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Found 7 results

  1. Homepage Play Now Welcome to our advertisement thread! We're really glad you've decided to have a look at our advertisement thread. We know you're probably ready to see some pictures (or possibly already have), so we'll keep our explanation of what exactly Alora is short and sweet. We're a brand new server that has been in development for well over a year now and we have paid the closest attention to detail that we can, to provide our amazing community with the best OSRS private server experience possible! Now, you may be asking yourselves what makes this server different
  2. I've used this source for a while, needs a lot of work, srsly recommend this for people that actually want to put time in a server. Enjoy. Features:* Full 116 Data. * Bank Tabs * Bank Pin * All skills ingame work 100%. * Lizard Shaman * Cerberus * 07 Kraken * Barrage spell in the same location as OSRS. * Quick Prayers * Flawless Switching(Real) * Flawless Combat * Veng Timer * Preloaded Gear * 100% Duel Arena * 100% Pest Control * 100% Warriors Guild * 100% Slayer * 100% Bonus Weekends * 100% Pvming * Server-sided Voting * Help Database * Don
  3. Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7sgwn2j2ll17srs/Venenatis server.zip?dl=0 Dear readers, I am selling an older version of my base used on Venenatis. Note this is the same base as i was previously selling but more content, and less bugs. Also Everything from os-pvp was removed, except the help interface. Big importance: This base has a few bugs, nothing major though. So be aware that this is not a hostable server and needs some work and tweeking. Payment: Paypal only, Friends and Family. Client is loading osrs data #108 version. Price 40$
  4. Welcome to our project thread! Please sign up on our website by clicking here! We're glad you've decided to have a look at our project thread. We know you're probably ready to see some pictures (or possibly already have), so we'll keep our explanation of what exactly Alora is short and simple. We're a brand new server, in fact this project thread is the first public release of information regarding Alora! With that being said, development has been ongoing for quite some time now and the server is at a relatively late stage in development. Now, you may be asking yourselves
  5. Website Forums Download Os-Unity is a new advanced Old School RS Server, loading the latest data. We have been under development for 3 months to a private community, and are finally ready to come out of beta and release to everyone! We have taken the old GREAT server " Divine-Reality " and amped it up into this new challenging adventure. We have a professional and dedicated team looking for players to engage with us as we strive to reach our goal of becoming one of the greatest Old School RSPS's EVER created. We hope you take the time to come check us out, and even
  6. Odyssey was my project for months, switching between sources, never really satisfied. I have no use for this since my skills have developed, & i'm working on Arceuus HD with @Booty Pics & i have my own Authentic OSRS client as a side project. So enjoy. 116 Odyssey Download Code for cerberus I had laying around for this source:
  7. Currently in progress. OS-Insanity.org , this will be updated within mins. Click here to view the original image of 755x904px. Why OS Insanity?: OS Insanity is one of the best and most secure OSRS RSPS's you will ever play. In OS Insanity it's all about the community and contributing to the ultimate overall success of the server whether that is by voting and claiming auths which give you 5 minutes each at our premium vote area + a cash reward or even taking part in our IPB Community forums. Anyone and everyone ca