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  1. Welcome to @Bob Wise Development Services! Things i offer as a service & more , if its not here ask away... - Development work on any revision any base as long as its java , kotlin , gradle , maven. - Client Work , Data packing , in depth cache work , Server Content and features , Security , API From Scratch , SQL setup. - Web related work , IPB , HTML , SQL , Plugin writing , XML. -Pricing Since I am starting to build vouches over on this thread I would be reasonable with my prices , depending on the project and the work hours i would have to put in ill calculate a good price. currently not commiting to mayor projects. -Terms of use 1. You pay upfront with paypal as a family and friends payment of the price we agree upon. 2. I deliver the work in a time period we agree upon. 3. There are no refunds on finished work 5. You have the right to ask for any additional content or features on excisting work which i can charge a small fee for. 6. After a task is done you would vouch for me in this thread -Why me? Im quick , reliable , Always online , Clean code , Quick debugger , A lot of knownledge about runescape private servers. Creating Custom content is a must for any RSPS , Looking for custom written content for your server? Dont look no further. I can offer alot of content like Raids 1 , Raids 2, Creating Cache's , Packing Data , Castle Wars , Barberian Outpost , Custom Market Systems , Interface Work , You name it i can do it. Here is a list of the coding languages I required over the years, Java Scala PHP CCS HTML Python C+,C++,C# Ruby JavaScript Runescript I mostly focus my time on rsps related services , if you have any questions please contact me over discord. Discord : Bob Wise#1201
  2. Gotta go back to those old school rsps thats where its at.
  3. I agree with this guy , the only thing keeping ds running is a bunch of kids who use there moms credit cards which keeps it alive. Dont use this shitty source please.
  4. Bob wise

    317 client

    False , You can exploit it for sure, get the login packet out of the client and malform it for what ever you wanna use it , altought i gotta say , it wont do you any good , but some soft of exploit is definitly possible.
  5. Bob wise


    Ye run the whole project as a maven project , make sure to build the path before you do anything else.
  6. Would agree with him , just set up postgreSQL , Import the sql file and make sure your host is open for remote sql , just make sure to add your server ip in there and you should be good to go.
  7. Make sure you import the file tree extenting the source method. If the problem still exsists check if the file tree is in order , if not something might be missing and would need to be backed up
  8. Bob wise

    Gielinor Server

    Its not as hard as you think it is , if you understand java enough it shouldent be a big hassle like everyone says it is Go explore!
  9. I agree , Seems like a solution though

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