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Found 4 results

  1. Features Stable - Ran the server for weeks without any problemsAlmost all skills rewrittenGrand ExchangeParty roomVotingHighscoresWarriors GuildZombies MinigamePerfect DuelingCustom Duel rulesPest ControlSkilling tasksDrugsToyhorsesLevel 99 announcementsCustom PK-Tournament arenaHD Minimap602 NPC'sFogGlory chargingFrost DragonsTormented demonsGodwars bossesCorporal beastEnchantingBank pinsLoyalty titlesIngame Crown & Name changingF-keysDicingRing of WealthHand cannonDonator capeIngame weekly lotteryFlawless PvP & PvM SystemAncient cursesLunarsCorrect combat formulasPuzzle boxesTor
  2. Delusion is fairly new server. We are trying to offer players a nice and fair experience on our server. Our community is nice and really helpful. We are taking every suggestion in consideration, we want you to help us improve! We are trying to do weekly updates so players can enjoy every new content every week! What are you waiting for? Be one of us already! FORUMS WEBSITE PLAY NOW FEATURES ⭐Nice launcher ⭐In-game highscores & Scoreboards ⭐Well of goodwill for double EXP ⭐Effigy Crafting ⭐Dwarf multicannon ⭐Ce
  3. This is for the Underwall Tunnel at the Grand Exchange. In your ObjectHandler, you will want to place these two methods (preferably under HandleOption5, somewhere): public static void climbTunnel(final Player player, final boolean goingIn) { if (player.getBoneDelay() > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) return; player.addBoneDelay(150); if (!goingIn) { player.addWalkSteps(3144, 3514, 0, false); player.setNextWorldTile(new WorldTile(3143, 3514, 0)); player.setNextAnimation(new Animation(2589)); } else { player.addWalkSteps(3138, 3516, 0, false); player.setNextWorl
  4. Hey i needed some help , what i want to do is swap the ruse v2 grand exchange from a player vs player base. to just having the correct ammount of gp and getting it right away, instead of waiting for someone to sell... just buy right out and selll right out, none player to player, can someone help.
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