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Found 2 results

  1. Introduction HDPvP is a RuneScape 2011 server, built around revision 667, and circulating mainly around the PKing aspect of the game. The core of the server is matrix, with tons of changes over time to emphasize on stability & reduce memory usage. The main idea of HDPvP is to bring to life a server in which pking is realistic - you can pk for the whole day with your clan or friends and not get bored. RS2011 no longer has any high-quality PK servers, and this is a change that I'm here to provide. The server already has a great combat base (this combat was used for several months by my previous server), and I will be doing further testing. With the PKing aspect being covered, I am planning to do some changes to ensure there is a slight need for skilling. I have some ideas that will be added - if you have any, feel free to comment them below. Skillers will definitely be useful for tasks such as obtaining rocktails or creating overload potions. Want to stay up-to-date with the most recent development information for HDPvP? Use this button Release Date There is no set release date yet. Development Team Tyluur Credits Matrix Development Team
  2. Homepage | Forums | Play Now | Highscores What is different about HDPvP? The development team here at HDPvP knows what its like to be a PKer. It shouldn't be a chore to get back into the wilderness and kill noobs with your friends or clan. We know the feeling of smiting someone's AGS, or NH pking in varrock home with your camera on to catch the moment you fake somebody out for their bank. We've got that perfect setup that RSPS has been lacking for years. HDPvP is built for the PKer by the PKer. With smooth switching, flawless combat that's been in development for months, and constant feedback from equally (if not more) experienced RuneScape players, we guarantee a realistic experience. Features High Definition (HD) Client - Experience gameplay in fullscreen DirectX with 4x anti-aliasing if you wish, or in simple graphics if your computer isn't that strong! Flawless Combat System - Our combat system has been tested by every form of PKer, from Pure NH pking to mage bank main hybridding, we guarantee the most realistic experience of all. Fully synchronized forums + server - A forum account is automatically made for you when you log into the game for the first time if you don't have one already! All your ranks are synchronized perfectly across the two platforms. Killstreaks & Shutdowns - Skilled enough to kill multiple people without dying? The whole server will know of your accomplishments and there will be a price on your head! Wilderness Skilling Activity - The wilderness is not only a place for PKers, there will be skillers lurking in the deep for wilderness tokens (more information ingame). Kill them and bag their loot! Grand Exchange- Dropped some scrub for their loot and have to go offline? You can sell your items in the grand exchange for wilderness tokens at any time. Unforgettable Content Presets - You can quickly gear up with some of our predefined presets, or you can set your own presets and hop into the wilderness as quick as you can say PK! City PvP Areas- Miss the feeling of PKing right next to Varrock home? We've brought this back! Clan Wars - Where other servers slack, we bring it back! Our perfected clan wars guarantees the best clanning experiencepossible. 10+ Bosses - Our bosses will give you wilderness tokens at times as well as their regular drop tables 20+ Skills - If PKing isn't your thing, you can also skill to become wealthy here ... 100 more features that would simply bore you if we just listed them. Media Forgot what it was like to PK in 2012? Click here to play!
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