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Found 6 results

  1. Mayhem

    Trials - A creative project

    Trials INFO This project is purely a means to create something that is somewhat enjoyable. Client updates are my main focus, however the project will not use data from a revision higher than 377. This is so that the project can stay unique to the private server scene, and not worry about loads of graphical / gameplay issues. FEATURES The most notable features include: Client sided object spawning, spawns are loaded through a file called "sobj.dat". Cache packed player title configurations. I chose the client-sided approach so that I don't have to write too much details into the appearance update procedure. Afk camera rotation. After 2 minutes of being afk, the camera begins to rotate around your camera. Game options menu, accessible through the login screen. Concept based on the OSRS world select menu. Startup music & music toggle button on the login screen, unfortunately I haven't got sounds working 100%. Account Recovery button on login screen. This links to a google docs form that must be reviewed by someone. Planned features: Z-Buffering (not fog, I want proper z-buffering to get rid of horrible model priorities.) Bank tabs, and shop tabs. These will be cache packed, as I prefer not to hard-code interfaces. Navigation Media Credits Developers Mayhem Miscellaneous Client Features Galkon Bubletan Jagex Google Docs Some other people that I cannot remember
  2. It's been a long time ago since I did any RSPS programming at all, but I've recently been wanting to find time to make a OSRS pking server, so here we go. I'm writing my own framework, but using this client. It's been changed a lot and I've also packed OSRS data into it. By the way, it's worth mentioning that I'm looking for a name for the server. If you can come up with a decent one, let me know below and I'll give it a thought or two. Development team: * Me * Swiffy * Sam Using: * JSON * Netty UpdateLog:
  3. Atlas

    [#148] Atlas - OSRS Project

    Join our Discord! Join our Website! The server my fellow developers and I are creating will use the #148 OSRS protocol in order to provide old school content and enjoyment to players. This server was created in Java and will be plugin oriented. Plugins are currently written in Java and are standalone for action content (item actions, object actions, NPC actions, etc). We currently do not have a release date, but expect it sometime this summer. Also this server WONT be centered around blood money. Development Updates - #148 Media
  4. Apollo

    Project Decimate - Leaked

    You will have to change the server ip in client.java from 162.... too for all the new people 1 download = 1 thanks? DOWNLOAD: Features Features - PVP COMBAT - • Perfect clipped following. • Clipped projectiles for both ranged and magic. • Perfect max hit, and attack/defense formulas. • All specials working with correct effects for all weapons vs players. • Working curse prayers, and regular prayers. • PvP point shops that requires kills to unlock new items. Every kill you get unlocks a new item in the shop. • Uncheatable PvP point system. • Chance of a PvP item drop when killing other players in the wild. • Perfect animations, hit delays, weapon speeds. • Correct item effects, spirit sheilds, DFS, barrows, slayer helm etc. • Fully working curses with correct effects. • Instant switching. • Vengeance. • Ring of recoil. - PVM COMBAT - • Perfect clipped following, and walking for NPCs. • Perfect attack styles, and emotes for all NPCs. • All specials working with correct effects for all weapons vs npcs. • Npcs don't walk on top of one another. • Can't diagnal fight or stand on Npc. • Multi barrage. - BOSSES & MONSTERS - • King Black dragon • Dagannoth kings • Chaos elemental • Kalphite queen • Godwars Bosses & minions in the Godwars dungeon • Nex • Donator boss • Nomad • Barrelchest • Decaying Avatar, Avatar of Destruction, Avatar of Creation • Corperal beast • Bork • Tormented demons • Revenants • Unholy cursebearer • Strykewyrms • Frost dragons • Chaos tunnels • Mithril dragons • Slayer dungeon • Ranged & Mage training dungeon. • Primal Warriors • Rammernaut (Primal weapons boss) - MINIGAMES - • Fight caves • Fight pits • Duel arena • Pest control • Barrows • Fun pk • Barbarian Defence • Spirit warriors • Champions challenge • Recipe for Disaster - SKILLING - • Skillcapes. • Max cape and Completionist Cape! • Perfect slayer & slayer tasks. All monsters in the server are able to be assigned as slayer tasks. • Working herblore skill. You are able to clean herbs, and also make extreme potions, recover special, Extreme flasks, and super prayer potions. • Working mining skill. Mine ores with correct delays & rock emptying/refilling. • Working mining & smithing skill. Mine ores with correct delays & rock emptying/refilling. • Working fishing & cooking skills. You can fish all types of fish including rocktails, and cooking them as well. • Working agility skill with gnome agility course with correct delays, and animations with agility ticket rewards shop. • Working firemaking skill integrated with the clipping system, with global ashes dropping after fire burns out. • Working woodcutting skill with trees being chopped down to stumps, and spawning back. • Working fletching skill with interfaces, make longbows, short bows, arrows with animations. • Working crafting skill with interfaces, and animations. • Working Thieving skill. Thieving stalls at home that give good amounts of cash. • Working runecrafting skill with multipliers, pure essesnce and pouches. • Working farming skill. You can plant seeds, and pick herbs.
  5. mattrsps

    Project 718/728

    Can any1 leak this? A good amount of copies sold.. [Hidden Content]