one of the things causing it but not sure if there is something else)
Upon next patch:
- Chicken, Sheep & Cows properly adjusted to their spawn locations instead of what they are right now
- Droptables added for:
Hydra (Regular)
Hydra (Alchemical)
- Issue fixed with droptables crashing with certain NPCs
- Implemented/Fixed Ardougne Rooftop Agility

A few updates of today as well:

- Alchemical Hydra now also counts towards Hydra task
- Fixed Lizardman Shaman teleport
- Removed the 2 random portals at Lizardman Shamans and fixed the "Handholds" into the cave.
- Fixed several issues with the Teleport Tabs/System
- Added teleports for the following city's:
Shilo Village
- Implemented new Droptables for Cows & Chickens (were fucked for some reason)
- Removed the Door @Mining Guild so you can just walk through (It's a p-server, fuck doors)
- Crevice shortcut at the Mining Guild now works

- Set a requirement to the Teleport to Mining Guild, you now need 40 mining in order to teleport there
- Replaced Fancy Dress Shop Owners with Monks of Zamorak (Like it should be) in Taverley Dungeon
- Monks of Zamorak now drop their gowns & bones like they should, used to drop nothing
- Gave Monks of Zamorak proper stats & made them attackable, used to not work at all
- Fixed Chaos Druid's being Ranael's, adjusted all spawns of them (Globally), also gave them stats and a proper droptable
- Obstacle Pipe in Taverley Dungeon now Checks for Agility properly and shows a little Crawl Animation & Delay before it sets you to the next place
- Removed the doors @Black Knight Fortess just in front of the Dark Beasts
- Fixed the steps going to Taverley Dungeon's 2nd Floor
- You can now only go to the 2nd floor's Black Dragon area when you have the required task
- Spawned all Black Dragons on 2nd floor
- Fixed the Loose Railing @TaverleyDemons
Now you can use it as shortcut once you've reached 63 Agility

Some more work of today:
- Fixed Blue Dragon Shortcut (The Rock) + Check for Slayer Task
- Added the Stairwell up to the next Floor within the Blue Dragon Pit (Works both ways now)
- Finished Blue Dragon area in Taverley's 2nd floor(bewerkt)
- Added Slayer Tower Basement, you can enter when you have one of the following tasks:
Abyssal Demon
Added their respective spawns as well.

- Removed some of the useless doors on the outer regions of the Slayer Tower Basement, you now don't have to open/click the doors but can just walk through the outer regions with mobs
- Sulphur Lizard Droptable added 
- You can now use the outer doors of the Slayer Tower to go to morytania
- Fixed Gem Rock mining in Shilo Village
- Fixed Essence Mining
(Included Prospect Feature for both)
- Fixed Rune Pouch (Had several issues, from duping to suddenly removing items... not loading etc.)


Some new updates:

- Fixed a rare encounter where Otto Godblessed wouldn't give the hasta (Cheeky thief)
- You can now forge a Dragon Hunter Lance by combining a Zamorakian Hasta with Hydra's Claw
DHLance is now properly added & gives Dragonbane wep bonus
- Ghrazi Rapier now shows proper Attack Animation
- Increased Bronze Dragon spawns in Brimhaven (There were only 3 npc's)
- Increased Red Dragon spawns im Brimhaven (There were only 2 NPC's)
- Increased Moss Giant spawns in Brimhaven (To little again)
- Brimhaven Vine shortcut can now be used with 87 Agility
- Dragon Hunter Lance now counts as a Zamorakian God Item within the Godwars Dungeon due it's Zamorakian nature (forged from the hasta)
- Regular ChinChompa's now require 45 Ranged
- Lowe's in Edgeville Dungeon are now replaced by Thugs (like they should be)
- Red chin's now require 55 ranged to use
- Added all rocks to the Edgeville Dungeon Mine
- Crevice at Brimhaven Iron/Steel dragons now works
- Added Iron, Bronze & Steel Dragon spawns to the crevice spot
- Wyrm's Transformation Animation now properly works
- You can now use the Brimhaven Stepping Stones with 83 Agility
- Updated Dragonbane Weaponry Check, added all new mobs (wyrms, drake, hydra/alchemical hydra, skeletal wyvern wasn't added for some reason too) ❤️
Now matches OSRS Wiki https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Dragonbane_weapons
- Fixed an issue with the Slayer Task checker for the Stairs towards Skeletal Wyvern F2 (Slayer Only Area)
- Added Greater Demons to F2 Brimhaven
- Made the stairs working.
- Fixed Tome of Frost & Fire not working with the right spells, also removed some spells they were amplifying but shouldn't


- Fixed several bolt spec issues
- Added Karuulm Slayer Dungeon Mobs (Wyrm, Drake, Hydra, Sulphur Lads etc.)
- Fixed an issue with Slayer Helm's bonus not applying properly
- Fixed an issue where no trees were cuttable (simply due to new data/ID's)
- Removed several old eco-breaking values left by the lovely people releasing the base
- Working on rewriting the entire ItemContainer system (Herb Boxes, Rune pouches etc...) as they all work poorly or not at all
- Improved Chambers of Xeric, no longer safespottable and improved NPC mechanics
- Working on Custom Style boss for Wildy Boss Event (Random one)
- Removed the cliché Glod & Ice Queen bosses
- Moving everything to a new host, should be able to host an alpha or beta quite soon
- Fixed glitchy spec bar
- Updated General Store & Ironman store
- Fixed an issue with Yell command not displaying things properly
- Rearranged my Server Files (easier to work with)
- Fixed some issues with Vorkath not properly showing his animations/GFX
- Fixed an issue with Forum navigation
- Added Chatbox to the forum
- Implemented Obfuscation to the Jarring process (Using Gradle)
- Started searching for the issue regards Instancing, Heights & Clipping...
- Adjusted a shitload of OP droptables
- Expanded Backup System, now back-ups more than just character files.

(Probably missed 1 or 2 things)



Coming Soon :yay:

Hired [USER]math[/USER] make a custom model for a random wildy event boss (removing Glod n shit)

Angel of Death, soon in-game

Angel of Death equipment will be obtainable by the boss, currently cosmetic.



Cool updates! Bes to luck in the progress. the "Angel of Death" armor looks dope.

Thanks man! :) glad to hear <3

- Resolved the issue with some NPCs not being clickable, credits to Zion... (Pretty much only Implings)
- Fixed a Facing/Pathing issue with Sulfur Lizards in Mount Karuulm
- Fixed all stone steps in the Mount Karuulm Dungeon
- Added Alchemical Hydra door, now properly sets you in an instance versus the sexy hydra
- Fixed the issue where some Objects would turn black (Like the 2 falling rocks at Inferno
- You can now properly view the surface of the previous floors in the gaps of the Karuulm Dungeon (were some random issues)
- Fixed the stairs towards higher surfaces in Karuulm (Going downwards causes some issues atm)
- Added Slayer requirement to Alchemical Hydra 😉
They're so much nicer when they dont bite.
- Finished Drake spawn in Karuulm & Fixed an issue with their animations
- Increased amount of Sulfur Lizard spawns
- Fixed an issue where "Mining Mastery" was named "Sill Mastery" instead
- Removed random Mod Icon from the Magic Skill Interface
- Removed a random Scroll from Magic Skill Interface
- Added all Ancient spells to the Magic Skill Guide
- Removed teleport functions from all skill guides, added all the skill guide menu's and added basic information to all (if it wasn't already there)
- Disabled all the pre-sets n other spawnscape stuff... (Will be no longer visible with new interface update)
- Fixed an issue where Achievement Diaries wouldn't properly open up
- Fixed the spec bar issue
- Issue resolved with descriptions of 32k+ ID Objects
- Downwards stairwell fixed (Mount Karuulm)
- Implemented a Fix for the mapicon crash


A few of the updates, again not all but some I copied from the Discord..

- Fixed a bugg where switching to the "old gameframe" option would show the wrong sprites...
- World Globe now redirects to our forums (as it should, yay)
- Adjusted Balfrug (Zammy Minion), nerfed his Defense (Was insanely high)... buffed his attack and adjusted him to do magic dmg instead of melee.
- Zakl 'n Gritch is now properly doing ranged attacks, both zakl n Balfrug now have a better attack distance and show the proper animations and deal their respective damage types.
- Fixed a bugg with zamorak godwars altar, left click spam would teleport you
- Made Kril tsutsaroth attack Melee, Mage and use his Special accordingly... also added the correct animations.
- Fixed a safespot in Zamorak Godwars
- Fixed an issue with the Top stairs in Karuulm dungeon
- Added Hellhound spawns to Karuulm Dungeon
- Added Fire Giant spawns to Karuulm dungeon, finishing the second floor.
- Added Greater Demon spawns to Karuulm Dungeon, finishing First Floor ❤️
- Fire Giants are now properly aggressive
- Issue fixed with NPC's not properly showing Projectiles
- Kril now no longer hits 60+
- Kril now no longer randomly ignores Prayer entirely
- Kril's spec now properly drains your prayer n shows his animation
- Fixed an issue with projectiles of Balfrug n Zakl
- Increased the distance at which Balfrug n Zakl can attack
- Animations & Projectiles of Sergeant Steelwill & Grimspike updated
- Sergeant Strongstack now no longer hits random 40's lol
- Capped kril's hit at 49 for specs, 46 for melee+magic
- Bandos minions no longer hit through prayer
- General Graador now no longer deals Melee Attacks from distance... only when nearby the player.
- Properly set the attack distances for bandos minions
- Capped Graardor's max his at 60/30 respectively (60 melee, 30 ranged)
- Bandos minions now have their according max-hits and hit their respective damage types.
- Armadyl Minions & Boss no longer ignore prayer protection
- Fixed 2 safespots for Armadyl
- Fixed a bugg where Armadyl would stick in the middle of the map rather than follow the player
- Fixed an issue where Armadyl could be hit by melee
- Properly configured Arma's max hits for Ranged, Magic & Melee
- Adjusted all godwars boss room npc's to proper combat level & HP amount based off OSRS Wiki
- Fixed Bree & Growler Attack Animations


- Fixed 2 issues with Recipe for Disaster minigame, now works fine... you can now start the minigame at home (pic shown below) and use the chest right next to it to buy the gloves once you killed the lads https://i.imgur.com/GiET1e9.png
- Added a checklist for Demon Type NPC's, will soon add DemonBane weaponry bonusses
- Added a check to runepouch to limit each rune to 16k of each
- Fixed an issue where mining Addy Ores would teleport you to a bloody roof top course.
- Fixed Seers Rooftop Course, conflicting ID's resolved & animations properly implemented
- Added Silver Ores, the corresponding rocks are now mine-able
- Fixed (Hopefully) all ID's related to the Mining Skill that were fucked up with the data switch
- Added the proper rocks to Al Kharid Mine, were some issues with conflicting ID's (old placed rocks)
- Fixed the Lands End Furnace not properly returning some items you'd craft (Takes ingredients then says "fuck you bye"...)
- Implemented the "Prospect" option for all Rocks, it now returns the right rock type
- Fixed an issue where some ores/rocks were not mine-able
- Added a Teleport for the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon 😃
- Fixed an issue where any effects in the lava would show as a lightened square and look funny: https://i.imgur.com/l1sRFre.png
- Added a Teleport for the Inferno
- Inferno is now open/runnable
- Inferno wave spawn adjusted to OSRS wiki


Gear for Wildy Event boss "Malthael" aka Angel of Death added, boss to be created soon (sickles not displayed on picture)

Login Screen Implemented

Added full hardcore ironman
Multi target issues fixed

Fixed a few issues with Vorkath, should be near OSRS-like.
Working on NPC Clipping/Pathing.

Almost done with the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon mobs, only Drake & Wyrm remaining.

- Fixed 2 issues where client could crash in some regions (fairly rare event, had to follow a specific sequence of actions)
- Fixed an issue with new minimap icons (new data) bugging out the client
- Implemented the Sulphur Lizards to Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
- Made Mage of Zamorak stop running around like a headless chicken, placed him on a fixed spot in the home
- Improved NPC & Player pathing a tad
- Rearranged my server files so things are a bit easier to find and I can work better/faster.
- Fixed an issue with Yell command (Also caused by the previous weeks of development so haha)
- Fixed an issue with Hydra doing Poison attack a bit to often
- Implemented Karuulm Drake's
- Implemented Karuulm Wyrm's
- Working on Alchemical Hydra
- Improvement to raids applied
- Bug with untradables duping fixed
- Increased max zoom distance
- Wrong XP displayed at icons in stats tab fixed (possibly 1 still off but will be fixed in that case)
- Added navigation bar to the home page & forums
- Properly finished Login Screen implementation + responsive buttons (they act when you hover them)
- Improved Backup System, now checks every 5 mins and removes old backups (keeps past 10)

Not all updates, but idcba posting them everywhere every time haha

Beta soon most likely, need some bug lists so I can actually get into fixing them.

Updates go from Latest to Oldest :)

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good luck ! looks good mate

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On 10/1/2019 at 4:09 AM, m100 said:

good luck ! looks good mate

Thanks! :)

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This looks really good soo far. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more updates.

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2 hours ago, slain said:

This looks really good soo far. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more updates.

Thanks <3

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Alchemical Hydra implemented.
Malthael implemented as wildy event boss.
Help system fixed (call for staff tickets)
Improved Raids1, also runnable right now.
Improved/added some Raids 1 combat mechanics.

Working on Tektus boss & custom minigame linked to it.
Added Daily Task Manager.
Full Discord Integration implemented.
Tons of junk removed (excessive spawns, custom/donator crap)
A lot of excessive code cleaned up (This base is a mess)

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On 10/20/2019 at 8:03 PM, Victorsaurus said:

I wish you the best luck in your project :)

Thanks a lot!

On 11/20/2019 at 8:59 AM, Prototype0.1 said:

Still going or no?


Some new updates <3

- Update regards Donations:
Based on community input + my own personal preference the Donation system will be very slightly implemented... 
I will not implement the purchase of in-game items with actual stats, however we will implement the Ranks + some small benefits (A bank a tad closer to an anvil, odayum... and stuff like this) including the ability to buy Cosmetic Gear.
This as I believe those who want to support me/the server will do so, despite the fact that it no longer gives them a HUGH power spike :P
You will still look fancy as hell tho.
- You can now find Adam (The lovely Ironman dude) in this spot:
- Max Cape NPC & Item Fixer placed:
Sneak peek on the 2 Wildy Event Bosses
(Right one just a prototype, will still be textured)
- Adding Malthael to the Wildy Pursuit (Random Wildy Boss Event), it will have a fun little mechanic... nothing overly complex but you'll notice <3
It's gear (same with Tektus (prototype on the right of him)) will be working like a Void Set, but not just a void set... all sets in one (So forget swapping helmets hehe)
- Added the correct GFX to Saradomin Sword (Also the Blessed edition)
Note: Malthael (angel of death) will be buffed/nerfed based on user input.
- Implemented Lizardman Shaman mechanics for the Raid versions
- Implemented a placeholder Combat Mechanic for Ice Demon, it has a melee attack and an ice mage attack, switches accordingly.
Updated Tektus Boss Preview
- After testing it turns out the Help System for Staff finally works as intended
- Added Daily Task Manager to Home :slight_smile: (Next update)
- Working on a Custom Minigame for Tektus, Malthael will be the only Boss in the Wildy Boss Event for now.
- The Overseer now properly gives the Bludgeon after he combines the 3 pieces
- Killing Abyssal Sire or Greater Abyssal Demon now counts towards an Abyssal Demon task (Slayer)
- Duradel now has a chance to give you the Alchemical Hydra/Hydra task.
- Dagannoth Boss Task should now say "Dagannoth Kings" instead of only rex.
- There is now an instance NPC at Alchemical Hydra
For 2.5m you can fight one instance without a task.
- Anvils in Custom Edge Home fixed (active with new client)
- All fishing spots should be fixed with new ID's (Due to new data)
- Furnace at Custom Home now works as well.
- Removed the Tektus Lobby at Slayer Master Location (forgot to remove after testing there, oops)
- When you don't have the proper ores for smithing it should now close the dialogue as well instead of keep it open which prevents you from seeing the error message.
- Quest Tab updated (never put this into media n updates)
- Fixed an issue with Damage Counting for the Event Boss  Malthael
(Angel of death)
- Fixed an issue with the client crashing (only with the new patches)
- Fixed Fishing NPC Models (They're now properly visible & Fishable again)
- Information Clerk is now properly renamed to "Daily Tasks" as NPC...
- Added some Daily Tasks to add a slight variation
- Fixed a structural error in the code that would allow undroppable items (Fighter Torso etc.) to be duplicated...
- You can now Recharge Glory amulet's at the Fountain of Rune in the Wilderness, it automatically detects any not full glory's in your inventory and replaces all of them with fully charged ones.
(Wont work noted, for the smartazzes out here)
The above now also works for The Fountain of Heroes
- Removed the crappy Jackpot announcement
- Removed an old duplicate Ironman Store (ups)
- Can now also forge a Slayer Helmet with an uncharged Black Mask (could only do it with (10) charged mask before)
- Combat Supplies shop now properly sells full Proselyte rather than half Initiate & Half Proselyte
- Added a new Deep Wildy Lever @Edge Home
- Added Edge Dungeon Ladder @Edge Home
(Adjusted both their current teleport coordinates to be more accurate to their original ones)
- Deep Wildy Lever (From within the actual deep wildy) now properly teleports you back to the Slayer Master's Den rather than to the middle of the home
- Slayer Masters/Slayer Den is now properly referred to in the Tutorial
- Duradel now gives Hydra tasks (you can do alch hydra with these), Nieve now gives Alch Hydra as a boss task.
- Reduced the level required at Duradel from 99 to 75
(current order == 1, 40, 75, 101)
(Combat Level)
- Slayer Masters are now ordered from Weakest -> Hardest (highest requirement as well)
Based on a suggestion in the Alpha Channels
- We now have the ability to recolor items from within the Client (Implemented new methods for this)
- We can now also add Textures more specifically than before (Again, through the Client)

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Sweet Project and i like the Hydra work you did on it.

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On 12/15/2019 at 3:41 AM, DragonicTrench said:

Looks pretty interesting, but dont see much uniqueness 

Will come with time, first priority is enjoyable/fun content/base.

38 minutes ago, Kappa3m said:

Sweet Project and i like the Hydra work you did on it.

Glad to hear, thanks! :)

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4 hours ago, forthechildren said:

awesome work brother! lookin good! :)

Thank you, glad to hear! :)

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Looks proper good luck, with the project!

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Looks great! Will deffo check this one out!

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looks good my man ill check it out

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wow i really like that login screen good shit man goodluck

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Looking at stuff like this gets me so hype for making my own RSPS. Mostly because I'm not planning to be even a smidgen as ambitious so it should be easier, right?

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looks pretty nice, best of luck

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looks really good good luck in the future with this

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