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Found 13 results

  1. Please note that this is the one official thread for Vice RSPS. Any other advertising thread concerning this server should be deleted soon. Play Now Community forums Website Vice is a new RSPS and growing fast. We offer our players constant updates based on what they want. We truly believe the server's success must come from the community and playerbase itself. FEATURES - Active staff - Economy based server - Friendly community - Hardcore Ironman and Normal Iron Man - HD textures / Resizable screen - Curses - 25+ Bosses - 100+ achievements - Boss pets - Completionist and maxed cape - Custom minigames - Game modes - 100+ custom items - All working skills - Bank tabs - Free-for-All minigame - Gambling and lottery - Shooting stars and Evil trees - Trivia, loyalty and boss points shop - Unique Home Area - Construction NAVIGATING Vice has a sepecial teleportation tab where you can use various teleports to get to any locations in the game (see image below). Furthermore, you can easily teleport to a skilling location by simply clicking on the skill you wish to train. MEDIA Spoiler Spoiler for Media: Home location Home location Free-for-all minigame (::ffa) Skotizo Boss Cerberus Boss Abyssal Sire Shooting stars Evil trees STAFF TEAM Spoiler Spoiler for Staff team: Special - Owner/Developer Few years Expierience in Java Developing Promote/Advertising Mister - Co-Owner/Developer High expierienced Java Developer Much knowledge in rsps Web Developer Html,CSS and more Phantasye - Developer High expierienced Java Developer Experience with RSPS since 6 years. CSS and more Rapala - Manager/Advertising Experience with RSPS since 10 years General understanding of Java, html, MYSQL Soon to be Community Manager advanced degree in business and commerce Gangsta - Web developer Much Knowledge as Web Developing Front end web developer (8 years experience) Read and write these languages fluently - Html, Javascript, php Knows Java programming Join us now! We are currently in a "refer a friend event" please check this thread for more information!
  2. [URL= [Hidden Content]] Why OS Insanity: OS Insanity is one of the best and most secure OSRS RSPS's you will ever play. Here at OS Insanity it's all about the community and contributing to the ultimate overall success of the server whether that is by voting and claiming auths, which give you 5 minutes each at our premium vote area plus a cash reward or by even taking part in our IPB Community forums! Anyone and everyone can be involved in this new and fresh community and we welcome everyone to come try OS Insanity today! As of now (6/10/2017) OS Insanity is solely operated by two staff members so we are desperately looking for new staff members who can contribute and help OS Insanity be great! Thanks for reading and hope to see you in-game! Features: - Skilling Points/Shop for every Skill - Player Owned Shops - Grand Exchange Home Incorporating POS - Player Owned Houses - ^ POH Expanded through 5 Towns, 25 houses total available. - Amazing Skilling - Iron Man/ Ultimate Iron Man Mode - Hardcore Iron Man Mode - Hard Mode, Regular mode w/ Custom 5% Drop Increase - IPB Forums - OS Buddy Entity Feed - HP Minimap/Fog - Automated Donation/Vote - Trivia - Duel Arena - Bolt Enchanting - Fullscreen/Resizable - Customizable Fullscreen/Resizable - Zenyte Crafting - Shift Dropping - Working Clues - New Menus, HP Bars, all option in a huge Settings Pane! - Abyssal Sire with stages - Bludgeon, Abyssal Dagger 99.9% - Zulrah with correct stages - Crystal Key Chest - Slayer Helm Customization - Redone Magic (DA's Magic was shit) - Gold Key Chest - C Keys for Gold Key Exchange - Cerberus w/ Ghosts. - Nightmare zone - Motherlode Mine - Blast Furnace - All Wilderness Bosses - Barb Assault - Perfect Cannon - Mage Arena Mini - Zezima (Custom Boss) - Projectile (Mage/Range) Path finding perfected. - Quick Prayers - Rooftop Agility Courses - Rouges Den Thieving - 139-140 OSRS Data (143 Models for Select Items) - Skeletal Warlord (Custom Boss) - Skeletal Mystic (Custom Boss) - The Shayzien (Custom Boss) - Dragonkin (Custom Boss) - Corp Beast - Clan Chat Near Perfect - Weapons Game - Player Profiles - Security Questions + Bank Pins - Profile Privacy Control - Warriors Guild - Gelattinoth Mother - EXP/Level Tracker - Vote Area zone (Like donor zone for players who vote!) - + Vote Area slayer dungeon for extra slay EXP - In-game Highscores and Highscores on website! - Raid Bosses; Vasa Nistirio, Tekton - Private Instancing feature - Vote Time for Raid Boss Instances - Chinompa Hunting - Bird Hunting - Lizard Hunting - Imp Hunting - Redwood Chopping - Woodcutting Shrine - Clue Boxes - All Regular Skills 99% - Slayer Redone - Nieves Dungeon - Great PvP - Raid Items including Twisted Bow, Perfected - Amazing Staff + Much Much More In-game to see yourself! Minigames/Skilling Media: Anger Mini: [Hidden Content]] Blast Furnace: [Hidden Content]] Barb Assault: [Hidden Content]] Nightmare Zone: [Hidden Content]] Motherlode Mine: [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Mage Arena Mini: [Hidden Content]] Hunter (Chins, Birds, Imps, Lizs): [Hidden Content]] Redwood Chopping: [Hidden Content]] Clan Wars: [Hidden Content]] Blood RCing: [Hidden Content]] Rooftop Courses: [Hidden Content]] PvM Media: Abyssal Sire: [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Cerberus: [Hidden Content]] Demonic Gorillas: [Hidden Content]] Lizardman Shamans: [Hidden Content]] Raid Bosses: [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Zezima (One of MANY custom bosses): [Hidden Content]] Zulrah: [Hidden Content]] Misc/Unique Media: Player Owned Houses: [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Example of another POH: [Hidden Content]] Vote Area (Vote Reward!): [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Dwarf Cannon: [Hidden Content]] Tons of Leaderboards: [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Tons of Interfaces: [Hidden Content]] Working and Updated Weekly PC: [Hidden Content]] Clue Scrolls: [Hidden Content]] Outdated Media: [video=youtube;2IisdL8HjGc][Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] Note: OS Insanity has been in partial development since January 2017. Myself, Shane, has been working on this as a project through college soley on my own. We desperately could use some staff members, but won't be handed out, so if you're interested play the game and help. If you have any questions or concerns please PM me or leave a reply below.
  3. Website link: Forums Download: Start playing Combat EXP: x80 | Skilling EXP: x40 | Home Location: Edgeville What's DDSPK? DDSPK is a oldschool type of a private server. DDSPK has a well-built economy. The server is great for bossing and skilling and in the future pking. Experience rates are challenging - not too fast or too slow. Items are mainly obtained through monster killing and skilling instead of buying everything from shops thus making economy really stable and interesting. Features: Bosses King Black Dragon Sea Troll Queen Barrelchest Corporeal Beast Dagannoths Kings Godwar's Bosses (Armadyl, Bandos, Zamorak) Ancient Gorilla Kraken Giant Mole Chaos Elemental Callisto Scorpia Vet'ion Cerberus Crazy Archaelogist Venenatis Chaos Fanatic Lizard Shamen Demonic Gorillas Kalphite Queen Skotizo Skilling Farming Woodcutting Fishing Hunter Mining Agility Crafting Thieving Runecrafting Herblore Fletching Slayer Cooking Smithing Mining Client Custom Login Screen HD Full Screen/Resizable Screen Options OSRS #133 PvP Correct Delays on all Weapons Correct Specials on all Weapons All delays loaded from the cache All OSRS Weapons work MEDIA
  4. Welcome to RuneZilla Private Server Hi there and Welcome to RuneZilla. RuneZilla is based like no other server making us a one-of-a-kind server! Being updated daily you never get bored and when your taking a break you can hangout with different people from our friendly community! We hope you enjoy your stay with RuneZilla [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [Hidden Content]] [URL="[Hidden Content] Forums of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] Client Of RuneZilla[/URL] [URL="[Hidden Content] RuneZilla Website[/URL]
  5. We have alot of contents, like : Balanced Combat Triangle Flawless Switching PvP LeaderBoard New Server - Fresh Economy (Release Data : March, 22.) All Skills Working Easy, Medium, Elite Slayer Tasks. FULL Construction Shooting Stars Evil Trees Team Dungeoneering Curses 100 achievements Wilderness Bosses Tons of Minigames(Barrows, Fight Caves [Fire cape can be updated to get Tokhaar-Kal], Fight Pits, Pest Control, Duel Arena, Warrior's Guild) Gambling (Flower Poker, Hot & Cold, Dice Game and Lottery) Money Pouch with unlimited storage Multiple Quests Fully Clan Chat System Auto Donation System Auto Vote System Fully working Bank Tabs A lot of Giveaways Donator/Super Donator/Extreme Donator/Legendary Donator/Uber Donator ZONE Player Owned Shops Boss Points System Pk Points System Trivia Points System Slayer Points System Donator Points System Loyalty Points System Vote Points System Well of Goodwill Worldwide Information Tab A couple of Custom items! New/Old hits! Hd Texture! AND MUCH MORE! And much MORE! Come check and play with us! Kind Regards Demius. DemiusPs Website
  6. Forums WebsitePlay Now Discord About delusion Delusion was found by Night / Ron In 2015, Now we're back to reopen. We are trying to offer a best experience to our players, weekly updates and great content! You as a player, decide over updates, we are taking every suggestion in consideration, we want you to help us improve! We are trying to run as many polls we can in forums so you could vote between yes or no. What are you waiting for? Come and check us out! MEDIA Fully working cerberus Abyssal sire(In wilderness) Lizardman shaman Skotizo Venenatis Elder maul Kodai wand Hunter's crossbow Working Toxic staff of the dead Fully working Blowpipe FEATURE LIST See you in server
  7. Community Forum Download Welcome to our advertisement thread! Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help! We focus on providing content requested from the players. We write everything ourselves which gives us a unique feel compared to other servers. Why choose us: Simple, because our focus is to give you nothing but the best. We promise that if you decide to become a member of our community you won’t regret it. You’ll quickly see that everything we do, we do for you. We will always be community driven, and will remain that way. FEATURES • Perfectly balanced PvP, PvM and Skilling Economy • Professional and mature staff team • Evil Tree, Shooting Star, Well of goodwill • Global Server Bonus Events • Trading Post (Player owned shops) • All Old-school & New School Bosses + Demi bosses • Custom Team Dungeoneering • Pvp & Achievement Leader boards • Tons of fun minigames (+2 Miniquests) • Custom Teleport interface • Loyalty Titles • Easy,Medium,Hard,Elite Slayer Tasks • Gambling (Flower Poker/Dice) Lottery • Active Community forums • Unlimited money pouch • Top Tier Dedicated server • Extreme Content • Balanced Combat Triangle and much much more!..... Media
  8. [ADMIN=Introduction]Valius is an economy based Old-School private server currently loading #132 OSRS data. Our goal is to constantly create unique and creative content that all Skiller, PVM, and PVP players will enjoy while bringing a healthy dose of player-suggested content into Valius as well. Now after several months of development, Valius is entering Beta release. [/ADMIN] Website: www.Valius.org (Currently under construction) You can sign up on the forums here to read further about all the latest updates. All players that play during the Beta period will receive an exclusive Beta Tester Sprite beside their name. This will only be for a LIMITED time. Once beta is over, you will not be able to receive this rank anymore but players that already have it, will permanently keep the rank. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] BETA TESTER RANK(LIMITED TO THE DURIATION OF OPEN-BETA) 132 OSRS data 25+ bosses and counting! OSRS Bosses + Custom, Never before seen bosses Unique starter kit(Limited time: Starter kits come with a Crate of Cats!) TWO Experience rates to choose from(Normal: 150x Exp rates, no drop rate increase. Extreme: 15x Exp rates, 15% Drop rate increase, A title dictating how EXTREME you are!) Vote-4-Members Credits Highscores Gambling(Dice Bag) ??+ Custom Skin colors! Upgrade-able armor (Bandos (i), Armadyl (i), Barrows sets (i) + More!) Custom wilderness monsters(Crsyatl monsters that drop PVP set items such as Vesta!) A Unique and creative, one of a kind touch on content and areas Beautiful home area Server Support rank(for the most helpful and informative players) with Custom sprite Friendly, active Development team and staff Raid items loads of recolored rares 100+ Pets to aquire Bloodmoney with rewarding shops Random reward drops while skilling(caskets, clues, pets, nests, Blood money, Exp bonus outfits and more!) Skilling sets with bonus exp All skills working including Hunter! Redwood woodcutting! Lovakite Mining All skilling supplies working(3rd age axe/pickaxe, infernal, oriental dragon etc) 100% Item creation(Every creatable item has been added!) Get rich while skilling Slayer helmets (i) fully creatable with dmg boosts & exp bonuses Boss tasks Battle-OS interfaces Quick-access shops(Shops On-The-Go) tab Ironman & Ultimate Ironman game modes Custom Lava items(Lava spirit shield, boots, rares) with moving textures Vesta pvp armor, Statius pvp armor & Divine spirit shield! Korasi long sword with a working special attack All max capes!(including Ardougne + Lava firecape with moving textures!) Tons and Tons of outfits to aquire and choose from(Both skiller, PVM and PVP Friendly) Get your FashionScape on!!!(No Exp-waste was intended) Hundreds of Monsters to train on 100% Working Clan chat [Hidden Content]] [ADMIN=Developers] [Hidden Content] Divine[/URL] - Valius Founder/Server Developer [Hidden Content] - Valius Web Developer *Currently looking for a Web Developer. PM me or post below if interested.* -Sign up on the forums early to show your dedication. Player Support, Player Moderators, Player Administrators & Community Managers will be chosen from the most active and helpful players.- -We are also looking for Beta testers, so make sure you sign up on the forums at www.valius.org/forums so you don't miss out on anything.- [/ADMIN] [Hidden Content]] [SPOILER=Pictures] Home area(The great kourend) [Hidden Content]] Another picture of the home area [Hidden Content]] The starter kit. you receive a random cat with each starter! [Hidden Content]] Fishing area [Hidden Content]] Shopping area (You can also access shops in the shops tab anywhere!) [Hidden Content]] Experience boost to Hunter [Hidden Content]] Damage boost + 5% experience boost to Slayer [Hidden Content]] Starting Achievements message [Hidden Content]] Mounted max capes [Hidden Content]] Slayer helmet (i) creation [Hidden Content]] Rolling a Percentile dice(GAMBLING) [Hidden Content]] Experience boosting items chat available with the starter kit [Hidden Content]] [SPOILER=pictures of Items] Santa outfit + Gift box + Sack of presents [Hidden Content]] Ancestrial robes [Hidden Content]] Elder maul [Hidden Content]] Abyssal Bluggeon [Hidden Content]] Ardougne max cape [Hidden Content]] New Fire maxcape [Hidden Content]] Corrupt armor [Hidden Content]] Crate of cats(Comes with every starter!) [Hidden Content]] Divine spirit shield (Dropped by the Corperal beast!) [Hidden Content]] Elder chaos robes [Hidden Content]] Dragon scimitar (g) [Hidden Content]] Dragon claws [Hidden Content]] Elder maul [Hidden Content]] Heavy casket [Hidden Content]] Robes of darkness [Hidden Content]] Pyromancer (Randomly receive while Firemaking) [Hidden Content]] Angler outfit (Randomly received while Fishing) [Hidden Content]] Heavy ballista (Pieces dropped by Demonic gorillas) [Hidden Content]] Light ballista (Pieces dropped by Demonic gorillas) [Hidden Content]] Lava spirit shield (Buy it from the Blood money shopkeeper) [Hidden Content]] Monk robes (g) [Hidden Content]] Recolored COSMETICS (Lava phat, mask and santa has moving textures!) [Hidden Content]] Samurai outfit [Hidden Content]] Nature spirit shield [Hidden Content]] Shayzien 5 teirs(Smithing required + Lovakite mining) [Hidden Content]] Vesta armor (Dropped by Crystal monsters + rare Crystal chest rewards!) [Hidden Content]] Statius armor (Dropped by Crystal monsters + rare Crystal chest rewards!) [Hidden Content]] New team cape (buffed stats, they are the same as Obby cape) [Hidden Content]] New team cape (buffed stats, they are the same as Obby cape) [Hidden Content]] New team cape (buffed stats, they are the same as Obby cape) [Hidden Content]] Twisted bow [Hidden Content]] Twisted buckler [Hidden Content]] Zamorak godsword (or) [Hidden Content]] Saradomin godsword (or) [Hidden Content]] Bandos godsword (or) [Hidden Content]] Dragon thrown axes (Dropped by Demonic gorillas!) [Hidden Content]] Kudai wand [Hidden Content]] Korasi longsword with working special attack!) [Hidden Content]] Ultimate ironman armor [Hidden Content]] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=pictures of Shops]Achievements shop [Hidden Content]] Blood money shop [Hidden Content]] Boss points shop [Hidden Content]] Slayer points shop [Hidden Content] Graceful shop [Hidden Content]] Prestige points shop [Hidden Content]] Impling points shop [Hidden Content]] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=GIFs] GIFs will be posted in the post below along with tons more Media! make sure to check it out. [/SPOILER] [ADMIN=Credits] Vencillio Team Riley for Mayhem base Andy for lots of Server/Website help & services Anyone who gave me ideas and feedback [/ADMIN]
  9. Delusion is fairly new server. We are trying to offer players a nice and fair experience on our server. Our community is nice and really helpful. We are taking every suggestion in consideration, we want you to help us improve! We are trying to do weekly updates so players can enjoy every new content every week! What are you waiting for? Be one of us already! FORUMS WEBSITE PLAY NOW FEATURES ⭐Nice launcher ⭐In-game highscores & Scoreboards ⭐Well of goodwill for double EXP ⭐Effigy Crafting ⭐Dwarf multicannon ⭐Cerberus(Located in wilderness) ⭐Skotizo ⭐Lizardman shaman ⭐Fully working Kraken ⭐Venenatis ⭐Zulrah(Still working on it) ⭐Scropia PIT ⭐Dungeoneering with parties/complexity ⭐Grand exchange(Work's 99%) ⭐Loyalty titles(Will be more every week!) ⭐Fullscreen/Resizable/HD TEXTURES ⭐A few custom armors(Dragonbone, superior armors) ⭐Gambling ⭐Graveyard arena(Zombie minigame) ⭐Warriors guild ⭐Ironman/Ultimate ironman/Hardcore ironman ⭐Nice bank system with searching button ⭐Price checker ⭐Achievements(Will be added more) ⭐Flawless PVP/Combat system ⭐Working Toxic blowpipe (With charge/uncharge/loading system) ⭐Abyssal tentacle ⭐Abyssal vine whip ⭐More OSRS items will be added soon ⭐Mystery box/Legendary mystery box with good rewards(Dragon claws, chaotics example) ⭐Great economy ⭐ And a lot more! Come and check out by yourself! MEDIA
  10. Judges,lawyers an politicians have a license to steal.We don't need one. - Carlo Gambino
  11. Working fully kraken,zulrah not fully done, Working Nex, cerberus is added, 26 Challenging bosses, 24 Perfectly working skills, Full clan chat with coinshare and lootshare, Full bank system with pins and searching, Iron man modes, Full screen and resizable client with hd textures, Dungeoneering with correct maps floors and complexity, Max,Comp and veteran capes, 100% Grandexchange, Loyalty program with 22 different titles and loyalty shop, Ingame hiscores & scoreboards, Bounty hunter with potentials, Curses and newest regular prayers, Well of goodwell for double exp, Quick prayers and quick curses, Pvp drops & killstreaks, Dwarf multi cannon, Chat emoticons, 100+ achievments (easy,meduim,hard,elite), Wilderness bosses, 25 Boss pets, Price checker, Money pouch(unlimited money) Brawler gloves, Effigy crafting, Pvp artifacts, Daily lottery, Drop logs, Bank pins, Nex with minions & phases, Corp with strategy , Wilderness boss scorpia, Wilderness revenants, Wilderness boss Venenantis, Kalphite queen with forms, Pheonix low level boss, Bandos avatar with 7 attacks, Glacors with fire weakness, Blood reavers with tasks, Godwars bosses, Dagannoth bosses, Tormented demons, Frost dragons, King black dragon, Chaos elemental, Slash bash, Nomad, Antiscam duel system, Puro Puro hunting, Shooting stars, 2 Challenging quests, Real warrior guild, Fun pest control, Barrows with tunnels, Nomad defeating, Tzhaar fight caves, Tzhaar fight pits, Graveyard arena, Crystal chest, Yell titles, Ezone and Dzone. Donator ranks:Regular Donator,Super Donator,Extreme Donator,Legendary Donator,Uber Donator, Shards Exchange(25 coins each), Rigged seeds, Reward book system with auth code, Money Pouch value on trade screen, Hosted it 2 months ago and daily was online 30-40 players. www.upload.ee/image/6434890/desktope.png www.upload.ee/image/6434905/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.08.27.png www.upload.ee/image/6434945/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.22.37.png www.upload.ee/image/6434951/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.24.40.png www.upload.ee/image/6434956/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.26.58.png www.upload.ee/image/6434963/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.31.41.png www.upload.ee/image/6434967/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.34.09.png www.upload.ee/image/6434971/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.36.42.png www.upload.ee/image/6434974/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.38.49.png www.upload.ee/image/6434996/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.48.57.png www.upload.ee/image/6435007/Screenshot_2016-12-10_00.53.35.png www.upload.ee/image/6435190/Screenshot_2016-12-10_02.58.33.png www.upload.ee/image/6435195/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.01.32.png www.upload.ee/image/6435201/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.05.27.png www.upload.ee/image/6435206/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.08.59.png www.upload.ee/image/6435226/Screenshot_2016-12-10_03.22.51.png [Hidden Content] www.upload.ee/image/6436368/Screenshot_2016-12-10_13.29.46.png www.youtube.com/watch?v=l569S5jWPfE Package contents: Source/Client/Cache/Launcher Bonus contents: Loader - Automatically updates your client when you jar it so players do not need to download it each time. BUY IT NOW on Sellfy for instant delivery OR Price: $35.00 USD | 35M OSRS Gold Add my skype:Jaamakutt for purchasing with osrs gold. Sold copys:0 *I will only be selling a LIMITED number of copies.*