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Found 5 results

  1. Website Destined-Reality RSPS Destined-Reality is a brand new upcoming rsps that has an amazing economy, great playerbase, and helpful staff. We are growing very quickly and need more staff some come check us out and apply! Currently we have a great Pking system with bounty hunter along with a flawless duel arena that we are known for. Although we have a 474 server revision we have plenty of content that will make Destined-Reality a great server to play! Features Flawless Duel Arena and Wilderness Amazing Slayer Bounty Hunter Target System EP System Godwars Ganodermic Beast Bloodlust Endless minigames Clan Chats with working Lootshare Lottery Dicing Player Titles Completionist Cape Achievements Custom Whips Custom Rares Clue Scrolls Crystal Keys and Chest 3 Donator Islands Curses Lunars Jad HD Minimap HP above users Names above users Customizable client Nex Sets and Zaryte Bow Primal and Chaotics Fully Functional Bank Bank Pin Media Promo Video
  2. Welcome to RuneZilla Private Server Hi there and Welcome to RuneZilla. RuneZilla is based like no other server making us a one-of-a-kind server! Being updated daily you never get bored and when your taking a break you can hangout with different people from our friendly community! We hope you enjoy your stay with RuneZilla [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL]
  3. Website = [url= [Hidden Content]] Voting = [url=[Hidden Content] - Voting[/url] Forums = [url=[Hidden Content] Forums[/url] [Hidden Content]] MEDIA [SPOILER=MEDIA][Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [SPOILER=Update Log]Recent updates list! - Fixed mining it had a lot of problems it's working fine now. - you can now teleport to your slayer task by typing ::task - 2 dupes fixed. - added npc points you now get 1 npc point per kill which can be spent in npc point store. - added peril rooms with multiple rooms - fixed a lot of anims & gfx - remade all slayer monsters drop rates and drops as they usually just dropped bones. - fixed woodcutting and fishing. - fixed alot of bugs - Added Gambling Npc - Completed God Reputation with cool rewards - Added abyssal sire & wyverns - Added working voting - You can no longer click dragon claws with a full inventory and it would give you the spec bar in attack tab. - Peril rooms are now multi combat / aswell as abyssal sire - Added working clue scrolls + Many more updates & Bug fixes[/SPOILER] [MOD=Features]* Full 116 Data. * Bank Tabs * Bank Pin * All skills ingame work 100%. * Lizard Shaman * Cerberus * 07 Kraken * Barrage spell in the same location as OSRS. * Quick Prayers * Flawless Switching(Real) * Flawless Combat * Veng Timer * Preloaded Gear * 100% Duel Arena * 100% Pest Control * 100% Warriors Guild * 100% Slayer * 100% Bonus Weekends * 100% Pvming * Server-sided Voting * Help Database * Donator Scrolls * Casting Veng on others * All NPC's drop * Dwh, abyssal dagger, abyssal bludgeon, special animations. * Zoom in & out * Prayer Glow * Zulrah, Lizard Shaman, Cerberus, Kraken, Vet'ion, and other 07 bosses! * 3 Food Ticks * 1 Tick Ags * Glory teleporting at 30 wild * Ring of Dueling * Loyalty Titles * Boss Log * Working Clan Chat * Achievement System * Bounty Hunter System * Primary Skilling Zone * Secondary Skilling Zone * All animation bosses attack accordingly to OSRS Data! * Super combat potions, overloads. * Anglerfish 93+ hp heals 22 hp. * Ballista Animations * Instanced Zulrah & WhirlPools * Calculated Dharok Effects * Obsidian Weapons Effects * Fully Working Toxic Items * Trident of the seas(Updated to osrs anim) * Trident of the swamp(Updated to osrs anim) * Enchanting * Working Obelisks * Spawn Tab * Demonic Gorillas * Skotizo * Dragon Claws * VLS * Lava Dragon Model Texture Support[/MOD] *** We are aware that the thread design is quite poor but it will be done professionally soon enough *** Posting for a friend, come check it out.
  4. Built with perfection in mind. Frontier is a server released with intent not only to entertain, but to push the boundaries, and limits of not only players but our developers and community alike. We aim to encapsulate the player in the 2011 era of RS with endless content, updates, and new releases. Along with our in-game scope, our team also strives to climb the ladder to the top of the community and become a symbol of success, and leave our footprint as many others have before us. However, Frontier delivers on all fronts with fun playable content, and a steadfast team with a drive to succeed. All in hopes to giving way to a thriving community in and out of the game. Join us today and start your journey, we all look forward to seeing everyone in-game, and pushing new frontiers! Our development and staff team at Frontier puts their best foot forward in every venture and situation around Frontier, we pledge ourselves to create an enjoyable and safe community along with the most advanced and thriving server. Our staff team is always willing to help in any situation possible, as well as our development team, we all work in unison to interact and communicate with players to ensure the quality of Frontier is never at risk of tainting its integrity. We hope to see you in game, here are a few members directly from our development team you will see around the game and community forums! Owner Greg Server Developers Chesapeake Chris Greg Jon Website Developer Greg Graphics Designer Jacob CONTENT Godwars - Bandos, Saradomin, Armadyl, Zamorak, Nex Glacors Dagannoth Kings Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Tormented Demons Wildywyrm Slash Bash Kalphite Queen Wilderness Bosses Phoenix Bandos Avatar Corporal Beast Cerberus Zulrah Strykewyrms Fight Cave Slayer - Real Slayer Rewards Skill learning Task Canceling & Skipping Duo Partner Slayer Bounty Hunter PK Points K/D Ratio Hybriding Wolpertingers Pack Yaks Steel Titans Duel arena Fight Pits Clan Wars Mage Bank Dungeoneering - Real RS Dungeoneering Hunter - Imp catching Butterfly Catching Bird Catching Chincompa Hunting Salamader Net Hunting Grenwal & Pawya Runecrafting - Runecrafting Guild ZMI Abyss Thieving - Global Stalls & Pickpocketing Prayer - 100% Curses 100% Prayers including new Dungeoneering Prayers Bone Burying Alter Worshipping Ash Scattering Construction - Plank Cutting House Building Summoning - 100% Pouch creation scroll infusing familiar combat special moves pets boss pets real left click options Firemaking - New look fires Beacons Social Firemaking Bonfires Coloured Firelighters Clue Scrolls Music Unlocking Music Playlists Notes Tab 100% emotes Completionist cape customisation Loyalty Shop Emote Enhancers Titles Item Recolours Grand Exchange Dwarf Multicannon Fairy Ring Teleports Shooting Star Evil Tree (Coming soon) FUTURE UPDATES QBD Jadinko Lair Revenant/Forinthry Dungeon Cerberus Zulrah MEDIA PVM PVP SKILLS MISC SUPPORT SIGNATURES The Frontier Team
  5. Coming Soon ZectorXScape Brand new Server! [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content]] Staff's Owner : ZectorX Co owner : Open Administrator : Open Moderator : Open Vote4Cash , Donate System , Highscores! -Features- R-S Admin Response Features -Constant updates! -Cerberus -Vote4Credits(Vote for the server to recieve credits to spend in the donator stores!) -Flawless combat -Armour Trimming -Many ways to make gold -Loads of ways to obtain gear -Fullscreen/Resizeable -Fully working clan chat -Ironman mode & Ultimate ironman modes -Plenty of cool outfits to choose from -50+ custom pets -15+ Skill pets -Skill points system and shops(ex: mine an ore for 1 mining point) -14 Skill shops -PVM and Boss point system/shops -OSRS items and maps -Bosses: 100% OSRS Bosses, 100% Godwars, Corporeal beast, Kraken & tons more -Several Custom bosses -Nieves slayer dungeon with Cave krakens -Server trivia with rewards -Achievements -Custom minimap icons -Bounty Hunter -Lots of Minigames -All skills working -Rooftop agility -Bank tabs Home Of ZectorXScape Is Grand Exchange ! Not Like Other Server's! [URL=[Hidden Content]] [URL=[Hidden Content]] More Information Coming Soon After the Lunch !