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Found 9 results

  1. PkOwnage Home PkOwnage Discord! Download Mirrors World 1 & 2 Download Now ▸ #178 OSRS Data. ▸ Economy Server, no spawn or Master commands. ▸ Vote 4 Donor System! ▸ Double Points & XP Every Weekend. ▸ Custom Edgeville Home. ▸ Highscores & Ingame Top 10 PVP Highscores. ▸ Clan Wars Safe PK. ▸ Player Profiles - Spy and compete with friends! ▸ Player Owned shops. ▸ 3 Ironman Modes, Normal, Ultimate and Hardcore. ▸ All Skills Working, Skilling Island, Skilling Pets, Skilling Rewards - All Max Cape combinations possible. ▸ 25+ Bosses and 50+ Pets! ▸ Minigames - Nightmare Zone, Warriors Guild, Pest Control, Barrows (with pets!), Fight Caves, Inferno Caves, Chambers of Xeric, Custom Godwars Or Dragon Raid and a custom Randomized Weapon Game. ▸ QoL Updates: Keybind Customization, Skill Guides, Shift Click Dropping, Looting Bag, Rune Pouch, Resizable & Fullscreen, Kill Feed, Veng Timer, Hover Menus, NPC Drop Table, Kills Tracker, Points Tracker, Extra settings. ▸ Two Worlds: World 1 Eco, World 2 Spawn PK (old version of PkOwnage from 2014) Both playable! ▸ Fun & Friendly Community, come join our Discord! PkOwnage offers a great RSPS experience with extra attention to detail for other tasks like Skilling, We added an almost complete points system for Bossing, Slayer, Voting and Trivia giving players the ability to earn drops without just needing luck and just grinding forever to get nowhere fast. On PkOwnage There is a huge variety of bosses, great variety of Mini-games and not forgetting lots of Achievements, Challenges and more offering people the ability to play with different styles and build your character to become a PkOwnage Legend! Friendly Owner, I will help you as best I can when I can when I'm not sleeping or busy! World 1 is our main advertisement but We now also offer our old 2014 server, This is a PK/Spawn considered as World 2, for more information join the Discord!!!
  2. Zilla PK | Eco | Pking | Bossing The server has been just realeased !!! Features: ➤ Daily Events,Drop Party's | Weekly Discord Giveaways. ➤ Nice game play without lag. ➤ Custom raids , items , dungeons , mystery boxes , drops. ➤ Normal mode | Iron Man | Ultimate Iron Man | Extreme Iron Man. ➤ Custom Items ➤ Torva | Pernix | Virtus , are available!. ➤ Trading Post! ➤ Random events daily! ➤ Revenant Caves! ➤ Achievement System. ➤ We Need staff come and apply on the discord! ➤ Gambling , Duel Arena and more! Website : http://zillapk.eu5.org/ Video : Tour in Zilla PK - Donator Zones - Information - 500$ Giveaway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6y6zI6Pvpw Discord : https://discord.gg/288DVmv Photos : https://gyazo.com/8c79518a9bd65102b7e72a98d9cdfbda https://gyazo.com/184685a29bb5f9f0ab4be99fc1d5f109 https://gyazo.com/290b9ca61d5e2421ba6af9353dd0dfd3 https://gyazo.com/b2d138c22f96ee26e6f7f3bee6cde589
  3. Introduction HDPvP is a RuneScape 2011 server, built around revision 667, and circulating mainly around the PKing aspect of the game. The core of the server is matrix, with tons of changes over time to emphasize on stability & reduce memory usage. The main idea of HDPvP is to bring to life a server in which pking is realistic - you can pk for the whole day with your clan or friends and not get bored. RS2011 no longer has any high-quality PK servers, and this is a change that I'm here to provide. The server already has a great combat base (this combat was used for several months by my previous server), and I will be doing further testing. With the PKing aspect being covered, I am planning to do some changes to ensure there is a slight need for skilling. I have some ideas that will be added - if you have any, feel free to comment them below. Skillers will definitely be useful for tasks such as obtaining rocktails or creating overload potions. Want to stay up-to-date with the most recent development information for HDPvP? Use this button Release Date There is no set release date yet. Development Team Tyluur Credits Matrix Development Team
  4. The world of Gielinor, as we know it, has come to an end. A multitude of people are dying daily, others are striving to survive inside the mess and chaos. It was all started by a group of dark magicians who unleashed a dreadful disease, killing millions and raising the dead from their grave. This, inevitably, began to enter the world into an apocalyptic state. There was nothing they could do. After the deed was done, they disappeared and were never to be seen again - possibly killed by their own mistakes. The last thing you remember is creatures crawling up from beneath... and then a loud noise followed by a bright light. You wake up on the shore, with little supplies and a faint idea of what happened. You are one of the last ones remaining alive and breathing. Your objective is to find supplies to survive: water and food, which will help you maintain your good health. You are to loot houses, castles, villages and more to gain items such as armor, weapons, food, and anything else that is left in the world for you to find. Your best bet? Search the buildings that correspond to the items you are wanting to find. (FOOD IN COOKING GUILDS; WEAPONS IN ARMORY STORES) Although, you are to watch out for zombies, skeletons, and other undead creatures! They roam around the inner cities, and around the outskirts of areas. ... but... Monsters are only half your problem. The other half is striving to survive, as well as defending yourself. The entire world is now treacherous, you do not know who you can trust entirely! They could kill you at any moment -in an instant- leaving you dead. Although, you may restart - at the cost of everything else you own, including your combat stats. Are you READY?! Will you be able to survive this hell? Because... This is only the Beginning of the End... This is... Things I have already completed: -DECIDED TO START A DEVELOPERS LOG TO KEEP PLAYERS IN-TUNE WITH WHAT IS GOING ON! -THIRST AND HUNGER [INCLUDING THE INTERFACE!] -STARTING TUTORIAL FOR NEW PLAYERS -ITEM SPAWNING AND ITEMS RE-SPAWNING -LOBBY COMPLETE -WORLD MAP COMPLETE -MONSTERS AND NPCS COMPLETE + SPAWNS COMPLETE -ITEM TABLES COMPELTE -DRINKS RAISING THIRST -FOOD RAISING HUNGER -REFILLING WATERSKINS + WATERBOTTLES -ADDED BEER AND BEER REFILLING [WITH PERKS!] -I ADDED A "RUINED" THEME TO EDGEVILLE -PLAYER CHESTS w/ EXPLOSIVES! -BACKPACKS TO CARRY EXTRA ITEMS -CREATED A "TRUCE/ALLIANCE" SYSTEM -TOOLBELTS ADDED -BANDITS SYSTEM -UNIQUE MONETARY SYSTEM -ADDED CRASHED STARS -GOT DOORS & DOUBLE DOORS WORKING 95% -COMBAT EATING -SHOPS Things I haven't done, and that I should: -SAFEZONE -PLAYER OWNED FORTRESSES -TIME OF DAY -TOP PKERS INTERFACE -ADD CURSES AND ANCIENT/LUNAR ALTARS (or are we even going to consider mage?) -ZOMBIE DISGUISES -BARRICADES -VOTING TICKETS/BOOKS? -REPAIR FAMILIARS -AVAILABILITY TO EAT RAW FOOD (code DONE - have to edit item defs) -BLACK MARKET (for players) -add cannon??? BETA TESTERS NEEDED! Please join the discord, if you're interested, as we currently do NOT have a website and may use this, instead. Discord: https://discord.me/ApocRS SUPPORT APOCALYPSE RS! PUT THIS LOGO IN YOUR SIGNATURE
  5. Website - be sure to sign up to save your username! Welcome to our project thread! Thanks for checking out the HD-PvP project thread, you may have seen the old project already. However, we have decided to completely revamp the server and make it into something even greater! We believe that Runescape 2011 was the best era of Runescape and will always remain the best era of Runescape, that is why it is our mission to bring it back and to provide the community with a server with the most active and flawless pking! The server will primarily be PvP based, however of course we will accommodate for those who want to skill, gamble or PvM making HD-PvP the server for everyone. Server Features: • A flawless combat system and item switching • Wilderness features such as switching hot-zones and earned potential • Tons of 2011 content in all aspects of gameplay • Fully functional Grand Exchange with support for blood money • Loads of bosses to kill and skills to train • Item presets for quick and constant pking! • Loads of changeable client settings • Full integration between the website, forum and server • Professional and mature staff team Media: FAQ: Will pking be the only activity on HD-PvP? No - skilling, gambling and PvM will also be available so the choice is yours! When will HD-PvP be released? We are looking at releasing on Friday 27th of January, which is next Friday! Will I have to train my stats? Players will be able to set their combat stats so you can get straight into pking! However, you won't be able to set Summoning or any non combat skills. What will be the in game currency? The in game currency on HD-PvP is blood money! Does HD-PvP have a website? Yes we do, please sign up to keep up to date with the latest updates! Does HD-PvP have a Discord server? Yes we do, please click to below banner to join! Final Notes: Be sure to sign up on our website to save your username ready for release! We welcome any suggestions or feedback that you may have and we would like to thank you for your interest! If you like the look of our project please hit the 'Thanks' button :cool: Many thanks, - HD-PvP Team Support Signature:
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/8ebe81a0c60512afaf736484359fefed.png - - - Todays Reward: Play for 1 hour and get a mystery box for free! [video=youtube;ETouKq4RZps]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETouKq4RZps&feature=youtu.be[/video] How to run client: You can now download and run the client with the cache downloading directly. (V5 reziseable screen and full screen) About Proselyte Welcome to Proselyte' advertisement thread. Proselyte is a 317 based RSPS with many unique features and gameplay including lots of OSRS items/bosses and content. You will be able to login and pk instantly by clicking on your combat stats ingame to set your desired levels and with a preset bank for your pking when you first create an account. Proselyte is the best exeprience for pking, skilling and bossing with most of these contents being in the wilderness were you need to be good at surviving. Make money on Proselyte: The currency is GP and PKP tickets and there are many ways to make money on Proselyte, the best being killing monsters and bosses in wilderness for items, caskets that give coins and normal coins drop. Skilling and PvM in safe zones is another option that is more safe but not as good rewards. Got any other questions? Ask them all in-game to experienced players or staff through "help" clan chat. Features: - Great staff team and community! - Wilderness starts at level 10! - 100% working flower gambling - PvM - Many bosses in wilderness and some in safezones - Barrows minigame in wilderness! - Flawless Switching - Preset Spawns and custom spawns! - Active Forums - Duel Arena fully working - Fight caves in deep wilderness with up to 64 waves! -No dupes/glitches - Custom titles - VIP Donator zone for our supporters - Every monster drops caskets and coins in wilderness - LOTS of donator benefits! https://i.gyazo.com/0927b3d93696efe3cead083a16aeff95.png [/SPOILER] - - - [/CENTER]
  7. Homepage | Forums | Play Now | Highscores What is different about HDPvP? The development team here at HDPvP knows what its like to be a PKer. It shouldn't be a chore to get back into the wilderness and kill noobs with your friends or clan. We know the feeling of smiting someone's AGS, or NH pking in varrock home with your camera on to catch the moment you fake somebody out for their bank. We've got that perfect setup that RSPS has been lacking for years. HDPvP is built for the PKer by the PKer. With smooth switching, flawless combat that's been in development for months, and constant feedback from equally (if not more) experienced RuneScape players, we guarantee a realistic experience. Features High Definition (HD) Client - Experience gameplay in fullscreen DirectX with 4x anti-aliasing if you wish, or in simple graphics if your computer isn't that strong! Flawless Combat System - Our combat system has been tested by every form of PKer, from Pure NH pking to mage bank main hybridding, we guarantee the most realistic experience of all. Fully synchronized forums + server - A forum account is automatically made for you when you log into the game for the first time if you don't have one already! All your ranks are synchronized perfectly across the two platforms. Killstreaks & Shutdowns - Skilled enough to kill multiple people without dying? The whole server will know of your accomplishments and there will be a price on your head! Wilderness Skilling Activity - The wilderness is not only a place for PKers, there will be skillers lurking in the deep for wilderness tokens (more information ingame). Kill them and bag their loot! Grand Exchange- Dropped some scrub for their loot and have to go offline? You can sell your items in the grand exchange for wilderness tokens at any time. Unforgettable Content Presets - You can quickly gear up with some of our predefined presets, or you can set your own presets and hop into the wilderness as quick as you can say PK! City PvP Areas- Miss the feeling of PKing right next to Varrock home? We've brought this back! Clan Wars - Where other servers slack, we bring it back! Our perfected clan wars guarantees the best clanning experiencepossible. 10+ Bosses - Our bosses will give you wilderness tokens at times as well as their regular drop tables 20+ Skills - If PKing isn't your thing, you can also skill to become wealthy here ... 100 more features that would simply bore you if we just listed them. Media Forgot what it was like to PK in 2012? Click here to play!
  8. Please note that this is the one official thread for Vice RSPS. Any other advertising thread concerning this server should be deleted soon. Play Now Community forums Website Vice is a new RSPS and growing fast. We offer our players constant updates based on what they want. We truly believe the server's success must come from the community and playerbase itself. FEATURES - Active staff - Economy based server - Friendly community - Hardcore Ironman and Normal Iron Man - HD textures / Resizable screen - Curses - 25+ Bosses - 100+ achievements - Boss pets - Completionist and maxed cape - Custom minigames - Game modes - 100+ custom items - All working skills - Bank tabs - Free-for-All minigame - Gambling and lottery - Shooting stars and Evil trees - Trivia, loyalty and boss points shop - Unique Home Area - Construction NAVIGATING Vice has a sepecial teleportation tab where you can use various teleports to get to any locations in the game (see image below). Furthermore, you can easily teleport to a skilling location by simply clicking on the skill you wish to train. MEDIA Spoiler Spoiler for Media: Home location Home location Free-for-all minigame (::ffa) Skotizo Boss Cerberus Boss Abyssal Sire Shooting stars Evil trees STAFF TEAM Spoiler Spoiler for Staff team: Special - Owner/Developer Few years Expierience in Java Developing Promote/Advertising Mister - Co-Owner/Developer High expierienced Java Developer Much knowledge in rsps Web Developer Html,CSS and more Phantasye - Developer High expierienced Java Developer Experience with RSPS since 6 years. CSS and more Rapala - Manager/Advertising Experience with RSPS since 10 years General understanding of Java, html, MYSQL Soon to be Community Manager advanced degree in business and commerce Gangsta - Web developer Much Knowledge as Web Developing Front end web developer (8 years experience) Read and write these languages fluently - Html, Javascript, php Knows Java programming Join us now! We are currently in a "refer a friend event" please check this thread for more information!
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