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Found 4 results

  1. This is the last known (untouched and clean) copy of Arios 498 & 530 before Emperor, Splinter, and I moved on to making Kratos 530. This copy has been in our backup drive gathering dust and it might as well be released as a clean copy instead of being edited and re-released down the chain by leechers. The previous copy that was released was sold under the table by our old developer and there is no knowing what is missing and what is not. So here's an official download: This package was zipped on May 23rd of 2015 and has not been touched since. Click here to Download (uppit) For pictures: Just go look at every other 530.
  2. i'm looking for a developer, to have a developer spot 10-15h per weeks, dm for more informations. i'm currently, using a 718 revision source, pretty stable ready 2 host, got everything setup, just need a developer to add a few things, of course, we can talk about moneys. Dm me, add my discord ; tropix#3117
  3. Hello, I am the owner and developer of DemonScapeV3. I don't know what else to put here so yeah, there's my introduction.
  4. i am alex the rsps developer
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