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Found 2 results

  1. I have personally avoided posting this for over 2 months, hoping that others would learn from their mistakes, and become wiser. In hindsight, that was a foolish goal, and those responsible for the detriment must pay the price. For a long time, Stuart, co-owner of DreamScape, has hacked any RSPS he can, at his leasure. You might think there's an underlying reason to this - more money for them, more foothold in the RSPS toplists by killing competitors, among others I'm sure anyone can imagine. In retrospect though, there's not an underlying reason. Stuart has taken advantage of everyone around him -- his developers, who he forces to give him their drivers license and identifying IRL information - as a fear tactic; he's offered to help "fix" backdoors he exploited or found in your website or server - he has never, and will never, provide legitimate security help to anyone, he will plant an additional backdoor in your site and come back to ask you for more money later. The bottom line is, Stuart is a skid. I have for so long been tired of watching this inconsistent and incapable rat of a human being blackmail others and attempt to strong-arm his way through situations. As for information about the server, this is the latest client, source, and cache from the end of January. While others may attempt to tell you otherwise, it is only to save their face and minimize damage. Make no mistake -- this IS the up-to-date source. As my final aside - everyone at DreamScape can thank Stuart, who singlehandedly caused all of this to happen by fucking with the wrong people. There's a lesson to be learned here - there are bigger fish than you in the ocean. Don't forget it. THIS IS A MAVEN PROJECT, IMPORT IT AS "MAVEN" AND ADD THE JARS MANUALLY Media below Download links: Mirror 1 Mirror 2 PLEASE DO YOUR DUE DILLIGENCE BEFORE RUNNING THIS SOURCE!
  2. Welcome to our thread. Vernox, providing a server which is Unique, Smooth, and Original. Emulating the OSRS Protocol as much as we can, with the private server 'feel'. Our community is growing via the power of word-of-mouth, and our beta client. Feel free to check it out, leave feedback, advice, anything you'd like really. Website Forums Our beta is currently closed. Current Implemented Features Future To Be Implemented Features Media Current media and development media on the server Videos Current videos and development videos on the server Are you a YouTuber or Streamer interested in doing work for us? Send me a Private Message![/SPOILER] Misc. Media [Hidden Content] Join us on Discord for the latest updates, and news on what's going on. We're also hosting a BETA for players to test and find bugs all information regarding our BETA will be on there, so stay tuned! Please keep in mind that any disrespect and/or flame will be immediately reported & ignored.
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