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Found 22 results

  1. Media: Trump [Hidden Content] There is on the files (arcticps) ,discord system for ruse base you can copy it ! Download Here: full package: (source/client/cache)= [Hidden Content] Full Package.zip?dl=0 enjoy!
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce my business and also present you guys with a 10% recurring discount with every product that you buy with us. Use code RUNESUITE10 ALL WEB HOSTING PACKAGES FEATURE: - Pure SSD Space, No Hard Drives Used - - Free SSL Certificates for Everyone - - Dual Octocore Intel Xeon CPUs with Hyper Threading - - Litespeed Servers with Lighting Fast Page Loading Times - - Unlimited Bandwidth with Every Plan - - Free Website Builder - - Brand New StackCP (It's like cPanel on Cocaine) - - Business Class Email Hosting (No cPanel Relays) - - DDoS Protection - - Physical Protection - - Free Migration - View plans at [Hidden Content]
  3. It's been a long time ago since I did any RSPS programming at all, but I've recently been wanting to find time to make a OSRS pking server, so here we go. I'm writing my own framework, but using this client. It's been changed a lot and I've also packed OSRS data into it. By the way, it's worth mentioning that I'm looking for a name for the server. If you can come up with a decent one, let me know below and I'll give it a thought or two. Development team: * Me * Swiffy * Sam Using: * JSON * Netty UpdateLog:
  4. WELCOME TO SCAPESOFT HD ready to download and host?
  5. Fuck Vanquish. Here is a fixed up version of Volantis(Vanquish). There is not 600+ errors in the server. He just says that so people don't use it. Client/Cache/Source Reuploaded by Madara: Here EDIT: I forgot that I removed the texture class. Here you go: Texture.java: [Hidden Content]
  6. Coming Soon ZectorXScape Brand new Server! [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] Staff's Owner : ZectorX Co owner : Open Administrator : Open Moderator : Open Vote4Cash , Donate System , Highscores! -Features- R-S Admin Response Features -Constant updates! -Cerberus -Vote4Credits(Vote for the server to recieve credits to spend in the donator stores!) -Flawless combat -Armour Trimming -Many ways to make gold -Loads of ways to obtain gear -Fullscreen/Resizeable -Fully working clan chat -Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes -Plenty of cool outfits to choose from -50+ custom pets -15+ Skill pets -Skill points system and shops(ex: mine an ore for 1 mining point) -14 Skill shops -PVM and Boss point system/shops -OSRS items and maps -Bosses: 100% OSRS Bosses, 100% Godwars, Corporeal beast, Kraken & tons more -Several Custom bosses -Nieves slayer dungeon with Cave krakens -Server trivia with rewards -Achievements -Custom minimap icons -Bounty Hunter -Lots of Minigames -All skills working -Rooftop agility -Bank tabs Home Of ZectorXScape Is Grand Exchange ! Not Like Other Server's! [URL=[Hidden Content]] [URL=[Hidden Content]] More Information Coming Soon After the Lunch !
  7. Home || Discord || Forums Atlas brings you an exciting new experience, mending to all player varieties; PvM, PvP, and DMM players alike. With developers rooting back to Arios and Kratos, our goal is to bring an up-to-date pure OSRS revision server without the annoying and repetitive features that Runescape currently offers. Our one focus above all else... the players! We take all player suggestions into consideration and host both online and in-game polls bi-weekly to ensure that the content entering the game is truly what our players want and need the most. With your help, Atlas can become an amazing milestone in private server history. Server Timeline: October 1st onward: Closed Beta for private bug testers November 24-27th: Open Beta for 3 days to gather opinions and bug reports. January-February: Estimated Live Release (economy) +3-4 months: Estimated DMM release Hope - Website & Content Developer Empathy - Content Developer Splinter - Community & Content Developer Looking for Marketing/Community Manager
  8. Do you have theories how this works? -My theory He knows how the toplist script works and managed to inject a program where it spam votes without letting the system record his ip,dns...
  9. If anyone could hook me up with something like this. I'll give you some succ.
  10. What is up guys I have no clue if services are allowed on Rune-Leak someone just notify me if so... My channel can be found here - [Hidden Content] You can add my skype @squadsogood to PM me and, talk about videos for compensation <3
  11. We have alot of contents, like : Balanced Combat Triangle Flawless Switching PvP LeaderBoard New Server - Fresh Economy (Release Data : March, 22.) All Skills Working Easy, Medium, Elite Slayer Tasks. FULL Construction Shooting Stars Evil Trees Team Dungeoneering Curses 100 achievements Wilderness Bosses Tons of Minigames(Barrows, Fight Caves [Fire cape can be updated to get Tokhaar-Kal], Fight Pits, Pest Control, Duel Arena, Warrior's Guild) Gambling (Flower Poker, Hot & Cold, Dice Game and Lottery) Money Pouch with unlimited storage Multiple Quests Fully Clan Chat System Auto Donation System Auto Vote System Fully working Bank Tabs A lot of Giveaways Donator/Super Donator/Extreme Donator/Legendary Donator/Uber Donator ZONE Player Owned Shops Boss Points System Pk Points System Trivia Points System Slayer Points System Donator Points System Loyalty Points System Vote Points System Well of Goodwill Worldwide Information Tab A couple of Custom items! New/Old hits! Hd Texture! AND MUCH MORE! And much MORE! Come check and play with us! Kind Regards Demius. DemiusPs Website
  12. For everyone looking for a custom server, this has some dupes and bugs in it. [Hidden Content] Client.rar?dl=0 [Hidden Content] Source.rar?dl=0 The Cache will auto download. I worked on this server and added a bunch of customs, i was selling it for 20$ but i decided in mostly done with rsps and don't want to host it anymore. Please Enjoy and feel free to rip content and give feedback. If you need someone to vouch ask Mathy!
  13. The Team Idiot Bird Lennard Tylers Pur3 Key Features Accurate to OSRS combat formulas All weapon special attacks according to OSRS Extremely balanced PVM system that functions with the main combat system Well thoughtout hit chance formula / calculation Complete prayer system where you can flick Quick Prayers Dynamic & Flexible store system PVP oriented world with safe-zones and PVP counter Bank placeholders Clan Chat support with customized interfaces Account Security manager - gives you the ability to protect your account even more
  14. Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to join an existing project/individual in creating a solid OSRS server or to create one. Past servers I've worked on: Project-Exile - Peaked around 150 players (My first server) Notorious - Peaked around 300+ players Visionary - Peaked around 250 players Alora - Peaked around 600 players (I was the advertisement manager) What I can provide: Marketing/advertisement to guarantee a solid player count Ensure the server and website is of high quality Risk management to go over any potential issues the server may encounter Invest a bit of money into advertisements More... This can be discussed on Skype Add me on Skype if you have any offers or want to discuss anything, my Skype is: tomb1443 Thanks
  15. Community Forum Download Welcome to our advertisement thread! Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help! We focus on providing content requested from the players. We write everything ourselves which gives us a unique feel compared to other servers. Why choose us: Simple, because our focus is to give you nothing but the best. We promise that if you decide to become a member of our community you won’t regret it. You’ll quickly see that everything we do, we do for you. We will always be community driven, and will remain that way. FEATURES • Perfectly balanced PvP, PvM and Skilling Economy • Professional and mature staff team • Evil Tree, Shooting Star, Well of goodwill • Global Server Bonus Events • Trading Post (Player owned shops) • All Old-school & New School Bosses + Demi bosses • Custom Team Dungeoneering • Pvp & Achievement Leader boards • Tons of fun minigames (+2 Miniquests) • Custom Teleport interface • Loyalty Titles • Easy,Medium,Hard,Elite Slayer Tasks • Gambling (Flower Poker/Dice) Lottery • Active Community forums • Unlimited money pouch • Top Tier Dedicated server • Extreme Content • Balanced Combat Triangle and much much more!..... Media
  16. weed time

    custom server

    im looking for a good custom server base 317/pi if anyone can link me to one would be great
  17. Welcome to my services, for the longest I can remember. My main programming language has been Java, and Recently with me being in college and our main focus of learning is Java and me working for servers like "GuthixPS,ZeraPS" I've come to offer my expertise in programming as a service to the community! Server Sided: Custom content requests Full Demonic Gorillas Rooftop Agility Courses (must have map data, Seers / Draynor / Canifis / Alkharid / Varrock) Full fight pits minigame Rewrite Skills Bug fixes Boss Combat Scripts Client Sided: Pack any # data into your clients (as long as I have the data, otherwise you'll need to supply the data) Adding new login screens Setting up interfaces And whatever else you need just pm me your skype or post here. Terms of Service: You will not release/sell any work I have done for you (unless I have agreed to it) You will not charge back any payments. I have the right to choose not to do work for you if I want to. I do not work over Teamviewer so don't bother asking (can possibly make up some other sort of arrangement). Payments: Paypal 07 GP
  18. As title says, I know there's ruse v2 in download section but I don't really like the map data on that and prefer the first ruse's map data. If there's an up to date ruse source/client I would appreciate it if someone shares.
  19. 0117be

    Skilling Server

    Anyone have a Skill based server, with like all skills trainable.
  20. Hi everyone im Ace owner of Rune Leak and i have a very bright future planned out for Rune Leak Looking forward to meet you all!
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