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Found 2 results

  1. unsure of how this guy managed to push out a v3 and have people purchase it, lol. every version that he's sold consists of minimal changes, with previous bugs still left unfixed. ORIGINAL THREAD:
  2. Coming Soon ZectorXScape Brand new Server! [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] Staff's Owner : ZectorX Co owner : Open Administrator : Open Moderator : Open Vote4Cash , Donate System , Highscores! -Features- R-S Admin Response Features -Constant updates! -Cerberus -Vote4Credits(Vote for the server to recieve credits to spend in the donator stores!) -Flawless combat -Armour Trimming -Many ways to make gold -Loads of ways to obtain gear -Fullscreen/Resizeable -Fully working clan chat -Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes -Plenty of cool outfits to choose from -50+ custom pets -15+ Skill pets -Skill points system and shops(ex: mine an ore for 1 mining point) -14 Skill shops -PVM and Boss point system/shops -OSRS items and maps -Bosses: 100% OSRS Bosses, 100% Godwars, Corporeal beast, Kraken & tons more -Several Custom bosses -Nieves slayer dungeon with Cave krakens -Server trivia with rewards -Achievements -Custom minimap icons -Bounty Hunter -Lots of Minigames -All skills working -Rooftop agility -Bank tabs Home Of ZectorXScape Is Grand Exchange ! Not Like Other Server's! [URL=[Hidden Content]] [URL=[Hidden Content]] More Information Coming Soon After the Lunch !
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