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Found 2 results

  1. We should all come together and just try and make somthing unique or somthing like that or an alternative we could make a source where new people re able to base some work of it
  2. Hello Rune Suite! I'm looking for some people to join my project to become part of the team! I'm looking for the following roles: Website Developer - Must know how to use CentOS and PHP/JS Community Manager - Looking to help the server grow by promoting the server and assisting players. Moderators - Will moderate the server and forum. Graphic Designer - Will provide GFX to the website developer and community manager, and also the other developers including myself. Beta testers / idea makers - Required to test all new features and post all bugs found. Give concise ideas and be active. All these roles will be paid, depending on performance and necessity. Message me on discord Bananastreet#6540 This post will be updated to give more information about roles and to display roles available and taken.
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