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All these little things - Multifunctional service <3

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Heya, I am providing 2 things..
Everything audio related you can imagine, and some weird shit many people seem to struggle with on these forums:

Examples of stuff I do:

- Custom MIDI for your runescape private server, prices depend on how complex the arrangement is.
- Custom (Self-made) music for whatever you need it for... trailers/just because/look at us being fancy whatever, prices vary again but quite low.
- Custom sound effects for your RSPS.

Basic code/dev stuff:
- Help you set-up that RSPS if even a tutorial can't get you to do it for just 1$ (If I do it twice, free coffee... very motivational)
- Mental assistance, do you think you can no longer handle whatever task is up to you? Then I'm your guy! (Again 1$)
- OHMYGOD ALL THESE ERRORS IN MY RUNESERVER [email protected][email protected]!! - Calm ya tits and send me a pm, if I am mentally capable of looking at so many red crosses then I will gladly help you with fixing em :x
- Thinking of a fancy RSPS name - 2,00$ (Requires me using braincells, braincells need coffee in order to function therefore you pay my coffee)
- Buying condoms at your local supermarket for you because you're to young and shy to do so yourself - 5$ ex. airplane tickets and bus drives.

Portfolio for any of the above? PM Me, gladly send you some links etc. that would provide I have the knowledge required to do what you ask for me or show some examples of the work!


Q: Why not post your portfolio here?
A: Because I've already expanded my portfolio to decent depths and I will only show RELEVANT work so you can see how your position would be in the market with me as producer/composer.

Q: How do I know wether you are capable of mentally supporting me through these heavy times?
A: You don't, but at least we went through an adventure together :D

Q: Is the top part serious?
A: Yes.

Q: Why the fuck would you post the bottom part?
A: Why the fuck not.

Q: How's life?
A: Good... good...

Q: Got kids?
A: Don't think so, no.

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Vouch, don't know him but vouch :P

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Thnx for helping me out. 10/10 service

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Just now, Dream said:

Thnx for helping me out. 10/10 service


On 23-11-2017 at 6:06 AM, Xzaroz said:

Vouch, don't know him but vouch :P

Haha, thanks anyways lad 

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