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  1. While the scene has shown diminished interest over the years since its prime-time, there is still tens of thousands of players and far over a million dollars in revenue a year collectively. My opinion on this topic is - do you still enjoy RSPS? No? Then don't play - Yes? Then go enjoy them, there's tons to choose from. It will always be a niche community. RSPS has come so far and it's really exciting to watch - seeing how much some individuals have learned and what they've built. Who would've thought when we were 13 and running a server 10 years later you'd be doing the same thing on the side but under a business model and monetized? As long as mine can generate enough revenue to cover its monthly expenses, I will never shut it down. 99% of people running RSPS are doing it solely for the purpose of making money; profiting - that motivation can be damaging in my opinion. I launched mine because I love the 718 era - it was my all time favorite but no 718 online was how I remembered it - it just wasn't the same or they were poorly developed. So I set out to build the best one and today I am very proud of what we've accomplished. I never expected what I got out of it, and it's been a fun and exciting adventure thus far. So as long as YOU personally can still enjoy playing them, developing them, doing whatever it is you do with it - why stop?
  2. Solid ambitions, good luck & welcome to RuneSuite.
  3. 90% of your images are invalid, would recommend fixing that.
  4. Our latest addition to the Exclusives Shop - a limited quantity shop. This new Decrepid Primal gear is only available in a quantity of 3 & 2 sets have sold already! Check this out:
  5. Lation


    Welcome, enjoy your time
  6. Rebumping this cause.. okay - this newest theme is lit af.
  7. Lation

    Showing off my PC

    Can't say I've ever experienced any issues whatsoever; besides recently updating my BIOS which oddly enough resulted in my PC crashing when trying to play games, simply reverted back to the stock BIOS version and that fixed it, but other than that nearly a year strong with this PC & the SSDs. I highly recommend the 970 EVO m.2 drive, that thing is amazing.
  8. Interestingly enough as I write this none of us have usernames 😶

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