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stewie( mod apk)


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hallo runesuite

my name is stewie aka mark

i have been a long time member of this forums

so i whanted to try and apply for mod rank


so why do i whant this rank: well i have been a long time member online almost everyday/been helping ppl /releasing some of my files i had on my pc so the comunity can use them

whats my timezone : UTC +1

why should you choos me : well its all up to ace i have been helping alot on this forums/discord and whanted to apply for this

if you have mod what will you do : i whant to keep this forums safe for new member so the dont leave in like 5min

if the rules are broken what will you do : i will pm @Ace about the report and will ask him what i got to do 

 will i use this powers for my own good : never

will you be more online if you have a mod rank: for sure

will you keep the forums/discord safe : hell yh i will

i hope this is good for now if there needs to be anything changed please let me know :D


mutch love @stewie


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5 hours ago, Cronix said:

Would highly recommend NOT hiring this lad...

- Kicked me from groups on runesoft after I decided not to purchase his 718/RS3 client
- No patience
- Low-tempered, gets upset very quickly over the smallest of things

Some more but wouldn't shout these out loud..

Besides that, good luck on app

Feel free to pm Ace about those "more", if he's a mod, he has to have a clean record.


OT: Good luck with app, don't know you well enough to give you any upvotes.

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