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  1. Show some love by leaving a nice comment and dropping a like enjoy, ~Noobs Own
  2. Make sure to enter the give away and show me some love with a nice comment Enjoy, ~Noobs Own
  3. Make sure to like, subscribe and comment for more video's! enjoy, ~Noobs Own
  4. Hey, I recently started doing youtube advertisment services so why not advertise here? I am Noobs own, or for the people that know me a bit better Tibo, I'm 18 years old and I am from belgium. I make any type of video you want, Server tours, Staking videos, Gambling, Showing off unique content, Box openings, Loot From videos, Reviews, Pvming, Pvping and montages. The way I work. Now I think this is something you want to know as buyer, so you know you are guarantied quality video's! So after The buyer told me what kind of video he/she wants and we agreed on the price, I go ahead and make that video. After that I, make my thumbnail and upload the video as unlisted with all the links and the thumbnail that it would officially be uploaded with. This link will be shared with the buyer of the video. If the buyer likes the video then I will upload the official video release so everyone can watch it. If the buyer does not like the video, I change what he/she wants to see changed so the video is satisfactory for the buyer. NOTE: I do NOT charge more money if you want to see a change in the video. My channel Subscribers Count: 655 Servers I have worked with: ~Exotica-PS~ ~Etherum~ ~Abyssal-Scape~ ~Dawntained~ ~Zanadra~ ~Grinderscape~ ~Glory 667~ ~Serenity~ ~Beastpk~ ~Tetra~ ~VistageX~ ~ArgorPS~ I charge money depending on what sort of video you want. The prices will be from 15-20$ Paypal/Bitcoin or the equivalent in rs3 gp. Buying multiple video's at once will be with discount. for example: 1 video would be 15$ if you buy 2 video's it would be 25$. How to contact me? Add me on discord noobs own#7914, I am also active in JordanRSPS discord, DiceRSPS discord and Khalil discord. Payment methods: Tnx for taking your time to read my topic. Vouches:
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to give you guys a little introduction of myself. My name is Tibo, I am 18 years old and I have been playing rsps for the past 5-6 years. I used to make youtube video's for a hobby, now I do youtube services aswel. I study webdesign, graphical design and animation at school, right now I am in my last year, so I have a lot of work. Anyways that's me, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me ~Noobs Own

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