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  1. Hey man.. nice to meet you. Someone summed up a long career of RSPS in a few bullets up ^ and I hope I have contributed more to the scene then just what was posted. I am a 10 year veteran in rsps.. was around for rs-server and the original runesoft (which is the namesake of this community.) I ran operations at SoulSplit and was key in helping them hire numerous programmers at numerous junctions in the games lifespan. I've administered numerous big communities/servers from Hydrascape to SoulSplit to BattleScape to RuneSoft. I've been staff numerous times at rune-server throughout the lifespan of that community however as we can all agree as of late has fallen subpar of our standards for the community with a staff regime that has sucked the life out of the website and an owner who sees dollar signs and not the vibrance and fun that the website brought numerous people. That nostalgic feeling I chase from my younger years in the scene is why I accepted Kevin's (@nmopal) offer to help him in conjunction with Ace in taking a good start up community in RuneLeak and attempt to take it to the next level. You can expect big changes to come soon. First, the name. Now we are reworking the design of the website to make it look more of a hub and less of a child's room. And following that I will be personally courting key members in the community from todays top tier to yesteryear's contributors to help come and rejuvenate a dying scene. I hope that provides some clarity to any grievances or curiosities you may have! Oh - and I love playing FIFA/FUT. If I'm not here or at work.. thats where you can find me.. Sincerely Luke

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