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Found 7 results

  1. So i seen that the original Lunar Isle leak did not come with the character files, so I will happily give them to you. The files are from pre-shutdown meaning that some players might not be on there, but there are still some cute files And for the RSPS dump, some of the items are released already, but it contails sql files, web files, etc. It is 2GB, and also open some of these at your own risk. I suggest virus scanning first. Media: Char Files RSPS Dump Enjoy mates. Character Files Dump
  2. unsure of how this guy managed to push out a v3 and have people purchase it, lol. every version that he's sold consists of minimal changes, with previous bugs still left unfixed. ORIGINAL THREAD:
  3. noorsyed

    Virtueps or Lunar Isle

    Guyz i was wondering what server is better to work on and develop and then host it?i was gonna go with lunar isle but there are already too many osrs servers and ppls are already too full of it,i think i shud go with virtueps any suggestions guyz? Lunar Isle thread:[Hidden Content] virtueps thread:
  4. noorsyed


    So after i log in into lunar isle and after playing for a while,i got disconnected from the server and when trying to log back in,i get login limit exceeded too many connections from your address,i dont know what is wrong with this can anyone please give me a fix will appreciate it a lot
  5. l2nn

    lunar isle

    can i get the new lunar isle thanks
  6. Working fully kraken,zulrah not fully done, Working Nex, cerberus is added, 26 Challenging bosses, 24 Perfectly working skills, Full clan chat with coinshare and lootshare, Full bank system with pins and searching, Iron man modes, Full screen and resizable client with hd textures, Dungeoneering with correct maps floors and complexity, Max,Comp and veteran capes, 100% Grandexchange, Loyalty program with 22 different titles and loyalty shop, Ingame hiscores & scoreboards, Bounty hunter with potentials, Curses and newest regular prayers, Well of goodwell for double exp, Quick prayers and quick curses, Pvp drops & killstreaks, Dwarf multi cannon, Chat emoticons, 100+ achievments (easy,meduim,hard,elite), Wilderness bosses, 25 Boss pets, Price checker, Money pouch(unlimited money) Brawler gloves, Effigy crafting, Pvp artifacts, Daily lottery, Drop logs, Bank pins, Nex with minions & phases, Corp with strategy , Wilderness boss scorpia, Wilderness revenants, Wilderness boss Venenantis, Kalphite queen with forms, Pheonix low level boss, Bandos avatar with 7 attacks, Glacors with fire weakness, Blood reavers with tasks, Godwars bosses, Dagannoth bosses, Tormented demons, Frost dragons, King black dragon, Chaos elemental, Slash bash, Nomad, Antiscam duel system, Puro Puro hunting, Shooting stars, 2 Challenging quests, Real warrior guild, Fun pest control, Barrows with tunnels, Nomad defeating, Tzhaar fight caves, Tzhaar fight pits, Graveyard arena, Crystal chest, Yell titles, Ezone and Dzone. Donator ranks:Regular Donator,Super Donator,Extreme Donator,Legendary Donator,Uber Donator, Shards Exchange(25 coins each), Rigged seeds, Reward book system with auth code, Money Pouch value on trade screen, Hosted it 2 months ago and daily was online 30-40 players. www.upload.ee/image/6434890/desktope.png www.upload.ee/image/6434905/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.08.27.png www.upload.ee/image/6434945/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.22.37.png www.upload.ee/image/6434951/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.24.40.png www.upload.ee/image/6434956/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.26.58.png www.upload.ee/image/6434963/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.31.41.png www.upload.ee/image/6434967/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.34.09.png www.upload.ee/image/6434971/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.36.42.png www.upload.ee/image/6434974/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.38.49.png www.upload.ee/image/6434996/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.48.57.png www.upload.ee/image/6435007/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.53.35.png www.upload.ee/image/6435190/Screenshot_2016-12-10_02.58.33.png www.upload.ee/image/6435195/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.01.32.png www.upload.ee/image/6435201/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.05.27.png www.upload.ee/image/6435206/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.08.59.png www.upload.ee/image/6435226/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.22.51.png [Hidden Content] www.upload.ee/image/6436368/Screenshot_2016-12-10_13.29.46.png www.youtube.com/watch?v=l569S5jWPfE Package contents: Source/Client/Cache/Launcher Bonus contents: Loader - Automatically updates your client when you jar it so players do not need to download it each time. BUY IT NOW on Sellfy for instant delivery OR Price: $35.00 USD | 35M OSRS Gold Add my skype:Jaamakutt for purchasing with osrs gold. Sold copys:0 *I will only be selling a LIMITED number of copies.*
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