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Fpk Merk

✧650+ SUBS✧ │ FPK MERK Youtube Advertising │ ✔CHEAP, REASONABLE

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If you are looking for cheap and affordable YouTube services, then thread is the place for you! My channel is called "FPK MERK", you can find it by clicking on that link


◈Servers I've worked with◈

✮Rigour PS✮


Payment methods

- OSRS gp
- PayPal

◈Normal video (staking, minigames, pking, box opening, server tour) 15m OSRS / $15 PayPal only
◈Reupload (uploading your server promotional video for example to my channel) 10m / $10 PayPal
◈Giveaway (server owner will fund the giveaway) extra +2.5m additional price to normal video / $2.5 PayPal 

If you are interested, add my skype: "karel3269", or pm me through forums. (I would prefer skype).


Made a pretty good video for only 15, vouch!

vouch for karel!


Huge vouch, 100% legit guy

Vouch! Good videos there!








Vouch! <3

vouch very easy to work with!

vouch for this guy :3

Makes quality content!

Vouch, creates great content.

Vouch for FPK Merk! Made me an awesome video :)

Edited by Fpk Merk

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Updating his Advertise.

4.1k subs.

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I'll drop a vouch for my boy FPK, does good work, has a great following. Much more than 650 now, like mentioned above nearly 5K today :)

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vouch, love the voice hehe

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