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Found 2 results

  1. The owner of RuneAd threatens owner of RuneSuite with Blackmail, attempts fraud\scam So where do I even start? Today I woke up with an email from PayPal saying that I have an active dispute for $80. I go to investigate and find out that its from the owner of RuneAd (Aaron) I read the dispute and I'm shocked to see what was written: Now if this was true he would have a point but the whole story and evidence supplied is fabricated: Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 7.13.39 PM.png The next screenshot shows his discord server not showing a channel with the name RuneAd
  2. Welcome To Lumbridge: We have brought back the original truly unique custom server, based on my old server, Imagine PS! We just launched September 12th, 2020 and maintain peak players counts of over 20+ online at times so far! Our goal is to continue the legacy of Imagine PS and provide brilliant, unique content for the players in our community! We do DAILY updates and poll all of our new content so that YOU have a say in what we're doing and the path the server takes. Website | Discord The Team: Hank - Owner/Developer K4rn4ge - Client Developer Karan - Part-time Content Developer Fahq - Part-time Modeler Patrity - Content Designer Our team has decades worth of knowledge in the RSPS scene and experience to bring the most unique and original content possible while maintaining our infrastructure/security to provide the BEST custom server experience around for years to come! Features: Automated Scam-proof gambling w/ multiple modes. Hundreds of Unique NPCs. Multiple Rotating World Bosses. Challenging and Interesting Achievements. A very unique Daily Task and Reward System. Two completely custom Raids. Several custom minigames. A requirements system for easy tiered content. A one-of-a-kind upgrade system. Multiple revisions including OSRS and 530+ data. A custom Player Auction System. 60+ Custom PVM Zones all with Custom Drops. OpenGL + 16X Anti Aliasing. MEDIA:
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