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  1. Good luck with this guys, if any hosting is needed I'll give you super flat rates. And Jesus Christ Gangsta I haven't seen you in a while
  2. Over a year later and he was never to be seen again ?
  3. Bit of a half-assed thread and you spelt your domain name wrong, however it's nice to see more sites using G2A pay, PayPal is ancient history now for most of us (especially with how they fuck you with conversions and disputes). Good luck with this! Will leave you a vouch if I ever try.
  4. I dig bluetech, it's a serious toe tapper hahaha.
  5. This is hardly an introduction and you're advertising your server in the advertisement section already. But nonetheless, welcome!
  6. I can imagine that I'd really be feeling this after a smoke.
  7. Sadboys


    Welcome, lots of new content coming, I'll sure you'll be able to touch up on your coding and learn a lot here!
  8. Nice addition, needs moving to [Hidden Content] though.
  9. Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce my business and also present you guys with a 10% recurring discount with every product that you buy with us. Use code RUNESUITE10 ALL WEB HOSTING PACKAGES FEATURE: - Pure SSD Space, No Hard Drives Used - - Free SSL Certificates for Everyone - - Dual Octocore Intel Xeon CPUs with Hyper Threading - - Litespeed Servers with Lighting Fast Page Loading Times - - Unlimited Bandwidth with Every Plan - - Free Website Builder - - Brand New StackCP (It's like cPanel on Cocaine) - - Business Class Email Hosting (No cPanel Relays) - - DDoS Protection - - Physical Protection - - Free Migration - View plans at [Hidden Content]
  10. Hey all, A lot of people don't like PI and I can understand why (for more experienced developers) but I personally think that it is great for beginners and is very simple to use and learn from. Here is a completely clean PI base, very slightly cleaned further by myself. Minimal, hardly any files and is only a 27.56MB package, with the client and cache included. I'm not going to post media as it is literally a stripped down package all the essential functionality login, logout, save, load, walking, running, consumables, basic skilling, clipping, a command base etc. All credits to Sanity for this base. Full Package: [Hidden Content] Enjoy!

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