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Found 23 results

  1. Media:[Hidden Content] Download : [Hidden Content] Updated link: [Hidden Content]
  2. Media Download Here Full package (source/client/cache) [Hidden Content] Package.rar?dl=0
  3. SERVER INFORMATION / MEDIA [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD ( This one includes many fixes, character files as oppose to the one being sold) [Hidden Content] VIRUS SCAN
  4. Media: Trump [Hidden Content] There is on the files (arcticps) ,discord system for ruse base you can copy it ! Download Here: full package: (source/client/cache)= [Hidden Content] Full Package.zip?dl=0 enjoy!
  5. Welcome to RuneZilla Private Server Hi there and Welcome to RuneZilla. RuneZilla is based like no other server making us a one-of-a-kind server! Being updated daily you never get bored and when your taking a break you can hangout with different people from our friendly community! We hope you enjoy your stay with RuneZilla [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL]
  6. Website - Discord - Client When we hit 10 players constanyely online, we will be doing 2 rank giveaway. Staff members are needed [SPOILER=Feeling Lucky.][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Monster & Achievement viewer] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Bosses, custom bosses & mini bosses] [SPOILER=custom boss] Will be adding more soon. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Growing small community][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Yet to be added.]ability to lend items "still testing this" Player/Donator perks: double loot. new custom bosses/items basic dungeoneering [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=hows the xp rate?]x6 multiplier fast but slow.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Respect to these members]props to Pj And Run & G00n and their team for this source i am using :)[/SPOILER]
  7. Hello! Welcome to FrostyPS. Need a new, fun, custom rsps? You came to the right place! We have custom bosses, custom raids, custom ranks and donor zones, custom armor, weapons, accessories. Recently release custom quest tab. FrostyPS release date- 8/28/2019. Custom log-in screen: Different Modes: Custom Teleports: Bosses: Monsters: Mini-games: Custom quest tab: Custom Home: Custom Item Upgrader: We offer endless content, and new content release weekly! Join the community today and have fun! Forums are currently under construction, but we have a very active Discord with client download links. Discord Link: [Hidden Content]
  8. Al Kharid RSPS is a Brand New, Pre-EOC, 317 server with tons of Custom Content for you to Enjoy! We have constant updates and giveaways to keep our players excited! We're quite motivated to provide you an ultimate game-play that has never been experienced before. New home Seismic wands and Noxious staff
  9. Come join, District-X. Brand new custom server, with loads features Game modes-ironman, HC ironman and skiller mode. We just started, a few months ago we are currently working on making custom pets. Daily updates more to come. No website yet, but here is the download link to server [Hidden Content]
  10. I really need a copy of Goldenscape 4.6 which is a newest one because it is a kick ass rsps and i really want it lol should be pretty easy to get. If you can leak it would be perfect.
  11. Hey guys, So I saw some people that needed help adding customs to their RSPS so here I am. 1) You should have an int (the item's info) and 2 .dat files (those are the models for your item, the drop model and the wear model) 2) Add these two models in your "Raw" folder in your cache:
  12. For everyone looking for a custom server, this has some dupes and bugs in it. [Hidden Content] Client.rar?dl=0 [Hidden Content] Source.rar?dl=0 The Cache will auto download. I worked on this server and added a bunch of customs, i was selling it for 20$ but i decided in mostly done with rsps and don't want to host it anymore. Please Enjoy and feel free to rip content and give feedback. If you need someone to vouch ask Mathy!
  13. Daniel0576

    Custom rsps

    Need a good base for this type of server if you know of anything please link me thanks pals.
  14. Recently a lot of you guys have been asking for the dreamscape customs on a client. I have decided to do something different instead of giving you all one client to configure for your rsps. Pm me your Skype or post it below and I will come on teamviewer and pack it on YOUR client. I will only be doing this for 3 days. Please download this before you get me on your teamviewer: [Hidden Content]
  15. im looking for a good custom server base 317/pi if anyone can link me to one would be great
  16. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  17. Mathy

    Custom models

    Hey guys, This time I'm not asking for a source or client, I am asking for any customs that you have in .dat format (please no .gz) with the ints. Dump the models and ints as downloads, you'd be the best + rep and thanks ++
  18. title says it all can someone give me a good custom source and client whant to make a a custom server again long time ago i had one 30 players on (my old server lost the source
  19. i am in need of custom dicing interfaces if anyone can help me by making some and also helping me adding them because i never done this before thanks if u can help.
  20. Hey guys, The forums are getting pretty big, which is awesome, so it means there's more people to release some stuff. If anyone has ANY kind of custom package (source, client and cache) that hasn't already been released on the forums, put them in comments or PM me here or on Skype at : sakoofortin I know I might get annoying but I wanna make the best custom server so I need help you guys to link me some packages. Thanks Mathy
  21. Does any one have imagine ps files, or dream scape files, also interested in spawnpk client and source

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