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Found 3 results

  1. Archer

    Client Launcher

    I made a Launcher for a project I was working on, this is what it looks like: Whilst it's loading the client: Once it's downloaded and ready to play: The news are .png's you can host anywhere and link to, so you can make them update whenever, since it just fetches the png's every time the launcher opens. So keep in mind, although the launcher has news1.png, news2.png and news3.png there it doesn't read those, the other images provided in the source of the launcher are not fetched from the web and instead stored and used locally. I'll add a template for the news in .psd format you can use to just edit the text and image of a news image, so you don't have to struggle with alignment and such, but i'm at work so it has to wait till I get home, I don't have the file here. Here is the download link for the launcher, if anyone wants to use it. It hasn't been tested on Mac OS yet because it uses (what I believe to be) a windows specific function to get the users root directory, but I'll check it out and post info, maybe a version that works on Mac as well. How to get the client working: Step 0) Download the launcher, ofc. Step 1) Host your client somewhere and make sure it has a direct download link. (For example, if you put it on dropbox, you can add ?dl=1 at the end of the link to make it download directly upon opening the link) Step 2) Open up Launcher.java and find the call to the DownloadClient method: else{ //play.setEnabled(false); lblClientUpTo.setVisible(false); clientdl = true; new File(File.listRoots()[0].getAbsolutePath() + "/chpJar/").mkdir(); downloadClient("[Hidden Content]", File.listRoots()[0].getAbsolutePath() + "/chpJar/Ordale.jar"); } Change the first parameter of downloadClient from "[Hidden Content]" to your own client download link, you can also change the last parameter to something else, if you don't want the client to be saved in a folder called chpJar under the name Ordale (C:/chpJar/Ordale.jar would be the path if the users root dir is C:) After you do that, it should already work. To change the news images, look for: //Initialize the contents of the frame. private void initialize() { try { java.io.InputStream in = new URL("[Hidden Content]").openStream(); Files.copy(in, Paths.get(File.listRoots()[0].getAbsolutePath() + "/chpJar/news1.png"), StandardCopyOption.REPLACE_EXISTING); in = new URL("[Hidden Content]").openStream(); Files.copy(in, Paths.get(File.listRoots()[0].getAbsolutePath() + "/chpJar/news2.png"), StandardCopyOption.REPLACE_EXISTING); in = new URL("[Hidden Content]").openStream(); Files.copy(in, Paths.get(File.listRoots()[0].getAbsolutePath() + "/chpJar/news3.png"), StandardCopyOption.REPLACE_EXISTING); } catch (IOException e1) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block e1.printStackTrace(); } and change the URLs there. To change the Twitter and Facebook links, again, search for those URLs and change those. That should be it, hopefully someone finds some use out of this. Cheers
  2. Madara

    Client Launcher

    Here's a nice client launcher for anyone looking for one. Download
  3. Archer

    RSPS Client Launcher

    With some time off I've been wanting to get my hands on Java again, I only do web stuff @work and I've wanted to mix it up. I think the title explains it all, but to be a bit more specific, i'll make a launcher for your rsps, regardless of which features you want. Please note that if you want features like auto-updating, fetching the news from a server, database queries, basically any features that would require a host, you have to have/buy a host, since I won't host your cache, images and whatever else you want for you, but I can set it up for you. If you're interested i'll tell you the price after you tell me all the features that you want, i'll try keep it low and fair I made a few launchers back in the day, that looked bad, but were functional, this is probably the most recent one I made, and it looks like this: (you can check out the launcher thread here) to get a better look. If you're interested at all, pm or reply to the thread with your discord (skype works too, but I prefer discord) and we can figure out the details and what you want. I've seen launchers going for as low as $5, and i'd just like you to keep in mind i'm not mass selling these, it will be handmade from scratch for you, but unless you're asking for some avant-garde features, I think I'll be willing do most for around $20 , so that's a reference price, in case you're interested. A few things worth mentioning: - Unless you specifically ask otherwise, it'll be made in Java, and unless you have any valid reasons as to why it shouldn't be, i'd be most comfortable working in Java - If you're planning on asking for any features that would require a database, please make sure your host provider allows remote SQL connections, if you're not sure which features require a db, we can work that out on discord - When we work out what needs to be done, if we both agree on everything I will stick to the date of delivery, and would appreciate you sticking to the payment date also - I expect a payment before you get a full copy of the source files and a compiled launcher, you will prior to that be able to test it all out and see if it's what we agreed to or if I missed anything/you would like to change anything. Thanks for reading!