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  1. Mirror Link for SoulPlay. Have not opened. [Hidden Content]
  2. It's what my customer wanted.. I did not state these were my originals, nor do I ever plan to. What I do guarantee is 100% satisfaction, which is what I provided. Have not even put a price on the thread... Nice try tho. "Been with us for 4 days" Looks like someone is trying for post count ??
  3. Hey RuneSuite! Offering my GFX services! SOME work below. This work is what the customer wanted and should not represent everything I am capable of doing. I offer a 100% satisfaction rate, don't like something I'll change it! All sales are final. Backgrounds: MISC:
  4. Very nice! I know Ace has been trying to get a toplist for quite some time.
  5. Search for this: Code: if (type == 2) { mouseWheelDown = true; mouseWheelX = i; mouseWheelY = j; return; } replace the if statement with: Code: if (SwingUtilities.isMiddleMouseButton(e)) { Then search for: Code: if (mouseevent.isMetaDown()) { clickMode1 = 2; clickMode2 = 2; } Replace the first if statement with: Code: if(SwingUtilities.isRightMouseButton(e)) { Then also in the following else block: Code: } else { clickMode1 = 1; clickMode2 = 1; } replace the else line with: Code: } else if(SwingUtilities.isLeftMouseButton(e)){
  6. Dont forget that they made money off of Jagex's Copyrighted content. Jagex can still take them to court and take back every penny. Not to mention if the IRS asks were they got all that money, id love to hear the response they give.
  7. Not my rip of this tool. Would recommend to buy the updated one anyway.
  8. Autosaving has been added to the editor. Every 60 seconds the current map you're working on is saved and backed up to a file in user.home/.rspsi/backup/ Should the editor crash or not shut down correctly, you will be presented with prompt to load the last autosave. Additionally for anyone that has had issues with the tile heights of their maps being offset on save, there is a new button in Tools > Fix tile heights. This will reset all tiles on z > 0 based on the tile at z = 0. Fixed an issue with some camera keys getting stuck. Fixed an issue with height saving. New UI look, more changes to come Loading files from cache should be much better. Code supports saving to cache, but is not implemented in the editor yet. Credits to nshusa for rsam. Added a method for plugins to get the delivered resource easily in any class, check out the PluginSkeleton for an example. Fixed an issue with some swatches not loading Fixed an issue that would cause some maps not to load when their underlays were set to unused underlays. Updated the cache data to OSRS #168 Separated the Sellfy downloads into 3 different zip files. Changed model loading Update v1.12 New features: The editor now has a launcher screen for selecting your cache location and changing your plugins before launch. You can now get the overlay or underlay of a selected tile and paint with it straight away. You can now show mapicons as objects, so you can treat them like any other object. Objects with minimap icons have "minimap-function:id" appended to their name so you can search for them. Minimap functions without objects just show as their sprite in the Object Swatch Builder window. You can now unselect an object by clicking on it (for shift clicking multiple objects) A few fixes: Maps can now be saved straight to .gz format from the editor Fixed a memory leak to do with mapicons Shift clicking objects then copying them is more reliable. Fixed a few issues that caused a crash at startup V1.01 Release: Fixed an issue that would stop objects being deleted if there were no underlays/overlays on that tile Fixed a bug with wall corners not being rotated correctly Source code for both client and editor are included in download V1.03 Release: Better detection for mouse over objects Added a preview for overlays before painting them Fixed a bug with deleting some objects with size > 1 Search feature in object view implemented Fixed an issue with JavaFX canvas buffer not emptying and causing a memory leak Fixed an issue that would block some objects being added to swatches Fixed a path issue that disabled the save/hide buttons for swatches V1.04 Release: Added undo/redo for tile painting, height editing and object spawning/deleting (importing not supported yet) Added a misc tool tab where the minimap preview now shows. Fixed a bug that would cause removed overlay shapes to save incorrectly Fixed object swatch image trimming V1.041 Release: Added a setting for viewing tile flags. Added a new tool for setting tile flags Added an option to import flags from a selected tile Added tile flag checkboxes to the misc tab Added A and D as controls to move left/right based on your current facing direction Fixed a bug that would block rendering/editing for tiles at 0,0 - 0,63 and 63,0 to 63,63 Changed minimap rendering, should be a little cleaner V1.042 Release: Fixed an issue with the force lowest plane flag (was set to 8 instead of 4) Added a smoothing option for tile heights Fixed a bug that would cause lower tiles not to render when deleting objects that occlude Added a smoothing option for tile heights Removed generics from the undo/redo system as it was causing a few issues v1.05: New camera controls: You can now use the scroll wheel to zoom in/out as you would with the W/S keys. Up and down arrow keys now move you without adjusting your Z axis Left and right keys now rotate the camera on the spot Misc: Setting heights on planes > 0 now take into account the height below The minimap now displays correctly and should update when interaction/changes occur. New settings: You can now copy tile heights and tile flags from the selected tile You can now set tile heights and flags to selected tiles Right clicking the "Tile Height" label on the bottom bar allows you to type a value instead of using a slider. There is also now a tooltip to show the current value. While having the select object tool, you can now copy and paste all selected objects Added a new flag (render on z - 1) for tiles that render on the tile below, but don't clip.
  9. Hey e1. I reuploaded V1.13 and added to this page. Enjoy.
  10. Simply, You replace the config files in your cache with the ones I have provided. You replace them with a cache tool, like Poesys cache tool, or Toms Cache Suite. Place the index folders directly in your cache. Open Client.java look for these methods and uncomment them one at a time. If you run your client with these uncommented out, they will repack that index folder. //repackCacheIndex(1); // models //repackCacheIndex(2); // anims //repackCacheIndex(3); // music //repackCacheIndex(4); // maps Like I said, do each of them one at a time, to assure they repack without issue.
  11. Contents: Items list Npcs list Objects list Working Animations!! Graphics Maps Objects Npcs Items Varbits Sprites Xteas in txt and in JSON format. [Hidden Content]
  12. Hey everyone, Thought this thread was a little dead so I thought I would start posting some stuff. The text lag everyone is experiencing with the new Valius release can be fixed by going to ClientFrame.java and changing this: if (resizable) { setMinimumSize(new Dimension(766 + insets.left + insets.right, 555 + insets.top + insets.bottom)); } To this: if (resizable) { setMinimumSize(new Dimension(770 + insets.left + insets.right, 560 + insets.top + insets.bottom)); }
  13. Please provide media of what you are talking about.

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