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  1. Play now! Join our discord! View our forums View our website
  2. (+) USE REFERRAL CODE IN-GAME: ::Referral Zenith (+) > Website < > Discord < Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7. We're developing daily based upon player suggestions and ideas, plus the extensive creativity we can bring from our team; We're dedicated to bringing longevity back to RSPS, without the repetition! To provide longevity through our game, we keep to a strict economy where possible - Overpowered items have no place here, but you WILL feel progress whenever you move up the scale. Our aim here is not to see tonnes of players all aiming for the same "BIS Gear" - We want to provide a VARIETY of armour choices for people to play with, for ALL THREE combat styles. Take on some of the craziest enemies you've seen and wear some of the flashiest gear you will ever find in this fantastically customised mash-up! Core Features Variety of XP Modes (Elite, Classic, Extreme, Normal) Variety of Ironman Modes (Group, Ultimate, Hardcore, Normal) OSRS PKING - Customs do not interrupt the PKing legacy! Daily Rewards, Daily Tasks, Custom Achievements Boosted Slayer Rewards (Infernal Keys, Slayer Keys, Slayer Boxes) Over 100+ Pets to Collect - including Damage and Drop Rate Boosting! Bonus XP & Points Perks, WOGW, Double XP Weekend, Owner's Boosts Collection Log, NPC Droptables, Drop-Rate System Variety Of Chests to Open (Infernal, Slayer, Crystal, Wilderness, Pursuit, Raids) Gambling, Staking, FFA Tournament Wilderness Content for Activity (Boss Hunts, Chests etc) OSRS Minigames & Custom Minigames OSRS Raids & Custom Raids Media
  3. Hi there! Interested in new Custom RSPS action? Ever wanted to play a fully balanced server with tons of new content and fully textured items? Wanna look cool and stand out? Check out NetherSphere! We just released Custom Skilling + Augmenting! Join now to cut Piranha heads, mine DK rocks and fish Magikarps! Augment your gear with new resources! JOIN NOW for a big event! Store Credit and T6 gear prizes waiting! +We have -custom skilling -augmenting -custom spells -custom, textured gear -unique tier systems -custom npc's -hybrid sets -upgradeable gear -pokemon raid -anime stuff -and much more! We've just released out of Beta! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make the gameplay smooth! Now's the best time to join us! Our discord: Custom login/loading screen! Previous Christmas Event: Never before seen Evangelion Unit-01 model straight from anime to NetherSphere! Best gear in game! Melee tier 4 set, Lunam! Custom spells for every mage tier! Know the exact droprates! Just examine the NPC to know what You're grinding for! 4 tiers of all combat styles with their respective NPC's to grind for! Many custom NPC's! Custom equip screen interface! Stats round up to make everything look neat. ::maxhit fully working! All combat styles rewritten and rebalanced so that all combat styles have the exact same dps! Custom slayer masters with gear boxes in slayer shop to make the slayer really worth it! Our custom upgrade system! Upgrade Tier 1 melee, range and mage sets to Tier 1 hybrid set and then keep upgrading hybrid! More in discord! We are hoping to see you very soon!
  4. Hey guys, Haven't seen a post yet for this upcoming server that I'm excited about. So if anyone is interested in this (promising) new custom RSPS come over to the discord to find out more https://discord.gg/YdQwumfFvb It's releasing in a few days and all first day players get extra rewards. Have a nice day some pictures and a lot more gifs on the discord!
  5. ALL OF OUR CUSTOM ITEMS ARE CODED TO PERFECTION AND THE MAJORITY COME WITH BEAUTIFUL TEXTURES (ANIMATED EFFECTS) USE THE CODE "::referral 1" IN-GAME FOR A FREE DAMAGE + DROP RATE BOOSTING PET PLUS A FREE TURMOIL BOX! BELIEVE ME. WE HAVE TOO MUCH CONTENT TO EVEN INCLUDE HERE. CHECK US OUT FOR 30 MINUTES AND BE AMAZED. SEARCH TURMOILRSPS ON YOUTUBE! #1 RSPS - O7Scape w/ Custom Content. Perfected Custom Raids and Items, Beautiful Custom Home Area and Interfaces Minigames such as The Gauntlet, Theatre of Blood, Chambers of Xeric! Starter Equipment with 5% Drop Rate AND A Choice of XP Rates/Drop Rate Increases! FREE GOODIEBAG PICK WHEN YOU JOIN | TONS OF REWARDING ACTIVITIES NEW BLOODKNIGHT BOSS FULLY WORKING COLLECTION LOG Content Updates every fortnight! Start your adventure today and see why we're one of the greatest! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! We are a new Eco / PvP Based server that's willing to impress any player who is looking for a new home! Striving to bring constant updates and listening to input from our community, we are shaping a long lasting economy where you can feel accomplished yet not tethered down by the grind of Old School RuneScape. In terms of making any big updates, we communicate with the players to ensure we are bringing exactly what they want, with no harm to the player experience and staff are online around the clock to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment! Anyway, enough of the introduction... come and see what we're about! Visit us @ http://turmoilrsps.com WE HAVE THE MOST FANTASTIC RANGE OF WORKING AND PERFECTLY-CODED ITEMS: OVER 86 PETS TO COLLECT WORKING SKILLS AND MAX CAPES Here are some features: * Real 07Scape Stats, Skills and Feel * Full 180 Data * Real Pet Drops * Choice of XP Rates and Ironman Modes * Fantastic Custom Content e.g Home Area, Gear, Interfaces and Raids * THEATRE OF BLOOD, CHAMBERS OF XERIC, THE GAUNTLET, INFERNO, CUSTOM RAIDS 1 + 2 (SHATTERED WORLDS) * ALL WILDERNESS BOSSES * HYDRA, KRAKEN, VORKATH, ZULRAH, SHAMANS, SIRE, CERBERUS, BARRELCHEST, NIGHTMARE, SOLAK * Custom 99 and Max Rewards * Custom PVM and Slayer Rewards * OSRS Achievement Dairy + Custom Achievement Diary * Quick Prayers, Calculated Dharok and Obsidian Effects, working Void Knight Armour * Nex and PVP Armours * Active Community, Discord and Staff/Development Team * Drop Rate % and Participation % Systems COMBAT: 30 + BOSSES TO TAKE ON, INCLUDING BOSSES FROM RS3 SUCH AS SOLAK AND NEWER BOSSES LIKE NIGHTMARE. PERFECT WILDERNESS w/ CUSTOM EDGEVILLE + REV CAVES BRILLIANT SLAYER REWARDS. - PVM REWARDS incl. CUSTOM ACHIEVEMENTS HD CLIENT WITH THE SMOOTHEST TEXTURES YOU'LL EVER SEE ON A 317! FULL ACHIEVEMENT DIARY ARMOURS TOXIC NOXIOUS, SHADOW LORD, PRIMAL, TORVA, JUSTICIAR, SIRENIC, GROTESQUE, VANGUARD, ANCIENT ARMOURS TWISTED BOWS, SCYTHES and BOOGIE BOWS with SKINS SUPREME VOID ARMOUR + ELITE AND NORMAL VARIANTS. OVER 90 PETS TO COLLECT incl. PETS THAT GIVE DROP RATE % STARTER ARMOUR THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE AS YOU GAINS LEVELS CHOICE OF XP MODES - CLASSIC/ELITE/EXTREME/NORMAL IRONMAN MODES - NORMAL, UIM, HCIM + GROUP. AND MANY, MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM ITEMS FROM RS2 AND RS3! Start your adventure today! We have so much more content to offer you, plus the rest hidden up our sleeves! Turmoil
  6. Welcome to viah ps , a server that was made to provide you with a unique experience with constant never seen before updates. Choose your class train your skills . Grab your gear , Make a t eam with your friends and start raiding! We have daily tasks for all skills including fishing firemaking woodcutting smithing mining runecrafting , Also the new custom skills! THE FORUMS ARE CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON, THANKS FOR BEING PATIENT. :) ◈Alot of custom items ---- ◈Classes interface ◈Alot of custom maps ---- ◈Pet combat ◈Main Quests ---- ◈Daily quests ◈Custom slayer ---- ◈Egg incubator interface ◈Custom teleporation interface ---- ◈182 osrs data ◈Quest log interface ---- ◈Raids + Custom raids ◈Active staff ---- ◈Custom Npcs ◈Equipment slots Upgrade ---- ◈Item fuser interface ◈New custom skills ---- ◈Afk system https://discord.gg/39jMCFx
  7. Website : click here. Welcome to CrystalPS , a server that was made to provide you with a unique experience with constant never seen before updates. Choose your class train your skills . Grab your gear , Make a team with your friends and start raiding! We have daily tasks for all skills including fishing firemaking woodcutting smithing mining runecrafting , Also the new custom skills! *Alot of custom items ---- *Classes interface *Alot of custom maps ---- *Pet combat *Main Quests ---- *Daily quests *Custom slayer ---- *Egg incubator interface *Custom teleportation interface ---- *182 osrs data *Quest log interface ---- *Raids + Custom raids *Active staff ---- *Custom Npcs *Equipment slots Upgrade ---- *Item fuser interface *New custom skills ---- *Afk system
  8. Features Unique AOE System Unique Custom Maps Never seen before custom models Different Interfaces https://discord.gg/QpV7AwX NOTE- Server still under developement.
  10. Hello! Welcome to FrostyPS. Need a new, fun, custom rsps? You came to the right place! We have custom bosses, custom raids, custom ranks and donor zones, custom armor, weapons, accessories. Recently release custom quest tab. FrostyPS release date- 8/28/2019. Custom log-in screen: Different Modes: Custom Teleports: Bosses: Monsters: Mini-games: Custom quest tab: Custom Home: Custom Item Upgrader: We offer endless content, and new content release weekly! Join the community today and have fun! Forums are currently under construction, but we have a very active Discord with client download links. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/PCTwbXh
  11. Hello lads, I'll keep this short and sweet; I'll be offering free/very low prices on maps to build up vouches. I'll do the first 3 modifications/small maps for free I'm able to add anything, remove anything, create anything, etc. Checkout my portfolio if interested, donations would be appreciated just contact me!
  12. Welcome to RuneZilla Private Server Hi there and Welcome to RuneZilla. RuneZilla is based like no other server making us a one-of-a-kind server! Being updated daily you never get bored and when your taking a break you can hangout with different people from our friendly community! We hope you enjoy your stay with RuneZilla [URL="https://runezilla.gamerchatforum.com/"]Official Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="http://www.rising-element.com/RuneZillaRemastered.jar"]Official Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="http://www.runezilla.com/"]Official RuneZilla Website[/URL] http://i68.tinypic.com/2weymc4.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BGZDIAs.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/z74JJV1.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/kbbba7i.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/neBYbbM.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/s7yPB73.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/R4h8OU9.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/3vxxWNt.png[/IMG] https://i.imgur.com/He5iZ6C.png[/IMG] [URL="https://runezilla.gamerchatforum.com/"]Official Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="http://www.rising-element.com/RuneZillaRemastered.jar"]Official Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="http://www.runezilla.com/"]Official RuneZilla Website[/URL]
  13. Website - Discord - Client When we hit 10 players constanyely online, we will be doing 2 rank giveaway. Staff members are needed [SPOILER=Feeling Lucky.][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Monster & Achievement viewer] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Bosses, custom bosses & mini bosses] [SPOILER=custom boss] Will be adding more soon. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Growing small community][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Yet to be added.]ability to lend items "still testing this" Player/Donator perks: double loot. new custom bosses/items basic dungeoneering [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=hows the xp rate?]x6 multiplier fast but slow.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Respect to these members]props to Pj And Run & G00n and their team for this source i am using :)[/SPOILER]
  14. With some time off I've been wanting to get my hands on Java again, I only do web stuff @work and I've wanted to mix it up. I think the title explains it all, but to be a bit more specific, i'll make a launcher for your rsps, regardless of which features you want. Please note that if you want features like auto-updating, fetching the news from a server, database queries, basically any features that would require a host, you have to have/buy a host, since I won't host your cache, images and whatever else you want for you, but I can set it up for you. If you're interested i'll tell you the price after you tell me all the features that you want, i'll try keep it low and fair I made a few launchers back in the day, that looked bad, but were functional, this is probably the most recent one I made, and it looks like this: (you can check out the launcher thread here) to get a better look. If you're interested at all, pm or reply to the thread with your discord (skype works too, but I prefer discord) and we can figure out the details and what you want. I've seen launchers going for as low as $5, and i'd just like you to keep in mind i'm not mass selling these, it will be handmade from scratch for you, but unless you're asking for some avant-garde features, I think I'll be willing do most for around $20 , so that's a reference price, in case you're interested. A few things worth mentioning: - Unless you specifically ask otherwise, it'll be made in Java, and unless you have any valid reasons as to why it shouldn't be, i'd be most comfortable working in Java - If you're planning on asking for any features that would require a database, please make sure your host provider allows remote SQL connections, if you're not sure which features require a db, we can work that out on discord - When we work out what needs to be done, if we both agree on everything I will stick to the date of delivery, and would appreciate you sticking to the payment date also - I expect a payment before you get a full copy of the source files and a compiled launcher, you will prior to that be able to test it all out and see if it's what we agreed to or if I missed anything/you would like to change anything. Thanks for reading!
  15. Al Kharid RSPS is a Brand New, Pre-EOC, 317 server with tons of Custom Content for you to Enjoy! We have constant updates and giveaways to keep our players excited! We're quite motivated to provide you an ultimate game-play that has never been experienced before. New home Seismic wands and Noxious staff
  16. Come join, District-X. Brand new custom server, with loads features Game modes-ironman, HC ironman and skiller mode. We just started, a few months ago we are currently working on making custom pets. Daily updates more to come. No website yet, but here is the download link to server https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m8ac019p98ph6q/Distric-x.jar?dl=0
  17. I really need a copy of Goldenscape 4.6 which is a newest one because it is a kick ass rsps and i really want it lol should be pretty easy to get. If you can leak it would be perfect.
  18. Need a good base for this type of server if you know of anything please link me thanks pals.
  19. im looking for a good custom server base 317/pi if anyone can link me to one would be great
  20. https://www.rune-server.ee/black-market/virtual-items/selling/648875-selling-runix-1-most-updated-custom-rsps-comes-vbulletin-licence.html https://www.rune-server.ee/black-market/virtual-items/selling/646698-alternate-ps-advanced-custom-server-source-client-cache.html
  21. Mathy

    Custom models

    Hey guys, This time I'm not asking for a source or client, I am asking for any customs that you have in .dat format (please no .gz) with the ints. Dump the models and ints as downloads, you'd be the best + rep and thanks ++
  22. title says it all can someone give me a good custom source and client whant to make a a custom server again long time ago i had one 30 players on (my old server lost the source
  23. i am in need of custom dicing interfaces if anyone can help me by making some and also helping me adding them because i never done this before thanks if u can help.
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