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  1. Download: [Hidden Content] Server Release here Posting this myself so those kids can't do much else but cry all day because i already did everything - Xenforo integrated - admincp for the store including a monthly graph - admincp login is integrated with the forum, checks user's group for permissions - There is no acp for voting...soz.- use phpmyadmin :^) (never got around to finishing it due to slaving on raids as the owner requested....sigh) - Hiscores - Store - Requires Phalcon PHP Framework ([Hidden Content]) As a free release, all copyrights must remain in place if you're going to use. Example of OK usage: "Copyright (c) 2017 YourServer. Created by King Fox" as stated in the server release, I will NOT provide help with this in any way. You're on your own. - i own 100% to this entire script. It's my work and mine alone. Design & Colors inspired by Runite
  2. Spent the last 2-3 weeks working on this for who I thought was a good person. Had initially quit coding servers in 2015 and moved to web-development, and came back to try it again. With that being said, I WILL NOT PROVIDE HELP. Spent those 2-3 weeks mainly on Raids, which is nearly complete, but can be played using the admin command ::raidtest. Inferno is almost done at about 90%, just needs the boss fight completed. ==================== Story time with fox: Long story short, when i started the project I had told them i was just bored and didn't care for the money, but in the end, i told them my sales were dipping on my website and the more days that pass i don't sell something, the more I need the money. and told them i couldn't work on it without cash. Kept getting thrown back in my face, and was promised to be paid after an exchange of words. Well launch day came, and got blocked on everything without them saying a word. Told them just hours before that the server needs a VPS because I wasn't going to host it. Owner was tight up the ass with her money. Wouldn't spend a dime on shit except on webhosting which is only because she couldn't pay it with OSRS GP and Alora GP. Which is how she was getting shit paid loooool. BTW, this was Mod Sara, ex-staff for Alora. =================== APPROVED BY ACE. All work is mine and Titanium's, releasing with his permission. Original base is OSV (afaik). Server Features: Raids (10 rooms, some with mechanics, Including Great Olm) Might be missing some stuff, like loot chest at the end and stuff All bosses coded with working combat (some are pretty basic) must kill everything in the room before moving to the next Based on clanchat for teaming. Recommended 5+ players. Fixed Clipping monsters no longer "noclip" through walls when following a player players should no longer "noclip" when following someone else Inferno at about 90% done just lacks the boss room afaik, credits to Titanium for the Inferno. More misc stuff i'm not even sure about. Mostly fixes/improvements. Server is ready to run as-is. A way to get into raids through the front door may need coded, can't remember. Server: [Hidden Content] Client: [Hidden Content] Cache: [Hidden Content] Credits: - Tyler (Delcorum) - Titanium - Myself - Original authors of OSVeldahar
  3. ye, they're pretty terrible :L
  4. Well, discovered the other day that Great Olm is indeed NOT an NPC, but rather an Object. The Objects might be a little difficult to find because they don't have the names you'd expect. There are NPC's with his names on them but they're invisible. What that's for, is for using it as a hitbox and keeping track of hitpoints and such. So here's the object IDs, and the coords they belong on, along with the NPC ids and their coords. Objects: Objects are stationary. They have animations you have to time with the attacks. Right Claw: 29887 - Coords: 3220, 5733, 0 - Rotation: 3 Head: 29881 - Coords: 3220 5738, 0 - Rotation: 3 Left Claw: 29884 - Coords: 3220, 5743, 0 - Rotation: 3 NPCS The npcs are used purely for hitboxes, hitpoints, sending attacks, etc. They should not move and use either ranged or magic attacks. Left Claw: 7553 - 3223, 5733 Olm Head: 7554 - 3223, 5737 Right Claw: 7555 - 3223, 5742 Hope this helps clear up some stuff about Olm, took me ages to figure out his appearance uses Objects, and not NPCs. Also difficult to find if you're looking for an npc
  5. OG KingFox


    Hi guys. My name is King Fox and i'm previously coming from Rune-Server. I am still active there but figured i'd just register here to see what's good.

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