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  1. Welcome to my first re-opening announcement of HeavenX After months of deciding, I will like to announce HeavenX will be be launching this year! What was HeavenX? HeavenX is a fan and friendly based 317 custom private server which was open to the public 5 years back, with a player base of 100+ HeavenX was the best custom server around within the time frame is was open, with friendly and unique staff HeavenX had stuff on which no other server had at the time! - Due to not having time to run the server and personal issues going on in life, I decided to close the server down.
  2. (+) USE REFERRAL CODE IN-GAME: ::Referral Zenith (+) > Website < > Discord < Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7. We're developing daily based upon player suggestions and ideas, plus the extensive cr
  3. Media Download Here Full package (source/client/cache) [Hidden Content] Package.rar?dl=0
  4. Decided to decompile and release this Launcher, might be fun for people to use. He used the released Launcher from Kingfox and modified it a tad, works fine & easy to use for every beginner. Enjoy DL Link: [Hidden Content] Launcher.zip
  5. Hey there. I'm here to show you how to make your server run on Docker using a Linux host. Now, there are a lot of variables here that need to be considered but we're going to run with the 2 most basic types of setups here: Server running solely with docker-compose (can somewhat be integrated with Git CI's, preferably use images though). Server running with built images (can be integrated with Git CI's). The first set we will go through is using docker-compose. But first, we need to setup Docker, right? So let's go and do that. But, do checkout my Gist for useful things for
  6. Arcus brand new rsps (Ruse base) loading 191 osrs data with pre-eoc content , we have 100+ minigames , gambling, skilling, bosses , monsters . with Theatre of blood + great olmlet bosses added custom interfaces. custom gamemodes etc.. hop on and check it out!
  7. What is an RSPS? A RuneScape Private Server, otherwise known as an RSPS, is a user-made server which possesses similar traits and content from the game ‘Runescape’. These Runescape Private Servers are usually managed by individuals or small teams with developers, community managers and administrators. To create an RSPS, knowledge in programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP and SQL are required. Are RuneScape Private Servers Dying? This question depends on the RuneScape Private Server's management team, development team and other key roles and factors that play a role in th
  8. We are Gauntlet... A unique osrs server with alot to offer, releasing beta very soon.. Looking for people to join the community towards release. A new server has arrived, Gauntlet is full OSRS with a touch, making it a adventure and a pleasure to play! We are almost launching our open beta, and plan to release early april.. Join us now! BRAND NEW SERVER. Beta testers will get a insane starter package on release! This server is still under development, we will update this thread on a common base to stay up to date with the game! We have already implemented alot of the lat
  9. WELCOME TO SCAPESOFT HD ready to download and host?
  10. The combination of perfection combined with the best era of RuneScape. Officially Released Now! Welcome to Insidious! We are a 317 revision hoping to bring you back the best OSRS content, we are focusing on the ECO/PVM elements as we all know that back in the day OSRS was the hype within the community, I want to bring you all a server which focuses on PRE EOC content aswell as loading the newest OSRS data, I welcome each and everyone of you to Insidious, I hope we can develop some friendships and become an amazing community! A little back story on myself and Insidious,
  11. (+) USE REFERRAL CODE IN-GAME: ::Referral Zenith (+) > Website < > Discord < Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7. We're developing daily based upon player suggestions and ideas, plus the extensive creativity we can bring from our team; We're dedicated to bringing longevity back to RSPS, without the repetition! To provide longevity through our game, we keep to a strict economy where possible - Overpowered items have no place here, but you WILL feel progress whenever you move up the scale. Our aim here is not to see tonnes of players all aiming for the same "BIS Gear" - We want to provide a VARIETY of armour choices for people to play with, for ALL THREE combat styles. Take on some of the craziest enemies you've seen and wear some of the flashiest gear you will ever find in this fantastically customised mash-up! Core Features Variety of XP Modes (Elite, Classic, Extreme, Normal) Variety of Ironman Modes (Group, Ultimate, Hardcore, Normal) OSRS PKING - Customs do not interrupt the PKing legacy! Daily Rewards, Daily Tasks, Custom Achievements Boosted Slayer Rewards (Infernal Keys, Slayer Keys, Slayer Boxes) Over 100+ Pets to Collect - including Damage and Drop Rate Boosting! Bonus XP & Points Perks, WOGW, Double XP Weekend, Owner's Boosts Collection Log, NPC Droptables, Drop-Rate System Variety Of Chests to Open (Infernal, Slayer, Crystal, Wilderness, Pursuit, Raids) Gambling, Staking, FFA Tournament Wilderness Content for Activity (Boss Hunts, Chests etc) OSRS Minigames & Custom Minigames OSRS Raids & Custom Raids Media
  12. . RuneAncient is based off OSRS in 2013 which is the best oldschool experience that many players miss. You can choose between Normal and Ironman game modes aswell as setting your difficult from fast paced exp rates to slower with their own benefits. You can find images and more info on our discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ksaPkQc
  13. Just looking for any decent and working RSPS sources/clients/cache with customs and such that aren't absolute dog poo. Working on customs now that i have kind of figured out the basics.
  14. Open for RSPS Development Services File set-up (Client, Server, Launcher & More) Web & Server sided services (such as Highscores/Vote/Store systems) Debugging & Dupe fixing Forum software set-up Server-sided content such as: Minigames, Bosses, Ripping & converting content from base to base Packing new data (up to #180 atm) Gradle integration Client Obfuscation Inferno Vorkath Trading Post (Ascend Stock with all Dupes fixed + functionality improved) Hydra Rune & Addy Dragons All Inferno NPC mechanics (
  15. Here at PlayWorld we love to introduce unique content to always keep the game refreshing and enjoyable for our players. Today we'd like to showcase our fully functional Football minigame! Watch this epic match for our $1500 soccer tournament! Here are some previous videos highlights of our Football system. Features: The ball has its own physics system to give it a more realistic feel. i.e; the ball can bounce off objects/players, with expected projections. Foul system (Free kic
  16. Lunaris Remastered has launched! Lunaris is an oldschool based server, however we provide unique content that generates incredible gameplay, ensuring your satisfaction. Lunaris has been running for almost 2 years now. Recently, we have revamped the server, which in result, has made it better than ever. Our goal is to create a fun and immersing game for you to get lost in. Lunaris prides itself in offering content of which is player-oriented. www.lunaris.rs Many of you may recognize the name and have played Lunaris in the past. We have spent months improving the nostalgic content Lunaris had to offer. The staff team has taken all the successful attributes that helped build the Lunaris brand, and implemented them in our relaunch. Our close connections and relationships with our player-base has helped us to become a server that is the voice of the people. Staff are always speaking and communicating with players, as we are always available within a voice chat for you to either pop in and say hello, or voice your opinions. This form of open communication has allowed us to create lasting relationships with our players. Here at Lunaris, we believe the players are the most notable assets within the community. With multiple Dev-Log posts per month, our dedicated development team works on fixing apparent bugs, improving upon mechanics as well as the release of new content. Lunaris offers daily support for players, weekly tournaments + events, monthly giveaways and so much more. Ultimately, these are the aspects of which has enabled us to excel. We know you will enjoy your game-time, as we have dedicated years into this project. We believe in growth, and hope you join us on our way! Click Below for a link to our Discord + Forums, in order to receive immediate updates/information and to join the community! Forums
  17. Kronos is an up and coming RSPS. We are built on a deob client using the latest OSRS data.
  18. ICARUS-PS Welcome to the advertisement page of Icarus-ps! http://icarus-ps.org/ https://discord.gg/76btRTf Beautiful HD Client with Smooth Textures and Working Animations... Fantastic Custom Areas and Multiple Donator Zones w/ Varied Perks CUSTOM BATTLE ROYALE MINIGAME Think you're the best!? Take on the server, Free-For-All! TONS of Monsters and Bosses to take on incl. Wilderness Bosses and Slayer Bosses + Pets DAILY DEVELOPMENTS and we're always welcoming new ideas! Come and have your say.. ACTIVE and EXPERIENCED STAFF plus a Friendly Community, Currently in OPEN BETA START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY... ICARUS NEW ADDED TO ICARUS-PS MEDIA
  19. About RuneGuild: RuneGuild is a new unique server. We put to the table over 40 bosses, OSRS Items, custom interfaces, instanced bossing, duo slayer, hd settings and a great community. If you're looking for a small-growing server with a laid back community RuneGuild is a server for you. RuneGuild was released in October so we're a newish server but the server feels fresh due to the consistent updates which you can read on our discord: Come and start your adventure there are many different ways to play onRuneGuild we
  20. i'm looking for a developer, to have a developer spot 10-15h per weeks, dm for more informations. i'm currently, using a 718 revision source, pretty stable ready 2 host, got everything setup, just need a developer to add a few things, of course, we can talk about moneys. Dm me, add my discord ; tropix#3117
  21. Hey guys, Haven't seen a post yet for this upcoming server that I'm excited about. So if anyone is interested in this (promising) new custom RSPS come over to the discord to find out more https://discord.gg/YdQwumfFvb It's releasing in a few days and all first day players get extra rewards. Have a nice day some pictures and a lot more gifs on the discord!
  23. Welcome to Brutality's official project thread, This has been a long time coming and we are proud to say we are back! Brutality is a new advanced runescape private server based on 317, loading OSRS + Some Pre_Eoc content, We have a goal, Much like others, But more importantly our developers have a focus which is to create a stable, high quality server with a well maintained economy. We are more about QUALITY rather than quantity.. Our players will have the option to play multiple different game modes and we're also looking to extend this, We currently support these game modes.
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