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Found 18 results

  1. Madara

    Client Launcher

    Here's a nice client launcher for anyone looking for one. Download
  2. Just looking for any decent and working RSPS sources/clients/cache with customs and such that aren't absolute dog poo. Working on customs now that i have kind of figured out the basics.
  3. Fellow RuneLeakers, Title says it all, I'm looking for an OSRS Client for a project I am going to be started. Any feedback is great. Preferably something newer cache as I'm not a great client developer and can't do much lol. Drop your feedback, suggestions, and/links. Thank you, thank you.
  4. Looking for a 718 client loading RS3 content, not paying for it as it's been Release before but sharing it would mean a lot! Would be willing to share some files on my pc in exchange for it may they be usefull for you... Files on pc are bosses 718/839 or 317
  5. Zion's Client Services I'm Zion from R-S btw Properly texturing OSRS items with out any cheap haxes. Proper zbuffering (actually makes it so models closer, are written over models further away) Texture Shading & Fog to ("Killer 99's Texturing System") Ruse HD Texture Fix w/ ground texture shading Model Texturing Loading models past 65k Particles Distant Fog Effect Tweening HD Minimap Mipmapping Resizable Chat box for resizable/fullscreen Fix field of view HD Ground Textures Resizable Screen 602 Skilltab w/ Proper tooltips & Skill goals Packing any Data - "Items, Npcs, Objects, Maps, Animations, Graphics" (If i do not have the data you must provide) Misc things (I'll explain over skype) Any snippet/tutorial Any loginscreen, if you provide what you want it too look like and the images. Updated graphics buffer Fixing current bugs/crashes Any gameframe If you want something that is not on this list, just ask me! Order form: What is your skype?(You can PM me it); What service(s) are you wanting?: Do you agree with the TOS? Will you vouch/thank?: TOS: 1. You cannot tell me you want a refund after telling me you like the services and change your mind. 2. If you mess up the content i added afterwards, i am not held responsible. 3. I can deny any services if i do not feel comfortable doing it, or for any other reason. 4. If you break any of the agreements you will be reported. My Skype: Zion.rs
  6. Can show everything on skype. Hella cheap $10 a copy! Features: All Skills Working PVMING - ALL BOSSES DROP 100% BLOW PIPE 100% ZULRAH 100% KRAKEN ::EASTS SWITCHING COMPLETELY FLAWLESS NHING AREAS PRELOAD GEAR 100% DUEL 100% BOUNTY HUNTER (All 10 Emblems) BONUS WEEKENDS A few customs Donator Scrolls Auto Vote System Many Multi Pking Hotspots Teleblock Working Instant Gear Kits KillStreak System Boss Pets Server Loot Announcements Loyalty Title Interface OSRS GameFrame Middle Mouse Movement Upcoming Updates: Castle Wars New Interface for Instant Sets Tab To Reply PartyHat & Specs Halos
  7. Hey i need. Help to get my Client running i always geht this error java.util.zip.ZipException: Not in GZIP format at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.readHeader(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.<init>(Unknown Source) at com.rune.sanity.client.FontArchiver.loadArchive(FontArchiver.java:31) at com.rune.sanity.client.Client.startUp(Client.java:10078) at com.rune.sanity.client.RSApplet.run(RSApplet.java:182) at com.rune.sanity.client.Client.run(Client.java:6508) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Exception in thread "Thread-5" java.lang.NullPointerException at com.rune.sanity.client.Client$1.run(Client.java:10097) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)# Code: https://pastebin.com/WYieqWEs the error maybe some encoding issue (some little code) for different operating systems in this in this method public static void loadArchive() I dont Know how to fix it Thanks for helping
  8. Decided to come here and sell some client services. Smooth Fog HD Textures HD Water Tweening Particles Animated Texture System Camera Gliding Any Data Dumping / Packing Model Precision Antialiasing 65K+ Model Support Tool Tips Queen Black Dragon (Screenshot by Lightshot) Fullscreen Resizable First Person Mode () Client Zoom Obfuscation Custom Client Making (I'll create a custom client based on what you want) Dumping Latest OSRS Data Any Bug Fixing HD Minimap RainBow Floors (Screenshot by Lightshot) Player Shadow Abyssal Vine Whip Texture Fix Update Server Any Gameframe Updated Model Header Specific Map Region Dumping With Region Codes Make your client connect to any server Fixed Ruse Textures Mipmapping Tile Blending *HOT 16k Rotation Tweening 2D Object Model Array OpenGL Mode 742 Data New Nex Maps (http://prntscr.com/es4tz1) and much more... I'm also selling Avarrocka Source and Client. I have no use for it so if your interested let me know anyways add my skype: Brian-bbkeditor
  9. do someone has this client files for me ? please pm me download link realy need it for a new project cant wait to code on it
  10. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................ thx for view
  11. Looking for a source and client that are like RoatPkz. Spawn PK, but still an economy when it comes to the better pk items and then rares. Working duel if possible. Post here or message my skype please Skype - Xhystence
  12. I'm looking for an OSRS Client with OSRS models, maps, etc. I am going to start working on a project that isn't like any other private server so little to no content would be okay as I'm going to add just about everything that is needed for the project. Main features to be included: Combat - Melee, Range, Magic, Etc. Skilling - Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Crafting, Etc. Mainly used to make items required for main objectives. Achievement system - Will add achievements, just a base needed. Mingames - Duel Arena, Barrows, Godwars, Etc. Other features will be added as in Trivia, Announcements, Shops, Zones, Home locations, and such. As I said, lititle to no content would be great as a stable clean source is recommended. If anyone could please reply with some links to point me towards the right direction or so. I would explain my project but as I said it isn't like any other private server, therefore I'm hoping that it will be one of a kind to where more people will enjoy it instead of other servers being like it. But as I know of right now. It is just an idea I have thought of and would like to make it happen. Thank you for your time and thanks in advance.
  13. Seven

    Client Services

    Hello everyone, I am in need of a few bucks so I have opened up my client services. some of the things I can do are: HD minimap Data packing (OSRS-667) Adding floor overlays Fixing maps Tweening much more just ask Server: Making editing teleports much easier Quests Item Definitions I will go first if you are sending me the files. If you want it done through teamviewer half of the payment must be given My skype is : datboirsps
  14. title says it all can someone give me a good custom source and client whant to make a a custom server again long time ago i had one 30 players on (my old server lost the source
  15. can someone release a client that has dreamscape customs
  16. I want a client background server name: AdvealPS For MORE InfoS add my skyp live:hamooooooz1
  17. Hello, i'm re questing a Client background. if some one can make me one
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