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Found 6 results

  1. I made a Launcher for a project I was working on, this is what it looks like: Whilst it's loading the client: Once it's downloaded and ready to play: The news are .png's you can host anywhere and link to, so you can make them update whenever, since it just fetches the png's every time the launcher opens. So keep in mind, although the launcher has news1.png, news2.png and news3.png there it doesn't read those, the other images provided in the source of the launcher are not fetched from the web and instead stored and used locally. I'll add a template for the news
  2. Here's a nice client launcher for anyone looking for one. Download
  3. Hi there, releasing this little launcher (nothing major at all) as I noticed a lot of new servers still sending out 660495094 clients through their discords.. (This was still on my PC from 2 years ago I think?) Preview of launcher (don't mind the oversized favicon, you can change that): Download URL: [Hidden Content] Also released this due to the missing Kourend URL (it vanished idk why) Credits to Stackoverflow n Kingfox 99% Me 1% for just fixing it up and releasing.
  4. Decided to decompile and release this Launcher, might be fun for people to use. He used the released Launcher from Kingfox and modified it a tad, works fine & easy to use for every beginner. Enjoy DL Link: [Hidden Content] Launcher.zip
  5. Yes another leak that I have decompiled and tested. From what I could see once decompiled the launcher is the kingfox launcher that plays radioactive by piano.. I wouldn't personally use this but meh you can if you want.. No media as I cannot insert for some reason. Click to download Before you start flaming me for this release.. All I done was decompile the launcher, make the code look more readable than it was and archive/upload for you to download..
  6. With some time off I've been wanting to get my hands on Java again, I only do web stuff @work and I've wanted to mix it up. I think the title explains it all, but to be a bit more specific, i'll make a launcher for your rsps, regardless of which features you want. Please note that if you want features like auto-updating, fetching the news from a server, database queries, basically any features that would require a host, you have to have/buy a host, since I won't host your cache, images and whatever else you want for you, but I can set it up for you. If you're interested i'll tell you the price

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