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Found 2 results

  1. All Services Come With A Minimum of 20GBPS DDOS Protection. Please Note that VPS and Dedicated Server are Only Setup During Work Hours GMT 0 Who are we? RawHost is an established hosting provider; operating a large network of servers, supplying thousands of clients around the world. We believe in a personal touch and as such, every single virtual server we sell is manually provisioned by our dedicated team, ensuring that it is deployed on the server with the highest availability of resources, we never oversell or over-provision our services. What you see and pay for is what you get. Guaranteed. What do we offer? We offer premium levels of support, top-notch quality and unbeatable prices! Catering to both VPS and Shared Web Hosting Customers, check out our plans below: Dedicated Servers from $90 a month! For your $90 a month you get: Intel i5-4570 16 GB DDR3 500GB HDD 10TB @ 1Gbp/s Bandwidth 5 IP Addresses Web Hosting from $2 a month! For your $2 a month you get: 5 Gigabytes of provisioned storage. 20 Gigabytes of high-speed 1Gbp/s bandwidth. 5 Email accounts. 5 FTP accounts. 5 MySQL Tables. 10 Addon domains. The latest version of cPanel with Cloudflare and Softaculous. Virtual Servers from $15 a month! For your $15 a month you get: 4 Dedicated vCores @ 2.4 GHz. 4 Gigabytes of dedicated RAM. 20 Gigabytes of dedicated HDD space. A dedicated IP address. Any Operating System of your choice free of charge (This includes Windows!)
  2. So what's up guys, I have been thinking about trying to find a decent source to work on, more leaning towards the ready to host(r2h) side considering I am not an experienced developer, and will more than likely have to pay for someone to help me along with teach me fixes I need done. I was 75% sure about going with RawPkz considering I was going to be hosting a PK server that normal rune-server link can be found here for anyone who wants to look [Hidden Content] I need opinions on it or if you have a better one.