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Found 5 results

  1. ALL OF OUR CUSTOM ITEMS ARE CODED TO PERFECTION AND THE MAJORITY COME WITH BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES (ANIMATED EFFECTS) USE THE CODE "::referral 1" IN-GAME FOR A FREE DAMAGE + DROP RATE BOOSTING PET PLUS A FREE TURMOIL BOX! BELIEVE ME. WE HAVE TOO MUCH CONTENT TO EVEN INCLUDE HERE. CHECK US OUT FOR 30 MINUTES AND BE AMAZED. SEARCH TURMOILRSPS ON YOUTUBE! #1 RSPS - O7Scape w/ Custom Content. Perfected Custom Raids and Items, Beautiful Custom Home Area and Interfaces Minigames such as The Gauntlet, Theatre of Blood, Chambers of Xeric! Starter Equipment with 5% Drop Rate AND A Choice of XP Rates/Drop Rate Increases! FREE GOODIEBAG PICK WHEN YOU JOIN | TONS OF REWARDING ACTIVITIES NEW BLOODKNIGHT BOSS FULLY WORKING COLLECTION LOG Content Updates every fortnight! Start your adventure today and see why we're one of the greatest! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! We are a new Eco / PvP Based server that's willing to impress any player who is looking for a new home! Striving to bring constant updates and listening to input from our community, we are shaping a long lasting economy where you can feel accomplished yet not tethered down by the grind of Old School RuneScape. In terms of making any big updates, we communicate with the players to ensure we are bringing exactly what they want, with no harm to the player experience and staff are online around the clock to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment! Anyway, enough of the introduction... come and see what we're about! Visit us @ http://turmoilrsps.com WE HAVE THE MOST FANTASTIC RANGE OF WORKING AND PERFECTLY-CODED ITEMS: OVER 86 PETS TO COLLECT WORKING SKILLS AND MAX CAPES Here are some features: * Real 07Scape Stats, Skills and Feel * Full 180 Data * Real Pet Drops * Choice of XP Rates and Ironman Modes * Fantastic Custom Content e.g Home Area, Gear, Interfaces and Raids * THEATRE OF BLOOD, CHAMBERS OF XERIC, THE GAUNTLET, INFERNO, CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 (SHATTERED WORLDS) * ALL WILDERNESS BOSSES * HYDRA, KRAKEN, VORKATH, ZULRAH, SHAMANS, SIRE, CERBERUS, BARRELCHEST, NIGHTMARE, SOLAK * Custom 99 and Max Rewards * Custom PVM and Slayer Rewards * OSRS Achievement Dairy + Custom Achievement Diary * Quick Prayers, Calculated Dharok and Obsidian Effects, working Void Knight Armour * Nex and PVP Armours * Active Community, Discord and Staff/Development Team * Drop Rate % and Participation % Systems COMBAT: 30 + BOSSES TO TAKE ON, INCLUDING BOSSES FROM RS3 SUCH AS SOLAK AND NEWER BOSSES LIKE NIGHTMARE. PERFECT WILDERNESS w/ CUSTOM EDGEVILLE + REV CAVES BRILLIANT SLAYER REWARDS. - PVM REWARDS incl. CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS HD CLIENT WITH THE SMOOTHEST TEXTURES YOU'LL EVER SEE ON A 317! FULL ACHIEVEMENT DIARY ARMOURS TOXIC NOXIOUS, SHADOW LORD, PRIMAL, TORVA, JUSTICIAR, SIRENIC, GROTESQUE, VANGUARD, ANCIENT ARMOURS TWISTED BOWS, SCYTHES and BOOGIE BOWS with SKINS SUPREME VOID ARMOUR + ELITE AND NORMAL VARIANTS. OVER 90 PETS TO COLLECT incl. PETS THAT GIVE DROP RATE % STARTER ARMOUR THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE AS YOU GAINS LEVELS CHOICE OF XP MODES - CLASSIC/ELITE/EXTREME/NORMAL IRONMAN MODES - NORMAL, UIM, HCIM + GROUP. AND MANY, MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM ITEMS FROM RS2 AND RS3! Start your adventure today! We have so much more content to offer you, plus the rest hidden up our sleeves! Turmoil
  2. SO.... another question What servers do you enjoy playing on when you aren't dabbling in coding your own? Dreamscape? Athens? Anything? Just curious.....
  3. h20


    Forum https://fable-ps.com/forums/]Forums Discord https://discord.gg/aNGpwaB Play NOW http://www.fable-ps.com/fableps.jar"]http://www.fable-ps.com/fableps.jar Hello, Welcome to Fable-PS. Yes I know it's a custom server so don't hate. Feature Player Owned Shops Vote Shop Trivia Shop Skiller shop Loyalty Titles 10+ Shops 100+ Custom Items Many Zones MiniGaMES Custom raids istances Custom Gamble Zone Afk Mining Area Upgrading System Tradable Droprate Pets Pets and custom pets+ perks working on new perks daily Slayer Tasks Cosmetic Items 5+ different boxes Goodie Boxes Vote Goodie Box Trivia System Sorry for the shitty advertising thread, I'm going add more media later on or just buy a thread lay out please no hate I'm the only coder, beside me hiring coders for the work idk how to do. So if you want to join me. I'm trying to re do everything. I need beta players so enjoy
  4. Hi there! Our small team of 7 is currently looking for beta testers to help us find bugs and issues as we create our private server. If you have any interest in joining the team as a beta tester please contact me via private message. We have some work ahead of us but our developers are ready for the challenge. Here are some features we already have down: - Runelite - Custom Home - Custom Questline (Story and Meaningful Rewards) - Raids (Started)
  5. I've done some searching around google and haven't really found any models that fit what i'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Discord @tahutchi
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