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  1. Thanks for the release! Looking good, keep it up.
  2. I love downloading things lol. Thanks yo.
  3. Thank you for supplying my data addiction!
  4. What's up y'all! I'm Diablo. I've been apart of RSPS on a project with a good friend for almost a year and a half now. I stay fucking baked so sometimes i'm dumb and i apologize for that in advance. About 11 months ago i started modeling on a whim. I had previously come from just being a gamer so it was definitely a learning curve but I've been at it every day practicing and i love doing it so i'm sure y'all will be seeing my spam often.
  5. Retro Kiln Cape models for OSRS player character models. This download includes models for the Male, Female, and Drop/Inventory. They are all rigged and good for your leeching pleasure. Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. Hey guys, someone had made a request on R-S looking for some mystery box models to be recolored for their project. Went ahead and whipped up 9 different models for this pack. I colored 8 of them in their own styles and then i made one that is for easy texturing. The faces of the areas that would typically be textured are pre assigned to the color white(Hex ID:ffffff.) Please feel free to use and abuse the models. I hope everyone enjoys them.
  7. Great release! Thank you
  8. Hey! Not sure if you still need these but if you do id be willing to make them as i get the time, in between other projects i'm working on. Send me a pm and we can make it happen.

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