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Found 8 results

  1. It's been a long time ago since I did any RSPS programming at all, but I've recently been wanting to find time to make a OSRS pking server, so here we go. I'm writing my own framework, but using this client. It's been changed a lot and I've also packed OSRS data into it. By the way, it's worth mentioning that I'm looking for a name for the server. If you can come up with a decent one, let me know below and I'll give it a thought or two. Development team: * Me * Swiffy * Sam Using: * JSON * Netty UpdateLog:
  2. Christian931

    New RSPS Investor

    Im looking to get a solid team of devs on my side to create an awesome osrsps similar to the OG NR.
  3. DemonicTaco


    Oof Hello RuneSuite! My name is DemonicXVI or known as DemonicTaco I am new well relatively new but I had to sent a introduction so here it is! hope to meet you all for the joys of being here.
  4. Datiel12


    Hey, wanted to introduce myself. Just trying to get a 3D map exporter that exports Runescape maps into blender with textures!
  5. Sirenz

    My intro

    Hey there, im new and just joining runesuite
  6. Miss Her

    hello im new

    hi im new to this rsps community
  7. T7emon


    Hello, My name is T7emon, I'm a Java/Website Developer, I'm looking for some work to do. I love to educate myself by trying new unknown things. My hobbys besides Computer related stuff are: Kickboxing, Smoking weed, Eat food all day, farm weed. my latest project I worked on was, Http://steroids-pk.com If anyone needs any help, feel free to Pm me.
  8. Jason6


    My name is Jason and i am new to Runeleak and yeah thanks for reading