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Found 17 results

  1. Tutus Frutus

    317 Loading OSRS - Xeric

    For media, look at any 317 PI or Dawntained. Download: [Hidden Content] package.zip?dl=0 Note: This is the clean version, run on your own risk.. G00N is known for backdoors n scummy JARs so feel free to replace everything and fix it up. Releasing this simply because of 4-8 people adding me daily just for this.. "I HEARD YOU HAD XERIC OMG SEND PLZ". Good luck & have fun, fixed up copies can be purchased and personal help is also a service... not a free given. Enjoy it, credits to whoever worked on this junk. Credits to G00N for the backdoor(s), lovely guy.
  2. Tutus Frutus

    317 loading OSRS - Inferno Release

    Re-releasing Inferno, 317 loading OSRS by the good ol scammer Technotik from Rune-Server Enjoy it lads. Media: Some features - Autochat - Make All (Unfinished but support to finish is all there, finished up to 3 items shown) - Perfect OSRS aesthetics - Display name changing - Lots of core changes and packet handling changes - World switcher - Price checker/GE Search interface - OSRS Logout screen - Collection log interface - Clickable links - Game chat filtering - 172 Data - Perfected combat interfaces, spec bar, spellbook interface - OSRS Texturing - OSRS Emote tab - OSRS Trade screen - proper OSRS spec bar - 100% Accurate combat attack style interface for EVERY weapon including hover over text - Autocasting - OSRS achievement interface - OSRS Kourend favour interface - Redone chat handling - Tweaked resizable to make it more accurate to OSRS Download: [Hidden Content] 317.rar?dl=1 Run on your own risk, didn't check for backdoors. Based on Elvarg 3.1
  3. Mathy

    Nightmare-scape Release

    Many people were asking for this, wouldn't recommend hosting this, it's very buggy/has a bunch of dupes but to rip some stuff for a custom server, good idea [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Client & Source download link - [Hidden Content] Cache - [Hidden Content] If not working, try this: [Hidden Content] package.rar?dl=0 It's a package
  4. This is the last known (untouched and clean) copy of Arios 498 & 530 before Emperor, Splinter, and I moved on to making Kratos 530. This copy has been in our backup drive gathering dust and it might as well be released as a clean copy instead of being edited and re-released down the chain by leechers. The previous copy that was released was sold under the table by our old developer and there is no knowing what is missing and what is not. So here's an official download: This package was zipped on May 23rd of 2015 and has not been touched since. Click here to Download (uppit) For pictures: Just go look at every other 530.
  5. Tutus Frutus

    [317] Kronos Release + Deob

    Heyo lads, this source was "given" to me by CamelCrusher from rune-server after I bought Vernox and it turned out to be an unstable fucked up version back in the days... found it on my old dropbox and decided to share... as nobody uses this copy anymore and it is pointless to just leave for dust.. Might be worth ripping stuff off, has quite some content. (Not providing media as it's using Gradle Integration and I am not bothered to set it up again, can guarantee that it works if done correctly) Link: [Hidden Content] Package (1).rar?dl=0 Virustotal (for ye cheeky nando's out there): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  6. galaxy-rsps.com

    ScapeSoft-HD 317 RSPS Release!

    WELCOME TO SCAPESOFT HD ready to download and host?
  7. Leaking Raw Pkz #3 Source is being sold for $55 Media: Sales thread [Hidden Content] New Download Link Updated By Madara: [Hidden Content] PK %233.zip Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]
  8. harryl20011

    DeviousPk Release - Let's go!

    Ezpez, It Has A login Error So If Someone Could Post It For The Other People Would Be Awesome :). Download Link: [Hidden Content] Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] More Info: Last Man Standing. Pking Bots. Gl Leeching!!!! <Could Somone Post A Antivirus Scan Please, Thanks>
  9. Apollo

    Mistex 317 RSPS Release

    To see fuetures - Media for this source: [Hidden Content] Client: [Hidden Content] source: [Hidden Content] cache: [Hidden Content] - Have Fun!
  10. Life

    Photoshop PS6

    Photoshop CS6 [Hidden Content] Leave a like if ya want
  11. Slatum

    Genesis Release

    I take ZERO credit for this. All credit goes to Relentless. Media/Information can be found in the original thread here Download: [Hidden Content] PACKAGE.rar?dl=0 Virus Scan: I am aware that I am posting this in the wrong section, it can be moved. I do not have access to the 317 downloads yet.
  12. Leaker

    Dark Website Release

    [Hidden Content] Decrypt key:!mf-ykOHqFpRvbYIqC7ImQKQ21ECA7Z5VuLrGh_pUf34 Logo.psd included.
  13. RELEASED: 21 September 2018 Exyle is an Old School Economy-based server that strives to provide the best experience possible for all players; PVMers and PKers alike. We've been hard at work fixing bugs, perfecting XP rates, and balancing drops to match the needs and wants of the Players for a content-rich, amazing server. As of now, Exyle provides the following and so much more: We have a lot of amazing ideas right now for future content, minigames, and already have a very active community giving us more ideas and helping us shape the server how they all see is best! We try our hardest to stay on track with our Slogan and provide that experience that the players want the most out of any server. Currently hosted through demand of the Players, content additions coming very soon! Our Discord is our main area of communication. You can also find us at our Website, but it's currently under construction!
  14. Tutus Frutus

    EMPS or Trinity files.

    Hey lads, looking for the files of either EMPS-Scape (The one that got shut down) or Trinity-RSPS Examples: [Hidden Content] <- Trinity [Hidden Content] <- EMPS Saw some guy named Joe show it off to that he had the files, wasnt willing to share but hoping anyone here is willing to! (He did actually show them working etc.)
  15. Sky

    RuneDimension Release

    hey all, i would like to start out by giving most of the credits to the owner/creator of deception, since that is the base i was using. Deception Release: [Hidden Content] NOTE: The client has auto updater and will try to check for the file CacheVersion.txt wich doesnt excist anymore thats why it loads a bit slower (just reupload it and change the url) YOU CAN RE-REALSE THIS IF YOU WANT, BUT YOU HAVE TO PUT THE CREDITS! THERE ARE NO ANTI-LEECHES (unless deception but some in i didnt notice) Spoiler for What i've added/fixed: - Fixed tooltips - Added sound and music system - Added npc tile clipping (fully 317 clipped tiles) - Added clipped following (server sided) - Added aditions to all orbs + made them work (rest, quick prayers,...) - Added more interfaces - Cleaned the cache (didnt repack it so you may have to do that as it is big) - Fixed the xp counter - Attempt to economy (not done yet) - Added items kept on death - Added pest control and fight pits - Added some npcs - changed slayer tasks - Added skillcape emote button - Fixed Veng gfx - Added emotes/gfx's - Fixed dragons (were invisible) & nechrayels - Fixed shop system - Added cursors - Added new bank interface (all buttons work except search) - Added better clan chat (shitty, but better) - Fixed Map Dots offset - Added selectable homes - Fixed some maps - Fixed lumbridge bridge and more - Added Client HD support - Added more playerRights (with crowns) - Added Extremes/ Overload - Running With Energy - Resting restore Energy (and restore pots) - Fixed lunar Black box (behind runes) - Fixed Transparancy - Added Quick prayers/Curses - Added nex w anims - .. There is probably more but i can't remember as i didnt make a list. Spoiler for Media: Click here to view the original image of 768x504px. Click here to view the original image of 766x508px. Click here to view the original image of 766x505px. Click here to view the original image of 768x497px. Click here to view the original image of 768x499px. Click here to view the original image of 768x505px. Check deception release for more media Downloads: - Client + Server: [Hidden Content] Note: this link is an updated one as i didnt have the version when i released it. so it has a few more features, idk what. (and it has 317 maps instead of 508) - Cache link [Hidden Content] Credits: - Owner/Coder/... of Deception - All the owners of snippets/tutorials i added - Monster (helping me fix lumbridge bridge) - Men/Jesse for the music system - Galkon implementing sound & music - Me - Xaves (for his dumper) - Max (started project and did some stuff) - ... Enjoy, I played around a little with this source and I see some good potential and some things that could be ripped and put to use.
  16. Sky

    Ultimatum 718/742 Release 

    Looking for this, he released it in the DL section on runeserver but the retard took the package away. Like you release something leave it there.