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Found 1 result

  1. Donator Ability to set a signature Can Hide\Delete own content Ability to download from the Exclusive Download Section Extreme Donator Ability to set a signature Does Not need to reply to threads to see download link Can Hide\Delete own content Bypass timers between each post\thread Can edit thread silently (Normally a message will indicate if content has been edited. Members in this group will be able to hide this message. Staff members who have permission are always able to see the edit ) Ability to Negative REP people Custom Rank allows you to create your own user group that will have all extreme donator benefits but you get to have a: Custom User icon Custom User Bar Image Custom HTML Styling Ability to promote other users to the group for a $10 fee The custom rank cannot resemble a staff member in any way Trusted Trader Gives you a more trustworthy approach when it comes down to dealing with transactions with other members and comes with all extreme donator benefits
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