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  1. Hello community, I have been chosen by the staff team to be a Moderator and accept the responsibility of providing the relevant duties. Looking forward to interacting with everyone. - Titanium P.S remember, no one in this scene is better than the other. We're all guilty of leaking, selling, and doing whatever we can to benefit ourselves, when we're literally using jagex's assets to begin with. Don't be fooled kids.
  2. Decent base, but now adays there's quite a few better things.
  3. Needed client for something, thanks.
  4. so how outdated is this Release lmao this source has been tossed around for years. Not surprising it'd surface once again though.
  5. Titanium

    [742] Astrect

    Been awhile, but after some recent consideration and of course increase of motivation, I've picked the project up once again. To make it short and sweet, and save me time from double posting things, I'll only be posting the updates on the rune-server thread from now on. I'll reply to this thread with the link to the update(s) post. Here's the post I made today: [Hidden Content]
  6. Titanium

    [742] Astrect

    Hey Guys, it's been quite a while since I've posted on this thread. We haven't given up on the project rest assured, we've just been extremely busy working on it thus forgetting to keep you all updated on our progress! We've accomplished quite a bit of things on our to do list and have nearly finished up our game engine entirely! Here's a sneak peak below of some of the back end things that've been completed over the past week! Implemented stable database system Implemented an event system to handle game events. Implemented a task system to run scheduled game tasks Implemented a better packet handling design than we originally had before Whether you think this is a lot of work or not, that's besides the point. We've been extremely busy irl over the past few days and haven't been able to complete things off our current todo list(skills, etc), but have managed to find the time to finish the most important aspect of the game! At this point in time I'd like to say we're ready to start adding game content and get things closer to a release potentially by the end of the month! We appreciate the constant support and look forward to seeing you guys online during the beta testing! To stay up to date with the changes and latest announcements regarding the server, head over to our forums found by [Hidden Content].
  7. Yes in regards to this, the missing "plugin" is Kotlin. Set Kotlin up and this will work compile correctly, unless you choose to remove Kotlin
  8. Titanium

    [742] Astrect

    Have had quite a few people lately asking me what the progress is on the server, and how some of our content in Kotlin looks. I'll cover all of that in this post, and you'll be kept up to date with the current information regarding Astrect. Here's an example of some Kotlin code found in Astrect: In other news, our progress has been coming along extremely well! We've been hard at work on the rest of the core features this week and are nearly ready for a closed beta(combat) only. During this beta you'll be able to test out combat functionality and other miscellaneous features we implement during this beta. However, we're unsure as to when this beta will be scheduled! I will update you all on the beta status when we approach the stage for it! Look forward to seeing you online soon
  9. Titanium

    [742] Astrect

    I don't intend it to For reasons I won't get to in depth with, the development team will consist of Tyler and I for at least the first few months of the project before we consider adding another developer. We not only want to provide a quality server, but also ensure a repeat of history will not happen again!
  10. Titanium

    [742] Astrect

    Our Story Astrect was a project I formed in the summer of 2016. A few months into the project I became rather busy with other commitments and the project fell through. Over the past week or so I've considered giving it a final shot due to the amount of free time I now have on my hands. I chose the 742 revision because it's a protocol I've worked with before in the front end, however, never took the time to learn the protocol from the inside and out. At this point in time it's undecided whether or not this will end up being hosted, but posting a project thread will keep me motivated to work on it! Our Goal Provide a well balanced server that welcomes players of all kinds from pvmers, to pkers, and last but not least skillers. We strive to provide a well balanced economy with a moderate yet challenging game to engage the players. Our Team Our team consists of 2 very knowledgeable developers, Titanium and Tyler(sauerpauer). Titanium has vast knowledge in both backend web development and game development. Tyler specializes in game development and team management. Server Information Framework: Astrect Revision: Pure 742 Framework information: Built using Netty 4.1 and utilizing many modern day programming standards. We utilize Kotlin for our game content and our own in house database system. Progression Log There are a couple ways you can stay up to date with our progress. We prefer to use our forums and rune-server for progression. The links to our progression logs can be found below. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Credits/Contributors Many great people have contributed to our server's development and we'd like to acknowledge them for the help and or pointers they've given us. Richard1992(Flamable) Dragonkk Chryonic Initial Media The media found below is the initial media we've posted in the beginning of our project. We'll have another set of media found below this that goes in chronological order in the sequence our updates have taken place.
  11. Yes the networking style isn't the best, however, this still BEATS Project Insanity by a mile. With every base comes flaws, in this case, the ones in here can be fixed by anyone with an adapt knowledge of programming.
  12. Care to explain? If it's shit, please enlighten the community on the "flaws".

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