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Found 1 result

  1. I have in my possession a paid for copy of Mige5's 2D Map Editor v4.1 ($100 version) that comes working out of the box with #148 Revision maps. It supports editing pre existing maps/regions or creating your own regions from scratch. This program is not license locked and is a jar file. In exchange I want an OSRS protcol server and client source. If you have something post or pm here and we can negotiate. Media: http://prntscr.com/gxrpje https://imgur.com/a/U6UWt I kind of destroyed the map because I was figuring out how the controls work. I've seen gotten the hang of it and can provide more media on request. Copy and pasting bits from different areas of the RuneScape world is great for those not creatively inclined, or if you want to do things like putting the resource area in Edgeville or removing walls etc. Thank you.
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