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  1. Had some people ask me for the Vorkath Armour models so figured i would release them! Download Here
  2. I’m looking for someone to show me how to dump animations, also looking for someone to show me how to convert blender animations too .dat files so server can read
  3. Looking to purchase these: Manic-PS DreamScape Looking for custom NPC models with animations I can get most models i just need animations and can’t figure out how to get someone to show me, I’ll pay for your time to show my how to rip animations.
  4. omg fd up

    model help

    Change the amount of models the cache loads also i would recommend also changing the amount of poly that is loaded Within your client go to models.java and replace these values: public static int anIntArrayArray1674[][] = new int[12][65535];//maxPolygons1 public static int anIntArray1675[] = new int[65535];//maxPolygons2 public static int anIntArray1676[] = new int[65535];//maxPolygons3
  5. You don’t have use the sprite packer. There aren’t loaded cache sided. However, allow me until 7pm CST and i will get with you on discord and show you how to do it. Took me a min too also do it or figure it out. The images are loaded from the cache if you go to client files it showing a website they are pulling images from click it nothing appears the code was redone to pull from cache when they released the server
  6. Not sure if you still need but I’m sure i can get them for you. Quick question what server is running the model? Also give me tonight i think i might already have it ??‍♂️ If you would also post a picture!
  7. If you are looking for get certain items off of a source please let me know! I can do my best to get that model for you! Most items i mess with atm are 317! I have a lot of items i will be posting later on tonight just so people can have them if they want them.
  8. Hey I’m jdakiller2, I’m 25 and live in the United States. I been playing RSPS for around 5-6 years and finally getting things together to create my own! I’m now apart of your team, maybe one day you will be apart of mine! Heres the the future! My releases would special in models and textures. If there is a model you need, lmk and I’ll try my best to get it for you. Here’s the you! Thanks in advance!

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